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  1. It is not a good feeling. I played 36 holes on Saturday and was fine. Then about 10 swings into a range session on Monday I felt it and it has just gotten worse since then. Hoping it turns around quick but my research has it at about 6-8 weeks. Hopefully the weather is good this October.
  2. I have a possibly broken rib (from golfing too much, rory style), and will update when the date gets closer if I cannot make it due to the injury.
  3. 917 12 degree driver 917 16.5 degree 4 wood 3-pw Nike forged blades (the old ones) 56 and 60 degree texan wedges Sam Snead double sided putter. Learn to hit long irons within a couple of yards. It will pay off.....I think
  4. It is amazing how fast you can lose it. Even as a noob, 3 days without a strike might as well be starting over.
  5. I've played par 3s, walking, faster than he can MISS a putt. I just don't get it. Do we need to boycott watching them until they do something about it?
  6. I had a 7:22 tee time on the Hawk at Kittyhawk with a buddy. We played the whites (6400 yards, 70.6/125) and got paired with 2 guys that are 2 years out of college, and one claimed to be a 1 hdcp (I'm thinking yeah right). This is my first round with driver off of all par 4/5 tees. I hit the driver well but the putting was straight up bad by my standard.6 3 stabs, and a 3-4 of those the 2nd putt was under 4.5 feet. 2 fairways, and 2 GIR. 50 out 50 in for a cool even 100. I wasn't happy and it was still early so....... ROUND 2. That's right. I came home and ate lunch and got the bug again (kind of weird for just playing 18 2 hours ago) so I went to Community, and asked if there were slots. The starter said the inside (Dales course 5000 yards 63.0/102 from the whites which I have always played) was open so I bought my ticket, strapped my bag into my pull cart (rode in the morning because of dew) and Tee'd it up solo. Played through 3 groups (all twosomes) in the first 6 holes, and then it was wide open from there (2 hr round time for 18 holes).........I absolutely obliterated my best score. Now I know this is pretty much and exec course, but I shot an 84 (best prior was 92 on the same course). My drives were all playable (still only 2 fairways) and they were so close that it was kind of silly. Pin high and off the green on 5 holes. This gave me 7 GIR with 2 of those being on in 1 under. 2 eagle putts missed (one I made birdie the other I 3 putt), but I'm chuffed to bits. This round gave me a new outlook on how I should be playing and what I need to work on. I'm super tired after 36 holes, but I might be back for more tomorrow.
  7. So the test round was an overall success. I only hit 2/14 fairways, but all of them were playable (no OB or hazard and only one where I had to punch), and a good 70-90 yards longer than my 4i is going. Having 100-140 yard 2nd shots is a lot better than the 180+ i was dealing with. High fade was the shot shape most of the day (12 degree driver) and just focused on hammering nails. Very pleased, just have to refine.
  8. I've been imagining a nail that goes through the ball on the exact impact line desired. Just focus on the nail and hammer it home. This is something I heard on a podcast and I know Adam Young was the one teaching this. His idea is that impact is paramount. What good are a bunch of swing mechanics if you don't strike the ball exactly where you want? Idea is that good enough swing mechanics will naturally come if you just focus on impact.
  9. It could be. They normally go where I want them to though. I'm sure my swing is more OTT than it should be but I don't think it is that bad. I'm playing Saturday morning and will report on how I hit my irons. I might go to the range tomorrow too, so could be earlier report.
  10. Thanks to all for the comments, tips, suggestions, etc. I received my 12 degree 917 f2 and 16.5 degree 4W 917 d2 today and instantly hit the range after work with only those 2 clubs. I focused less on swing mechanics and more on just trying to "hammer the nail" Most strikes were going well with driver, averaging around 220-240 carry with range balls, and had about a 20 yard cut on them, which isn't perfect but it's not too far off. Some were going dead straight, a couple of pull/hooks and only 1 big slice. Trajectory was not as consistent but I was playing around with tee height a bit or at least maybe wasn't as consistent because I have never teed a ball up for a driver that was made in the last 20 years. I only hit about 5 out of the 70-80 ball bucket with the 4W but it went just fine. Overall, I am happy, and these are going straight in the bag, replacing my persimmon 3W and my 5HY. Interested to see how my first round with them goes and to see what an extra 50-70 yards of total distance off the tee does for my scoring. I might have to have new shafts put on because they didn't come in the shafts specified on 2nd swing. Both are senior shafts when they were labeled as regular. Not the end of the world, and I hit them ok with those shafts, but time will tell on that one. Thanks again for the help and if anyone has more, please add!
  11. 1. @CarlSpackler 2 @mcanadiens 3. @Jeremie Boop 4. @Bonvivant
  12. Give it a listen. Comedy gold with interesting golf stories as well. There's more than one season, so obviously they didn't get there but the progress was interesting
  13. When I was a tyke there was a fellow in my town that had a single car garage that was literally filled. I'm talking 1 aisle down the middle to reach stuff. He sold it at a reasonable price to newbies. He was probably 90 when I went to the garage (age 12 or so and now I'm 30), so I am sure it is no more, but what a sight for a youngster. He might have had 100+ sets and probably played very little, but his dedication to the game was unmatched
  14. I always keep playing. This reminds me of the podcast of late for me, "Chasing Scratch". If you haven't checked it out, go for it if you have time for that kind of thing. Basically 2 guys start at 11 hdcp and try to get to scratch in 15 months....to be continued. The struggles they go through are quite similar. High entertainment value and some decent golf stuff in there too.
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