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  1. If you find fantasy island or neverland or wherever it is, let us know.
  2. Hybrid, hands down. It goes the right distance, but in every direction imaginable. Most of the time my 3 iron or 4W is a much safer bet.
  3. No golf in Ohio. I guess it's time to pull the trigger on a mat and net
  4. No carts, 3:30 rounds strictly enforced. Pretty much thats it.
  5. I think the key word in this is kids. They may not understand what they did, and what they did was extremely irresponsible. That's what kids do (irresponsible expletive), when they don't have proper education on a subject. We let toddlers roam and fall down and hurt themselves so they learn risk/reward scenarios. In that case, the risk is almost entirely their own detriment whereas the spring breakers are posing a serious risk to others. That is why something should have been done in my eyes. They were only thinking about their own satisfaction, not the well-being of others.
  6. This is the easiest one yet for me. Breaking it down by math here. If x is the lowest score and y is the highest I would ever shoot, I would much rather have y plus or minus 3 on an amazing course than x-1 on a junk course (boring, forgettable, whatever). In situation A, my lowest lifetime score goes down by 1 stroke. Situation B means that I get to take LOADS (and I mean loads cause I've had some pretty junk scores) of shots on St. Andrews or Augusta. Situation B is a clear winner here for me.
  7. Bonvivant

    Tiny Homes

    That's crazy. To me the biggest draw is that they can be cheap. You could even build your own for a really low cost. Sounds like these people have more money than sense.
  8. Bonvivant

    Tiny Homes

    It's an unreal hypothetical of course, but just showing that I would be willing to give up almost all of my private space (save 150-200 square feet) for a dream life of golf.
  9. Bonvivant

    Tiny Homes

    It's really probably closer to virtue signalling. "Look at me and how good I am for the environment". They probably still drive an SUV though if they are a family, lol.
  10. Bonvivant

    Tiny Homes

    I think for some people they value reduced consumption/materialism more than comfort and space. If you told me that I never had to work again, everything paid for, and gave me a fully furnished tiny home on a golf resort that I get to play as much as I want, I would take it in a heartbeat. I think we as a society overvalue in-home space and materials sometimes. Obviously you wouldn't be the one entertaining all of your friends and family if you lived in one of these, but I think that you would get used to it after a while. That being said, I'd also take a mansion if it was offered to me. I don't really have a dog in the fight on this one, but can definitely understand the draw of one of these. Less to clean, less to worry about, etc. Also, 75k sounds like the top of the range, unless they are including the plot of land with that. Edit* I am also a single guy, so I don't need a lot of space. If I had a family, I think my opinion on this would be quite different.
  11. Pretty sure that those are spent TP rolls....very fitting.
  12. Just curious, what does a pro get from the longest iron (2-4) in their bag in regards to SF?
  13. I did not watch the whole thing, only results. Was Peter displaying club head speed during testing? If so, were they all consistent? As @iacas stated earlier, COR is limited, so unless TM is making non-conforming product differences must be attributed to *forgiveness and strike quality, including spin loft, face, path, location on face, etc. Edit* I went back and skimmed the video, and it seems he was literally swinging faster with the sim. Yeah, if you gain 5-7mph, the ball is going to go farther and ball speed will be increased.
  14. I have a big problem with this test. Why is the club speed so different between the clubs? It really doesn't seem fair. It is even significantly different between the balls. Edit* Didn't know this was on a monitor that doesn't actually measure club speed, just guesses.
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