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  1. Any experiences with this bag? Considering it and the StaDry version.
  2. Putting the 60 on the bench makes the most sense and gives flexibility in mid to upper bag setup.
  3. Too may variables to say why you hit it low and slice. Shaft too stiff, offset, size of grip, etc. Most complain offset causes a hook not a slice. Keep trying different hybrids.
  4. I picked up a 52 degree RTX4 gently used today for an excellent price. I will take the 49, 52, 56 and 60 wedges out to figure out distances on full shots and go from there.
  5. New iron set is Ping G700 with last wedge at 49 degrees. Current wedges are Cleveland RTX4 56 and 60 degrees. Thinking 49, 54, 60 would be better. Get an RTX4 in 54? CBX2 in 54? Something else l8ke a Ping Glide 3.0 in 54?
  6. I just picked up a pair of Puma Ignite NxT Disc shoes. Bought them a half size smaller as they run long.
  7. I have a my Callaway Epic Flash fwys set to 17 and 20 degrees. Works out well for me.
  8. I tweaked my lower back a few weeks ago hitting golf balls. It spasms on occasion. Not constant pain. I can do a variety of exercises no problem and then twist and get a spasm. No pain shooting down the leg or upward. I'm taking ibuprofen and committed to doing stretching and core exercises. Will see how that works.
  9. Wow, that is crazy. I realize the CC guys are club fitters not instructors. But, the likelihood of a 73 yr old fitting into a stiff shaft seems highly unlikely.
  10. I have an interview set up with Cody, the Director of Golf at Old American Golf Club. I live in The Tribute, so it would be quite convenient.
  11. My driver fitting at CC ended up being a search for the ultimate fit with cost not being a factor. But, when I heard the cost, I was shocked. Full retail for a Callaway Epic Flash head and an expensive Accra shaft. Total was around $900. I asked what shafts are offered at Callaway that have similar specs as the Accra shaft. I then bought one from another source and not through CC. The iron fitting was somewhat similar but keeping in mind what shafts are offered by the mfg at an upcharge. In the end, the Ping G700 with a Recoil 65 shaft had the best fit and we ordered the set custo
  12. I bought through CC but we placed an order through Ping for the specs we came up with. Ping is assembling the clubs.
  13. Significant improvements over my gamers. Ball speed, carry distance, total distance, etc. The differences were big enough to suggest a change. If the results were close to my gamer, then no reason to change.
  14. Happy New Year! The Tribute Golf Club is ending it's existing Player's Club membership now that Old American and The Tribute are run by the same management company. They are now offering two different levels of membership (full and limited) to both clubs and a more expensive Player's Club membership. Not sure what I am going to do for 2020. Both courses are super convenient and practice facilities are pretty darn good.
  15. I am switching to Recoil 65 F3 in my irons while my current wedge shafts are DG Tour Issue. For chips and pitches, i dont forsee an issue. But for full sw and lob wedge shots i could see having the same shaft as irons. Thiughts?
  16. Will need to adjust my fw and hybrids to maintain proper distance gaps. Going to change my hybrids from -2 to std or +1 first then see what is needed on fwy woods.
  17. I just finished my fitting session. Tried a bunch of different shafts with a Taylormade M6 6 iron fare base lining with my current 6 iron to see what shaft weight got the best results. 60 gr was too light. Couldn’t feel the club and got less than optimal results. Tried 65 and 70 gr shafts. 65 gr got the best results. Tried several 65 gr offerings. The Recoil 65 worked out best. Then tried a number of iron heads from Callaway, Honda, Titleist, Ping and Cobra. The Ping G700 came out on top. The Recoil shaft was offered by Ping. So, I ended up ordering a custom set of 6-AW from Ping.
  18. I was fitted for my current iron set back in 2011. Taylormade Tour Preferred CB. Looking to see what the new technology will do to improve my game. Likely looking at players distance type irons. will check out both steel and graphite..
  19. May need to try some of these direct to you balls like Snell and Vice. The ProV1 and TP5 have worked well for me. Yesterday, I played the TP5 and had my best round of the year.
  20. 72 on a par 72 at the Tribute in The Colony, TX. 38 and 34. Eagle and 2 birdies on the back nine. No birdies on the front nine.
  21. Back in HS, I played a complete bag of Wilson Staff Dynapower clubs except I had a Ping Anser putter. That worked well and it was in the heyday of Wilson Staff. Now, any of the major OEMs can work. It would probably be Callaway or Taylormade as my current bag has Callaway woods and hybrids and Taylormade irons.
  22. Thanks. I was able to find an Epic Flash at a good price. Has worked out wonderfully on the course.
  23. Haven't tried Blanton's yet. Welcome!!!
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