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  1. The only people that are allowed to whine about 3 putt pars are tour pros😉. Just kidding. Glad you got out for a round, and keep that driver in play and going LONG!!!
  2. Another cold day where it didn't get above 50 during the round. Played the outside (Hills at Community) 45-46-91. 4 pars offset by 4 doubles and a triple, the rest being bogeys. Only two 7s on the card which is good by me, just can't get back into the 80s. Iron play was as good as yesterday, if not better. Driver was keeping the ball in play which helps too. Just some poor 3 wood shots that really hurt me, one being a full top that went 5 yards in front of me. Glad that Ohio weather hasn't shut me down all the way yet. This also marked my 60th round played at my home courses for the year. I've probably played 80 total though because my courses were closed for the first 2 months of Covid.
  3. Was windy today, and didn't get above 50 F during my round. Played the short course (par 71 cr 63) and shot an 83 (43-40). Hit the ball reasonably well most of the day. Missed all birdie putts, of which I had 4 that I would consider reasonably makeable (within 15 feet or so), including stuffing it to 3.5 ft on 18, only to miss on the low side.
  4. Correct. I just didn't even know about any restrictions when it happened, and when I got back people told me stuff. Hadn't really looked into until now.
  5. Governor Cuomo Announces Individuals Traveling to New York from Four Additional States Will Be Required to Quarantine for 14 Days Governor Cuomo announced that four additional states meet the metrics to qualify for the travel advisory requiring individuals who have traveled to New York from those states, all of which have significant community spread, to... I'm not sure what is true or how long this lasted, but I was under the impression that I was,
  6. Congratulations!! My shot of the year came on number 2 when I was up there. After a shank and a fat pitch, a pitch in from 40 yards for 3 for 2 was definitely the highlight of my year. I think if you run this challenge again next year, I am going to combine my 2 home courses into one to give myself a better shot. I believe I did finish the par challenge, but haven't been excited to fill in the spreadsheet when I don't have any birdies. The other course is about 1k (6300 vs 5300) yards shorter, and more of an executive style, but I only play 1/4 to 1/3 of my rounds on it, so I won't be abusing it too much.
  7. Going for it all day. The probability of me hitting the green from 125 yards is probably 50% or so, so playing it safe, I would have to drain a longish putt or chip in. If I get it greenside or on the green with the risky shot, my chances of making par aren't nearly as bad, and a record round is worth the risk. Mr. Consistent. Low event seems just fine by me, as someone whos scores vary from high 80s to well over 100 sometimes.
  8. I took part in the PA/NY TST outing/lesson this summer. It was a blast, and as far as I know, no one caught the rona. When I got back, I was informed that NY state had restrictions on traveling there based on what state you came from, but since I drove, it didn't come up. Luckily I wasn't pulled over for my license plate being from a restricted state.
  9. The ball was embedded, allowing for free relief. It's a par 4
  10. I think that it's a big feeling thing for me. Maybe an addendum to the rule could be added something like this "If a ball is embedded, the player may take relief within one clublength and no closer to the hole, but must stay in the same cut of grass". He played within the rules of course, it's just me being salty and not understanding why the rules allow stuff like this. Very similar to lots of other rules/relief things that I see.
  11. Thanks for the video. He got to drop in a puttable position from there and made a comfy birdie.
  12. Is anyone else watching this madness? 10 Guys putting their hands into the thick rough on hole 11. They found it about 1:40 in by my count. I guess Rickie had something similar in an earlier round in the same spot but it was never found. edit* Where he got to drop was absolute crazy.
  13. 47-41 88, on the short course (par 71 CR 63.0 SR 104 at 4900 yards). I started off -1 after 2 holes, then a brutal bout of the doubles came on on the front. The back was 3 doubles, 5 pars and a birdie on the last. Strokes mostly lost with topped 3 woods, some bad par 3 tee shots and a couple of thinned chips. My short iron game was better than my normal standard, and my putting was on fire. Didn't find myself in the <50 yard range as much as I normally do, due to more greens hit. Made 4 putts outside of 12 feet (the longest was probably 22ft) which is a large number for me.
  14. @iacas for point one I'd have to say that i somewhat agree, although some course may have to upkeep a special box which requires some maintenance (and maybe water). My issue kind of comes up more in point 2. Places that can't stretch (and shouldn't) but I don't have any good examples except my local courses that have hosted PGA championships in the past, Miami valley cc and NCR. I haven't had the chance to play either of them, but I am fairly certain they won't come back into favor with the PGA. I am not sure if length is the problem, so I am standing on grounds that may not exist. Apologies for random caps...on the phone
  15. Ive mentioned it many times. Conservation and course variety. Bigger courses suck more resources from the environment. Also, great courses have been phased out because they become obsolete because of distance. This has been going on for a long time, so I'm not saying its bryson or anyone else.
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