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  1. You have a wide range of requirements for a potential buy. I know of nothing that is small enough to put in a golf cart easily that has all of the gadgets (and potentially a seat) that you are looking for. Do you play with someone regularly, and also take your golf cart at the same time? If so, I would suggest having them drive, and you walk and have your bag on the cart. I saw this working pretty well for many people at my local course when Covid first kicked into gear. Didn't seem to be a detriment to pace of play, and 1 of the 2 players got the exercise that you are looking for.
  2. I want Spieth added, lol.
  3. Definitely agree with this one. His contention for the tournament had more to do with his iron play and chipping saving his third to last SG off the tee stat. It was fun to see him up there, and I hope we get more of it, for myself, and because pro golf in general feels better when he isn't in the dumps.
  4. I don't know what kind of (rough) grass doesn't deform when a club is placed behind it. I stopped soling my club close to the ball when in the rough a long time ago, so maybe grass has grown more springy since last I tried it. Sometimes I sole the club multiple inches behind the ball just to get a feel for where turf height is, but I don't do it close enough to the ball to make any difference to the lie.
  5. I picked 35. I generally lag putt fairly well and 3 putts rarely are on my card as is. My problem is that I am usually on the green in 1 over reg, so take that rare 3 putt stat with a grain of salt
  6. Sure. But you aren't allowed to improve your lie. If Kostis sees Reed put 3 different clubs down behind a ball that initially was buried, and now he is hitting 3 wood, I'd say that is improving the lie. That's Kostis' word, not mine. I happen to believe him though.
  7. Kostis on NLU said that he has watched Reed improve his lie on multiple occasions, so this isn't correct. So you know about the pod. He came out on record to implicate Reed. He doesn't have any proof, but he explains why in the pod. Something to the tune of "I was told not to get involved in anything on course". He couldn't do anything then because of his job. If you don't believe him, that is fine, but he did implicate Reed in cheating.
  8. Is there a way that the poll could be edited or removed? When viewing the topic now, it looks like 75% of the forum is ok with the use of the "f word", and not the one that rhymes with duck. I don't like my answer to the poll if that word is included, the same way as other slurs.
  9. I thought that's what you've been saying the whole time. Apologies if that hasn't been the case.
  10. The NLU put out their pod on recap. They (and a seemingly large part of the golf world that isn't on here) believe that he cheated, but also that it isn't provable, as I have been saying it. It's worth a listen to hear how others put it, and one of the quotes/facts that stuck with me from it is, "On average, someone busted for drunk driving has driven drunk 80 times before getting caught." I think that this could resonate fairly well in this circumstance, and for an analogy, he passed the roadside sobriety test (following the rules of golf to the officers knowledge), but they never made him bl
  11. Did you see how they delayed the showing of anything to do with this? 5 minutes after his shot from the sand they had some rules guy come on the broadcast. 5 minutes after that they showed Reed arriving at his ball. Another 3 minutes before RO gets there.
  12. Of course you can't. You can only check to see if A ball WAS embedded if the ball isn't there still. No evidence to the contrary either.
  13. I believe that he pressed the ball into the soil when checking if it was embedded. Obviously I don't know for sure, but it seems most likely. I forgot to mention that he checked the spot that Reed had marked...but the above point makes this a non factor. Of course there was a hole. On par with Reed's reputation then. You are entitled to 1 club length relief if your ball is embedded in its original mark (you can check this on your own without anyone else, honor system style)? I haven't read the rule completely, but I believe I have the gist. I'm
  14. We simply don't know if he did or didn't The RO did all he could. He took PR's word for the fact that his ball was embedded and proceeded from there. No evidence at all. It was tampered with before the RO got there, which is within the ROG and I understand that. I just can't trust him with his history. I do trust Rory, because he has been shown to be trustworthy, though today is odd because I still don't believe that a ball can do what theirs allegedly did in that rough, no matter how wet. My comment was about my opinion, that I find it more likely th
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