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  1. You've never played SGI irons then. You can take a fairly inconsistent golfer and turn them into something workable with a proper fit on the right clubs.
  2. I take it you don't watch any other sports than golf. I guess I was wrong. Ball players curse all the time. You don't have a problem with it because you normally can't hear it. If they take all of the crowd away and put mics all over the field, you would hear far more cursing there than at any PGA event. It's the heat of battle, emotions are running high, and there is loads of money on the line. Words are going to slip....frequently. I have heard many other players use the F bomb in the last 6 weeks. JT probably has been caught the most, but he is also always on screen because of how good of a golfer he is.
  3. Look at all other sports. They cuss like crazy. The difference right now is the crowds aren't there so you hear a lot more, particularly just after impact where most of the crowd noise comes. His job is to play golf, not be a saint, IMO
  4. I think that the push back on this comes from people that wanna have their cake and eat it too, in a way. They are really enjoying all of the extra stuff we've been hearing without crowds, except the curse words that come with it. I have no problem with it at all though. I'd rather hear the players than the commentators.
  5. So I looked it up and was pleasantly surprised. Cool stuff.
  6. Full set, good condition, and lefty to boot! That's a recipe for a high price in my book. Glad that you got an extra 150 compared to what you thought, but I am not that surprised.
  7. Thanks for the info. I think that BDC is showing how valuable distance can be with everything he has done since the restart. Unfortunately, I don't know if distance will help TF win, because he is already fairly long and already at the top quite often, but doesn't seem to be able to finish. The heartbreak at the Waste Management was pretty much enough for me to write him off as being a winner until he proves otherwise. Obviously he is making a boatload of money, but if he doesn't start winning, he will just be another name that falls into the abyss.
  8. I don't think it's really a relavent question. Maybe he can, but the fact is he doesn't, and I personally don't think he will ever take full distance swings in PGA events.
  9. While I agree, remember that there are mortals on the forum. The higher we can get it, the better of a downward trajectory we can get it on.
  10. You hate to see it, but at the same time it makes us true duffers feel ok.
  11. He means starting position of the ball. Once we get inside 12 feet we have a tendency to under hit.
  12. I've been over this article before, and I was happy to do it again. Nothing in the article mentions grip, and when it comes to ball flight "laws", or more correctly "impact", grip means nothing at all. More specific to the 7 impact criteria (ground contact, face contact, clubface direction, club speed, swing path, angle of attack, and dynamic loft), none of them have to do with how much pressure your fingers/hands put on the club. I am assuming that you think that your grip is too tight (most golfers do). Read this and change your own mind. If the club isn't flying out of your hands and your knuckles aren't white, you are probably in the good zone.
  13. This! Do you mean Gomer Pyle from The Andy Griffith Show? If so, I approve.
  14. As a former cello player, it's gotta be the Bach Cello Suites for me. 2 and 5 for the minor keys and 4 for the complexity. Pablo Casals is my preferred recording 🙂
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