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  1. Azinger is embarrassingly bad. He's that fourth guy you hate to see walking up to the tee when you're standing there with two of your friends: yeah, he can play, and you have to let him join up - but he's ornery, and negative and downright mean-spirited. For example, the way he fixated - as in, became offensively obsessed - with one of Fleetwood's approach shots on today's (Sunday) back nine that went ended up in the rough next to the green. This apparently drove Azinger crazy, since he interpreted it as a deliberate decision, or lack thereof, on the part of Fleetwood and his caddy. All of this from the dry comfort and clueless safety of his announcer's booth. I have trouble leaving the sound on at all when Azinger is blabbing away because every other statement out of his mouth is refutable. Just a terrible downer of a guy to have calling the shots, and severely lacking in any insight those of us who love the game might enjoy hearing. I sure hope the powers-that-be on the network catch on soon, and let him go back to complaining in private...
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