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  1. Yes, he's IN!!! I don't believe that a bunch of 'writers' have the decision...makes no sence at all!
  2. Dat chit is funny! After a good/great round, I usually play hole after hole in my head while I lay down. then, NOTHING the next round Funny! What a game we're hooked on! It is indeed amazing how these Pro's do it day in and day out.
  3. Hummmm. I generally am 'happy' w/a score below an 85. A week or so ago I shot a 78, par'd holes, 1, 2, 4, 7, and 17 w/1 putt. Drives were just ugly, so the round wasn't as much fun, so to speak, as an 83 w/good quality shot making and poor putts...like the 2 birdie wash w/a double on a par 3! Funny game we're hooked on...for me the score is good, but I would much rather hit quality shots tee to green. In my avatar I hit 14 GIR's that day and finished w/a 90 on the card....W. Palm has some wild greens!! I was very happy that day.
  4. The 2d hand smoke issue is BS....not saying that smoke in a confined area will not spark an asthmatic attack...not saying that at all. But, try telling your boss that you pissed hot because you were at a party all night where pot was burning a lot. Won't fly, you can not get stoneyed PERIOD! there are guys that will NOT ride in a golf cart w/me because I smoke while golfing; cigs and cigars. RIDE in the cart...what 5-6 mph..to the ball for the next shot...c'mon! I agree that aftersmoke smells rancid..I dont smoke in my vehicle...it stinks, but outside..and if a course bans all types of sm
  5. As others have said..2 off the 1st tee box, play which you like. old farts on THUR dog-fight. If I start on 18, I've 'tried' to use they rule that it was stated that 2 off the 'FIRST" tee box...dosent work!
  6. The 100 yds and in have become my most relaxed shot. i have forgone a 4 i due to the lack of differance between that and my 3 iron...who knows?? However I have damned near dialed in my wedges to perfection...my 60* is dialed in at 60 yrds, 58* @ 85 yrds, and the 52* at 110 yds. As stated in an earlier reply, if you can reach a distance of 'perfection', you'll be pleasantly pleased with the 100 yds an in....g'luck.
  7. Thanx all for your service and contributions to this cause. Norman, 'drive them until I think they are going to break"??? No sir, leadership is an art..I'll be retired 18 yrs on 1 FEB, been thru 4 tours, Nam, Granada, Panama, and the STORM...you DON'T push troops, they'll push themselves!!! Welcome Home...keep up the good work!
  8. I'll give one a whirl...order come'n forthwith. The space between my ears makes my grip too tight. perhaps this will work. thanx. I ususally use the BIONIC glove because it's a bi thicker, so this may just fill the bill.
  9. I may be missing the boat, but I'm not certain that 'lessons' would do me any good more than a coach would. My thought: I'll celebrate my 3d year of playing next month..I've shot 2 79's and 1 78, i generally shoot 85 or below, which in itself is remarkable because 5 yrs ago SEP I was told (after my 2d spinal surgery/fusion) that I may not walk again. I swing w/in my physical capabilities and at times just fall apart (the 6" between the ars) because I simply do not know what to do under certain situations...ie..uphill or side hill lies, fairway bunker in a dog leg, how to hit a draw WHEN IT
  10. Just got an order today and my 6 y.o. grand-daughter dotted up 2 doz balls for me. i usually just fill in 3 dimples w/a green sharpie then make a lil squig for a stem, so the shamrocks are get'n a try out.
  11. Got cocky today after posting my BEST score ever on Fri...78, 41/37 (from the old man tees), then on TUE i moved back to the White tees, and rolled a 42/40..today, head couldn't fit in my cap proper and went 41/49, old man tees! Talk about get'n yer feet back on the ground.
  12. Welcome to the forum. I;ve played ROLLING S in Waterloo, nice course and reasonable from what I can rememeber, not sure of 'dogfights' tho. Also, STONEY POINT is a great course, located in Greenwood. I do kno that at LAKESIDE C.C. has a dogfight on SAT in LAURENS...I've made a few donations to the regulars!!! Bonnie Brea is much closer to Greenville and a fair course to play.
  13. Congrats, man. Keep it up! Broke 80 today for the 3d time in my life. If it weren't for the eagle and a birdie, I would have been at my regular 82-85..so did I really break 80 because the two good holes are usually a par or bogey hole?? HELL YES!!
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