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  1. I can't tell if he is trying to say something similar to what Adam Young talks about (impact over everything, which I personally like) or if he is going the Jim Ventos route. I'm getting weird vibes from this one though.
  2. DING DING DING. Good one. I actually love the thing, even though it is aluminum. I've holed more feet in putts in my last 5 rounds than I did in the 20 rounds previous (with the Ping Anser Sigma)
  3. Titleist, Vokey, Scotty...which I haven't updated my signature with yet. As a fun side game, my Scotty is "the one he never loved". He absolutely can't stand that his name is on these putters. They are one of the only ones not on his website. Any guesses on which Scotty model I am talking about?
  4. The only Era-related comment needed for me is number of teams. 6-12 vs 24+ teams is a huge difference. Basically anything pre 20 teams doesn't really do it for me. Obviously skill has gone up over time, making it harder to be the best as the gap narrows, but the lack of teams in the old times means that you could basically just out coin-flip others to be the most winning.
  5. I'll throw my hat in the ring on this one. Scoring stats don't make you the goat, winning does. Hockey isn't like basketball where one player can just overpower the whole team (unless it's Datsyuk and he puts in on a string), so for me the scoring stat doesn't really tell the whole story. For me, it has to be an argument of Gretzky vs. Lidstrom. Both with tons of wins, good longevity, and no junk seasons. They played two very different roles, but they got the job done the best IMO. Now if we are talking greatest hockey hair of all time, Lemieux is right up there with the best of em.
  6. This is the option that I like. Keep these, play em for a bit, and if you want to keep playing, make a change. This is the option that I like the least. You won't have more fun with these, and the 200 dollars would be wasted (no resale value as others have said) This option is good, but since it's out of budget, I'd hold off. These clubs aren't going to get more expensive. You could buy it a year down the road for the same amount. If you aren't sure that you are going to stick with the game, this option is obviously not good. If you know that you are going to stick with it, this option isn't bad, because even if they don't work (or don't fit) you will be able to get a decent amount of the money back. My 2c: No reason to buy something newer if you already have a full bag and aren't sure that you will play long term. 550 bag is good if you know you are going to keep playing, but playing with the old clubs won't be noticeably worse, and if you groove your swing in (or start getting lessons), a fitting may be in order in a year anyhow. Hope this helps.
  7. "Yo momma's house" would have been a better answer 🤣
  8. Not if you are a paying member Had a good one today: Checked Dales and Hills tee times at 2 pm (cant make less than 2 hours out online) and it was all clear on Dales. Went to the course at 350 expecting to get on easy on Dales. Pro shop guy tells me they are all booked until after 6! Luckily there was a guy in the shop that said he had a 4:10 for 3 and I was welcome to join. I played 9 with them (all they booked), made the turn, and caught a 3some on 9 of Hills. I played 20 holes (10 on each course) and had a blast meeting 6 new friends.
  9. I thought about this, although I wonder how many are full swings. I know that it will be more than short game, as the full swing is much tougher to master and getting good, usable distance is tough at this handicap. But how many is it really? Just doing simple math, a scratch golfer is probably hitting between 32 to 36 full swings per round, that is if they don't have any penalties and depending on the length of par 5s. This may be less if it is a particularly short course where they are left with under 100 yards on many par 4s, but just as a baseline. A 32 handicap is probably shooting around 105-110 total score. At least 36 of these are most likely putts (probably more like 40-45), and if they are anything like I was at this level, duffed chips come by the barrel (I may have had 25-30 chips per round at my worst). I'd guess that a 32 handicap golfer probably takes 45-55 full swings per round. This is less than a medium bucket of balls around these parts, and should be achievable with full swing range reps. I'm no pro, and definitely out of shape, but I get 54 hole weekends in when I can. Sure, Monday is rough (usually my feet from walking), but by Tuesday I am ready to play again.
  10. I hate saying this but the big factor in this is conditioning. You have to build up stamina/get stronger if you want to be able to do this. You don't really mention it, but I am assuming that it is your "golf muscles" that are sore after the first 18? If so, reps is the key IMO. Going and chipping balls doesn't count as reps either. It's great for improving your game, but does next to nothing for stamina. Another odd thing, semi-conditioning related, is that I see very little in your schedule for grooving in your desired full swing. You talk about doing experimental stuff, which is good and all, but you don't say anything about how many balls, and if any of them are just your stock swing. If you spend your time working odd muscles because you are manufacturing swings that you don't normally play, and then get on the course and only use your stock swing, I could see how your muscles would get tired. One more point is the afternoon range session on Saturday. If you skipped this, could you get through 18 holes both days? Seems odd to waste what stamina you have on a range session in between rounds. You should already have "the shots you need" before the weekend. That's what all the practice during the week should be for. Something you may want to do, is track how many full swings you take during a one week period. If it is under 200-250, playing 18 two days in a row may be tough. You seem to spend lots of time on short game, but very little on full swing.
  11. This is something I didn't know. Sometimes I take nice "perfect" divots too though. I am assuming that would just be me manipulating it back to a correct angle at delivery. Any idea if it is more likely too upright or flat? I have never been fit, am on the shorter side, and have standard length clubs.
  12. I take divots like this plenty....and I have no idea how I do it. I find it funny when I have to go pick up the stupid thing that is the size and shape of a chopstick (I kid, but they really can be thin).
  13. Not only that, but there are probably a few football fans that tuned in just because of that. Heck, even basketball fans may have tuned in just because it's live sport. I don't think that the viewership of this event had anything to do with anything about the event itself, other than timing.
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