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  1. When i hear "anchored" i think non moving point. No issue with arm lock here.
  2. My 2 cents is that if you have to add more than 1.5" or so, you are really in need of new shafts. As far as "orange dot length" is concerned, I always thought that the dot color only denoted lie angle, not length. For example, if I were to order Pings, I would want blue dot (1" upright) at standard length (I fall on the short end of standard range). I just came across an old post on here that give a good Ping chart. Don't comment in there unless it is really pertinent though, as it is quite an old thread.
  3. I'd rather not see Gary there too. He isn't a good ambassador for the game, and despite his wins, shouldn't be taking a starter role IMO. What Wayne did is a disgrace that will be seen in almost every image of Lee Elder from this monumental moment. It really is a shame.
  4. Image attached. I typically push my bag. Sometimes I ride. If the buggy has a particularly bad roof (hanging over clubs too much), I will move stuff around. Other than that, they stay here.
  5. I'm not hurting for cash, but I don't feel the need to spend 70 dollar on something that I am almost certain of. Thats an eight of a new driver! (Kidding)
  6. Are you saying that someone that lives in a bubble has a comparable immune system to someone that is exposed to germs all day long? Just believe I had it. The person that I believed to have got it from had many covid symptoms. I don't often get sick, and I was knocked on my butt for that 1 day. Since then I have been within groups where a handful of people caught it after spending time together (pool league with covid deniers). Nothing for me from any of that. I believe that I am immune and will continue to do so. I follow the mandates and try not to be too close to anyone for e
  7. I have a friend close to my age (30 and I am 32) that experienced something similar, though not as extreme. About a month of no taste for him. He is also a homebody/introvert, where I am someone that is out of my house for almost all of my waking hours, mingling with people mostly (pre covid era), and in turn building my immune system up. I wash my hands after the restroom or after dealing with something toxic (leaded solder to be specific), but not every time I touch something that may have germs on it. I feel that these are important factors on how susceptible or how severe any illness will
  8. I definitely respect and commend that, but I still feel that how rapid this has been put into mass production warrants scepticism (for those who feel that way). I don't believe the vaccines were developed with the variants in mind, though it may still help. When I got c19 it was February of 2020. I believe I know where it came from, and I was sick for 1 day. Contracted on a Sunday (almost certain), sick on Tuesday, well on Wednesday. I'm not worried about covid, though I still follow mask guidelines and am not careless about it.
  9. I think that each of these excuses are quite valid. More so the former. Can you explain to me why you don't like these? I'll give my point of view. I did already have the virus. I don't understand how a rushed out vaccine will do a better job than what we know our bodies already do (create antibodies and immunity). I acknowledge that this isn't always the case, but our immune system does a perfectly fine job in almost every case. To excuse 3, the rapidness of creating these vaccines is alarming. SARS-COV-1 still doesn't have an approved vaccine and it has been known of for almost 2 d
  10. If i was in a cart (which I should have been imo because I've played the course in 58 minutes with a car because it's only 5k yards), I may have done this. Pretty sure we were the only 3 people on the course. This is the option that I chose, maybe just to "teach them a lesson" I guess. Maybe in their minds they thought that I would hold them up because I was walking and they were riding, but either way it was somewhere in between frustration and infuriating.
  11. This is how I feel as well. I wish marshalls would/could enforce PoP, but they need all the business they can get and aren't going to alienate paying customers. If the course is empty I expect 2.5 hour rounds, but 4:30 to 5 hour rounds are commonplace on the weekends where I play. I have only ever complained once to staff. It was a winterish day where carts had to be back by 6 pm. I got to the course at 345 and asked for a cart and 18 holes and i was denied the cart. I planned on walking 18 so off i went. When i got to hole 6 i was held up by a twosome in a cart. No biggie, figure they ar
  12. You have a wide range of requirements for a potential buy. I know of nothing that is small enough to put in a golf cart easily that has all of the gadgets (and potentially a seat) that you are looking for. Do you play with someone regularly, and also take your golf cart at the same time? If so, I would suggest having them drive, and you walk and have your bag on the cart. I saw this working pretty well for many people at my local course when Covid first kicked into gear. Didn't seem to be a detriment to pace of play, and 1 of the 2 players got the exercise that you are looking for.
  13. I want Spieth added, lol.
  14. Definitely agree with this one. His contention for the tournament had more to do with his iron play and chipping saving his third to last SG off the tee stat. It was fun to see him up there, and I hope we get more of it, for myself, and because pro golf in general feels better when he isn't in the dumps.
  15. I don't know what kind of (rough) grass doesn't deform when a club is placed behind it. I stopped soling my club close to the ball when in the rough a long time ago, so maybe grass has grown more springy since last I tried it. Sometimes I sole the club multiple inches behind the ball just to get a feel for where turf height is, but I don't do it close enough to the ball to make any difference to the lie.
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