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  1. Sorry to resurrect an old post but I’d thought I’d share my budget set up. I put this together for $310 the only thing in this pic I had previously was the odyssey putter. all was bought In the last 3 months, bag included. If I had to pay new prices I don’t think I would have gotten back into the game. Now I just need to learn how to play...
  2. Thanks for the help. I’m gonna take a few days to dwell on it and see where I lean. I literally just got done playing and focused my emphasis on getting quality drives. So what I can say as of right now I really screw the pooch when I try to bomb my drives (which I feel a need to do on every shot). I have a horrible outside/in baseball type swing combined with leaving the face open... I gotta work on it for sure.... but when I slow it down to about 80% of what I feel is a full send, and shorten up the back swing about 80% as well I can get a good 240-255 yard drive usually dead straight with maybe a minor push right. I totally understand that my feedback and lack of information makes it hard for you all to give me some sound advice but it’s really just a learning process for me as well. I really should have stated that I’m curious as to what you all would prefer of those two choices and why. I completely get that this is a crapshoot where I may get lucky or it may be back to the drawing board. Nonetheless I appreciate everyone’s feedback and thoughts on this. Since joining I went from a thrift store mediocre semi full set to now having a real set. I’m really starting to enjoy the game more and I’ve set a goal for when I can consistently shoot under 85 I’m going to go get fitted for a full set to my specs so something to look forward too. Thanks again all!
  3. Ok so tbh. That’s all the information I have too. I have not been fitted for anything yet. I’m just really a budget golfer at this point. I know my swing speed is on the slower side just based on my driving distance and what it feels like to me to make sure I hit it straight. The ping driver is used so I doubt I’ll be able to try before I buy. I could hit the TM obviously but I’m more or less wondering if the TM is worth the $80 price difference or if one or the other offers something that the other doesn’t in terms of technology or if there is more life out of a brand new club versus a used one.
  4. So here’s the deal. I’ve got my irons secured for now but I’m in the market for a driver currently I’m using a cobra ss350. I regularly shoot in the mid 90s and I have narrowed down my results to two options. Can walk out with a brand new TM M2 from dicks sporting goods for $200 10.5 loft and a regular flex shaft in r go with a slightly used Ping G driver. 9.5 loft regular flex for $120.... what should I do? Btw. I have a tendency to slice about 40% of the time so forgiveness is key
  5. Well I ended up getting them for $60 it’s actually 4i-50degree wedge including a 10iron... had no idea a 10 iron was a thing. But I figured it was too good to pass up and seeing as how I needed some quality irons in good shape for cheap I accomplished that. Can’t wait to hit em.
  6. I have found locally, a set in good condition on offer up 3-pw for $75. I’m short a 9 iron, PW and a SW which I’m in desperate need of and I’m currently hitting some knock off gary player oversized irons I can hit fairly well. I’m wondering if I should pull the trigger and get these BB irons or if I should hold out and find some low cost used irons to complete what I’m lacking while I wish for a new set I’ll get at some point in the distant future.
  7. I’m an oil field operator for a major oil and gas company. It’s hot. It’s hard work but when I have down time I get to pull out the clubs and hit as many balls as I can afford.
  8. New member here. I’m an almost 35 year old oil field worker from central/Southern California. I just started golfing again about 2 months ago after not touching a club for about 15 years. I have about 6 rounds under my belt and I average a 94 so far. My current WITB is a cobra ss350 driver. A cobra speed ld 3wd. A set (kind of) of Gary player knock off cobra irons 3-8 I picked up from a travel around golf shop that used to visit my town once a year for a few weeks at a time. A callaway xtour 52 degree wedge and an odyssey 2ball putter I got for my high school graduation. I’m here to get honest opinions on new clubs and how to improve my game.
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