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  1. I like to play after work in the summer. Tee off around 5 or 6pm and get in 18 holes. I have 2 questions: 1) Can anyone recommended a belt that will not stain khaki shorts? I have the run-of-the-mill leather belt but need a different material. 2) Can anyone recommend a breathable golf short? I am looking for something that has a 10-11 inch inseam. Thanks in advance.
  2. Besides Pebble, Spyglass and Spanish Bay, what are some other good choices in the Carmel area? I have a full week there and would like to get some more rounds in at lower green fees. Also, any suggestions for courses in or around SFO?
  3. Age

    started playing 5 years ago when I was 23.
  4. Read the red book, several weeks ago and thought it was a great. What other books by Penick are worthwhile reads?
  5. Taking Your Medicine...player's irons

    I went through similar experience three weeks ago. Bought a set of custom-fit Titleist AP2's, spent a ton of $$$$ and could not get the ball in the air and hit the dreaded shank shot every other time. My advice is to stick it out. I too sold my older set and was contemplating buying back a similar set just to get through the end of the season. I had a set of cavity-backed irons for the first 5 years I played this game and decided my scoring had hit a plateau. I found a new pro and he changed my grip. I had to go through 8 painful range sessions and now I am striking the ball hands down better than I ever had. I would start by hitting half shots with a higher lofted iron or pw - just to get a feel for making solid contact. Ignore the distance and get the feel for a solid strike. I also hit a bucket of balls without my golf cleats bc I was too active with my lower body trying to compensate. Get a lesson from a PGA professional, go to the range and hit a bucket a day. I do not suggest hitting anymore than this bc it can be counterproductive.