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  1. May need to try some of these direct to you balls like Snell and Vice. The ProV1 and TP5 have worked well for me. Yesterday, I played the TP5 and had my best round of the year.
  2. 72 on a par 72 at the Tribute in The Colony, TX. 38 and 34. Eagle and 2 birdies on the back nine. No birdies on the front nine.
  3. Back in HS, I played a complete bag of Wilson Staff Dynapower clubs except I had a Ping Anser putter. That worked well and it was in the heyday of Wilson Staff. Now, any of the major OEMs can work. It would probably be Callaway or Taylormade as my current bag has Callaway woods and hybrids and Taylormade irons.
  4. Thanks. I was able to find an Epic Flash at a good price. Has worked out wonderfully on the course.
  5. Haven't tried Blanton's yet. Welcome!!!
  6. Shot 78. 39, 39 from one tee up from the tips. No birdies. Just pars and bogeys.
  7. The Cleveland RTX4 wedges are amazing. Swapped out the 588 gun metal 56 and 60 for a 56 10 mid and 60 low.
  8. I tried the Srixon Q Star Tour yesterday. Plays like the Kirkland 3 piece ball at a higher price. Meh. Liked the Bridgestone Tour B RX. Same price as Taylormade TP5. So, far liking the TP5 and ProV1.
  9. I now have a 4i and 5i hybrid in the bag. Both are easy to hit and work great off the tee, fairway and rough. Haven't tried from a trap yet. They fly higher than my 4 and 5 irons and tend to go straight for me. Very good additions to the bag.
  10. Took my new driver out on the course this weekend. It gave much improved dispersion and goes straight or slight draw thus eliminating going right. Gotta live that. Launches higher than my old driver which i was looking for. Overall, very happy.
  11. I bought the Cleveland RTX4 56 10 mid and 60 low and took them out on the course yesterday. They are truly the best wedges I've ever had. My previous wedges were Cleveland TA 588 Gun metal 56 and 60. The RTX4 are easier to hit and flat out perform. Great spin and control. Easy bunker shots with the 56. Solid on pitches and chips. Overall, very pleased with them.
  12. Took the new driver and 5i hybrid on the course today. Bought a Callaway Epic Flash 10.5 with Project X evenflow 55 shaft and a Callaway Big Bertha 5i hybrid. Both performed well. Driver was long with improved trajectory and ball flight. The 5i hybrid went straight with high trajectory and good distance. Both are excellent upgrades.
  13. The fitter made a recommendation for one of the shafts offered through Callaway with no upcharge. I bought a Callaway Epic Flash 10.5 with a Project X Evenflow green 55 shaft. Took it on the course today. Improved dispersion, better trajectory, longer carry and overall distance. Plus, the ball flight is straight or slight draw. Very pleased with the results.
  14. I took a hiatus from golf for awhile. Getting back into it. Fortunately, my swing is holding up but a bit slower at 63 yrs old. 85 to 88 mph driver clubhead speed. I bought a sleeve of ProV1, TPx, Callaway Soft and a couple dozen Kirkland Signature 3 ply urethane balls. I appreciate the feel and spin of the urethane balls on full swing approaches. Need to practice more with them around the green and ignore the range balls at my practice range short game area as they are typical surlyn pinnacle range balls that tend to run on chips and pitches. Haven't been able to hit two different balls from the same spot to see how they behave differently. But, the spin on all appears good. None are backing up. But, they are stopping pretty quickly on full approach shots. All 4 seem to handle the wind pretty well. Hope to get out and do head to head comparisons soon. May need to add the ProV1x and TP5 to the mix. Probably can't go wrong with any of them.
  15. Kirkland Signature 3 piece urethane cover balls. 2 dozen for $24. Done. Then, get 3 gloves for $15 while you are ordering.
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