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  1. Hello! New to the game of golf. Just bought my first set of used clubs from a second hand store for $50 bucks. I've always been an active guy but I found out I have a hole in my heart (ASD) so my physical activities have been limited while I get this figured out. Wanted to find something I could do outside without feeling like I'm gonna pass out. Played golf a handful of times when I was a kid but the last time I went I got hooked. Never thought I'd enjoy it this much to be honest. But it's been great to get back into a sport. I also found these Nikes for $10 bucks. Can't find much info on them. I think they are a few years old but in great shape. Thought Nike Air Jordans can't be too bad for my first pair of golf shoes. Anyone have any opinions or info on them? I saw a few on eBay for a pretty penny but that doesn't mean they'll get that much.
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