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  1. Thats what I meant, as opposed to truncating like the hundredths place in index calculation. If a handicap index comes out to 19.99999999, it still comes out to 19.9, but it doesn't work this way with course handicaps.
  2. I got my answer. It was more about rounding than course handicap because they only list full numbers. It seems current calculators round up so I will just factor that in when I get to a course and see the slope rating. Thanks again. Mods can lock this unless there is more to be discussed
  3. I didn't know that before posting, but figured it out quickly. I was lucky enough to not have any snowmen today, so my true score was my adjusted score.
  4. Ok, I am assuming that this is a straight round up then starting at 0.5. I am doing this all on own computer so I wasn't sure. Thanks for the help!
  5. I thought it was. I hope your game keeps improving. Sometimes dragging yourself out to practice can be tough on certain days/weeks/months, but I have found that I feel much better about it once I get to the course. Glad to see someone young taking it seriously, and playing well! Keep it up!
  6. I just realized this. But even so, lets assume that the slope rating was 113. In that case my 19.7 would stay the same correct? Would my course handicap be 19 or 20?
  7. I have started keeping a handicap on my own with a spreadsheet that I created in open office. I just finished my 10th recorded round today which popped my cap up to 19.7 from the 16.0 that it was from my best round. The question I have is about what my ESC should be as the USGA doesn't specify on their site when it comes to tenths. As I am in between the 10-19 and 20-29 categories that they list, which do I use? Do I round up my 19.7 to a 20, or is it considered a 19 by that system? Thanks for any answers given. Cheers
  8. IIRC you were playing 4-5 nine hole rounds a week with little improvement. Was that you? If so, glad to see that you are implementing the practice more. I myself have gone the other way. With pool league starting up, I pretty much have only been playing. Hopefully I can get a couple of range sessions in this week, as it's something that I have missed these last 3 weeks or so.
  9. Wow I just looked back at my old comment on this, and how far I have come in 3 months, lol. Apologies for my naivety. I'd say now that it would be a combination of your working out doing its job effectively, and just super sweet strikes. Something that I have been doing lately is taking a full swing but with only 70-85% power and a longer club. I've found that I strike the ball a heck of a lot more solid when I am not putting full power on, and that keeps my distance dispersion tighter than it was. For me it goes something like this. Full PW is normally 100 yards when struck ok/decent (probably 75-90% of my shots that aren't completely fat or thin) but can easily go 115 when I hit the sweet spot (the other 10-25%). If I take this route, I am airmailing 10-25% of the greens. 85% 9 iron goes around that same distance with a near sweet, or sweet strike but this is more than half of the strikes I get at this power. Something out of the toe or heel still gets me 90+ yards because of the roll out with less loft, so my dispersion is better. If I take this option, I almost certainly won't airmail, unless its a flyer, and anything that isn't struck well is a short chip or on but short. It can seem odd to take off that much when you are used to swinging full power, but it might be worth trying out to see what it does for you. For me I tend to do this on shots 130 yards and in. 130 yards for me is a full 7 struck ok, or a weak 6 struck well. Outside of that I am swinging full power because I would much rather have a shorter club than trying to take something off of a 3-5 iron (or my 5HY).
  10. Bonvivant

    Best irons

    This is misleading. Sure, swing is the most important, but to say that if one club doesn't work for you then none will is inaccurate at best. He could have been hitting players irons and not know it from the sound of it. Most people choose clubs that work the best for them, not just anything at all. Equipment is important and you should try to find the best fit for yourself, @John Thoms.
  11. Got 18 in on the longer course on my local muni. 45+45 90. Two 7s, three 6s and the rest were better than that so I avoided my typical snowmen on this course. CR 67.9 SR 122 from the members (5900 yards). This was my 10th round that I have counted for handicap so it jumped from my best (16.0) to average of best 5 (19.7). Really happy with everything today except for putting, but the greens were rolling really quick. Watched a guy in the group in front of me miss an uphill putt 4 times, and have it roll back to his feet every time. Some of them were long of the hole as well. The last one he put right in the hole (10 ft or so). Found myself in the same spot when I got to the green and put my first one in knowing what was at stake.
  12. Improving ball striking is my goal, and considering smash factor goes up the closer to the sweet spot that I get, my distance will increase with that as well, possibly making it harder to know my yardages on my irons as I improve. I can say that hitting my driver 240 yards and in play has made the biggest change to my score this year, as at the beginning of the year, I wasn't even hitting driver, taking a 180 yard 4i off the tee every time and generally being left with another 4i in (or maybe 2 on a par 5). Hitting 9i and PW into greens meant that my GIR/nGIR went up drastically, and my score went down in equal fashion. My irons have improved this year, but not even close to the same amount as my driver. I've talked about this in other threads, but when I came to this forum I was a giant Golf Sidekick fan. I am still a fan of his but for completely different reasons than when I got here. I thought that hitting that 180 yard 4 iron was doing my game a world of good because I was hitting fairways consistently. All I was doing was limiting my potential, and that is a dangerous thing to tell anyone to do. I use GSK's chipping technique because it works, and I enjoy the entertainment value in his videos. He has really good information sometimes ("take me to Texas!", "stress free golf", and "putting away the ego and taking your medicine"), but the core tenant of leaving full shots in, splitting distances, etc., instead of leaving yourself the shortest shot by hitting the safest long shot, is wrong. TLDR: Distance is a very important skill, and telling people to put it to the side completely is bad advice.
  13. The last time I was there I hit out of almost all bunkers I was in. Community is the main offender with this one, I think.
  14. Always play it down. I'm surprised when I go to the course the amount of people that don't do this but I am glad to see that almost everyone that has voted does not improve their lies. The only exception I have to this for myself (and even some of the games that I play in for money) is that some of the bunkers here are more mud and rocks than sand. I will not risk damage to my equipment because the course can't afford to maintain the bunkers. If I land in one of these (at one of the courses it is literally every bunker) I will pull my ball, and drop with the bunker between me and the intended target. Funny story about the last bit. I hit into a bunker the other day at that course, so I pulled, dropped and chipped it right back in. I proceeded to chip the ball into this bunker 4 times before finally clearing it. I don't know what was wrong with me, but even without penalties, I had an 8 on that hole (a quite short par 4).
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