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  1. A few years back I got myself custom fit for a set of mizuno jpx 900 tours and very recently I managed to pick myself up a set of mp18 for dirt cheap. I have hit the mp18's and like the way they feel so I am going to give them a shot this year. My question is can I use the same custom fittings specs for the mp18s as I had on my jpx 900s. The specs I had was modus 105 stiffs, 1/2" longer and 3 deg upright. I still hit the jpx irons well so I think the fitting is still good but was curious to see if anybody has had any experience in it. Thanks
  2. That looks kinda similar, did you try anything to remove the rust?
  3. I will try uploading another picture, to me its not really an issue as its obviously not effecting its play-ability but I have just sold it there on eBay and was just curious to see if it was something anyone else has dealt with. Imgur Post with 4 views.
  4. So my scotty newport has developed some kinda disease. Help me cure it PLEASEEEE. My local golf course put down a granular fert on the greens and after wiping my putter down after every hole, a day or two later I notice these spots on the sole of the putter. Always around the lettering. Has anybody heard/seen anything like this before? I know it is a legit scotty, so its got no concern about being a fake/replica. PICS: https://imgur.com/a/69TULDx
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