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  1. I would like someone with knowledge of grasses (not the kind you smoke) that can justify the use of Bermuda grass in central Va. This grass does not really fill in nicely until mid June and dies out at first frost. This gives you 5 months at best. Cool weather grass stays green all year except July and Aug where it tends to brown out if not watered. So many golf courses are closing because they are not making any money and my opinion is that part of it is due to this poor choice of grass. Also what happened to the profession of green keepers? Most clubs are poorly maintained because we have grass cutters vs. professionals. One club I play (Birkdale) concistantly over waters the greens every year and looses several. The maintenance people are so lazy that they drive the equipment right up on the fringes and tear up the grass. This is not the only club that does this (Magnolia Green) also does this. Whatever happened to taking pride in your work? Rates go up and quality goes down. The American way?
  2. look around and see if you can find a set of taylormade rocketbladez irons
  3. he will not come back he needs a good sports therapist to get his mind straight; he can't play on the weekends
  4. I had bought several of these as they are the exact replacement for the taylormade rocket fuel 85 steet shafts; of course i did not keep my receipt so i do not know where i bought them; i need to buy more of these; does anyone know where/who may have these? thanks
  5. beer on the front to take away body pain beer on the back to erase memory of bad shots
  6. i am looking for a complete set of these (3-p,d,s) that won't wreck my budget; i am refurbishing a set of old irons and do not want to spend too much; i prefer to use taper vs. reaming them out; does anyone know of any supplier who has these for under $10/shaft; i need regular flex; if someone has a set of burnouts also let me know; i am doing an old set of vas 792s and they have the firm shaft and i want to go to regular; the firm where the old dynalites and the regular where the old release shafts; thanks
  7. Does anyone have the tip instructions for these? I am going to put them in an old set of clubs for a beginner golfer. thanks
  8. thanks, i think i will need to tip some shafts and extend the length is some the guy that had these put brand new grips on them in order to sell them; they did not sell so my friend who owns the course just gave them to me as he knows i tinker with clubs
  9. mine are the UJCIO (over hosel) I am trying to fix up an old set of Spalding XE hyprid irons. Some of the shafts look like they have been cut because they broke off at the hosel etc. Knowing the raw length should help me figure this out. The PW is the worst while the 3 iron is off about an inch. Thanks
  10. Does anyone have a copy of this? It is the hard copy one that is over 500 pages. In the older edition there was a section that showed each shaft and gave specs on them including weight, trim instructions, tip length, step pattern etc. It contained the specs for all the common steel shaft from the 60s-80s. I am trying to find this information on the TT JetStep steel shaft.
  11. Buzzy

    Where Am I?

    thanks i will repost
  12. i signed up yesterday and posted a topic and got several replies today i go in and don't see my post at all
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