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  1. The one time I didnt take driver on this hile was the last time i played. Played my 19 degree hybrid. Hit it fat and left. Right behind the first big tree on the left. No chance at all. To be fair, the club is new and it was like my 5th shot ever with it, but it resulted in a 6 on the hole. Season is pretty much over now but I am going to have to mess with this hole next year and try some things out
  2. This is hole 4 of the local short course. Par 71 but only 5000 yards from the whites (maybe 5300 from the blues which I should play far more but don't). Whites are at the front of the rear tees, right where I put the marker. Blues are at the back of that same box. This is a par 4. With an average drive total distance of 220-230 yards, it looks obvious and should be a birdie, par at worst. Take driver at the green. If I catch it good, I could be on. If I don't, I will be no more than 40 yards from the front of the green. The problem with this hole comes from the creek that runs through it, and the slope of the hole. From the tee, it it fairly flat until you get over the creek, then it starts sloping hard right to left somewhere around the 550ft mark on this overhead. Also, it is probably 20 ft uphill within the last 60 yards. The fairway narrows heavily at my normal driver distance. Anything in the left rough is going into the creek, and as you can see (even from a junk satellite image) the bunkers on the right pool water. Even if you avoid the bunkers right, the woods are thick enough that you will lose the ball if you go that far right. If you manage to go right, avoid the bunkers, and find your ball, the green will be sloping away from you and you will have a significant downhill lie as the cart path sits above the green by 5 feet. I think what I am supposed to do is hit a 5, or more likely, 6 iron to somewhere shy of the the upper bridge over the creek, hopefully middle to middle right fairway. From there, it is a 9 iron, PW, or 53 degree in depending on strike quality of the mid iron. Fairway there is decently wide, and no hard slope compared to green side. Almost certainly a par/bogey for me if I take this route, which I am fine with at my skill level. But...... I cannot bring myself to take anything other than driver on this hole. Out of the 20 or so times I played this course this year I have 1 birdie, 3 pars, 5 bogeys, and the rest doubles or worse (yes, a 7, 8 or even 9 on a 240 yard hole is well within my capabilities if I hit an errant drive right that causes a provisional (and an almost certainly lost ball off the tee). I honestly don't know what it will take for me to stop doing this. I have shot even par on the back nine of this course, but my best on the front is +5, which is the par 35 half.
  3. Hard to get a foursome together when the course is not crowded. Maybe 3:30 at best here. I've played multiple rounds with @topoftheline89 that have been under 2:30 as a twosome walking when the course is relatively open.
  4. I take somewhere between 2-4 minutes at the car. My bag stays attached to its pushcart, but I make sure everything is in it, and set my phone, smokes (I know, they are bad), keys, etc. into their respective places in the bag. It takes me longer with a cart because I load the balls/tees in, and have to switch the slot of my driver and 4W to make them accessible. I want the head of the idiot that designed golf carts that have the roof of the cart overhanging the bag area. Playing wise, I am the fastest I know by 25%. This is a very conservative estimate. The way I see it, the faster I play, the more chance of a second round on a weekend. For some people its a leisure activity, but I get my excitement from hitting the ball, and if I can see twice as many holes on a given day, then I will attempt to do so.
  5. I would say great minds think alike but i didnt even know I had it lol.
  6. I was in a reading mood tonight. I finished a novel off and then went to our home library to find something new. What I found was what looks like a completely untouched copy of The Little Red Book. I didn't even know it was in the house. My father was a golfer (complete hack but loved the game), and quite the reader, so it was funny to find it in mint condition, although it was probably too instructive for him. I am about halfway through and its just amazing stuff to me. Simplicity at its finest. Can't wait to finish it tomorrow, and I am going to make note to pull it back out around spring.
  7. I listen to a podcast (last podcast on the left) where they talk about true crime mostly (some supernatural stuff, some conspiracy stuff) and one of the hosts is reading right now and is enthralled. I'd hate to buy just the first one, realize I want to read all 6 and then have to go buy a set. 70 bucks is a bit of a gamble for the whole set to start out, but I think I am going to take take it.
  8. Just finished The Martian. Now time to see the movie I suppose. Thinking about buying the original 6 Dune books for myself for Christmas. Anyone have an opinion on either? I thought the Martian was great, and the ending was properly abrupt. Love the maths and engineering that really showed in the book. I know the movie will probably cover it with one montage, which is a shame but understandable.
  9. If I had to have a guess, it is that you are standing too far away from the ball with your short irons. I know that sometimes when I get in a funk, this is the cause, and since you are new like me, this could be the problem. Keep playing golf, and keep having fun!
  10. Interesting that Snell said that a golf ball that is too heavy would be illegal. I am not familiar with ball conformity standards, but I wonder if there is a too light. I would think not?
  11. @iacas the only point I don't like is "too cold". Rounds are unbearable when its under 40 F if you are riding, but walking them feels a-okay
  12. Forgot about rolling shutter, but I think you are right. Probably close to real life. I'd love to see a pro with a L flex to see how much bend they generate
  13. Would it be out of line to suggest spending some time on the range with your driver? How tough is the rough you are playing? Would 20-30 yards be worth hitting a club that is a bit less accurate? I can't imagine giving up distance for hitting it "straight" or "straighter". I'd suggest going to the range and fixing whatever issue that you think you have with driver. I used to play with a 4i off the tee, which netted me 180 yards. I gained 50 yards off the tee with 2 range sessions with a driver. It was worth more than I could have imagined.
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