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  1. It would have been cool to see Rahm make his putt on 18 for eagle and to send it into overtime. They did a good job of lining up the putt from this year to the one he made to win his first PGA event. He came close too, but second place was meant to be today.
  2. 90 on my home par 71 from 5800 yards. Cold as hell. Started with 4 double bogeys on 4 par 4s. Turned it around after that. No 7s which is amazing for me. 48 42
  3. The more I look at this issue, the more it relates to the pool world for me. There are some extremely slow pool players out there, but when it comes to big time tournaments, there is a shot clock involved (at least in the later rounds of the tournament). Something I would like to see is this: Players are on a 40 second shot clock that starts when it is their turn to play. When it gets to 5 seconds left, a noise comes in that ticks every 1 second. One time per hole, a player may use an "extension", which is activated by saying "extension" which adds 1 minute to their shot clock. If the player fails to strike the ball before their timer runs out, it resets and a stroke is added to their score. The only time that this would be altered would be in the case of calling over a rules official for another issue. If the rules official deems that they did not need to be called over, and feels that the player is trying to swindle more time by calling them over, some other penalty may incur at the official's discretion (perhaps 2 strokes for stalling). Time could be kept by volunteers or the like.
  4. Well I made a rash decision and decided to play my 4th round of the year today. It was about 35 degrees when I started and it didn't get much warmer than that. Here are a few select pictures from my round. 1.) Icy green number 3 2.) Looking back up number 12. This hole was played at around 165 yards today, and is probably 70 feet or more down hill. Hit a 7 iron just right but the wind didn't bring it back how I expected. 3.) The closest thing I saw to sunshine. 4.) Catching my breath after a severely uphill walk to the tee box on 18. 5.) My scorecard, which was surprisingly ok considering the weather conditions. Starting out with 4 double bogey 6s wasn't the best, but I hadn't played in a couple of weeks, so some rust need to be knocked off.
  5. Well, I have still only played 3 rounds, and none of them have been on my home course. Hoping that a good weather weekend day will come soon so I can at least put something on the sheet.
  6. Hopefully they do more of these. I like the side stuff that they do like the 14 club challenge. Shows the guys having fun and ribbing each other. Quality content imo
  7. One of the moderators moved your other post. Glad you found it though!
  8. That's absolutely nutty. My 7 iron is 37 degrees. In 20 years (some) irons have gotten 10 degrees stronger? Inconceivable!
  9. How much better was the dispersion compared to your current clubs? I would assume it is better, but the question is, is it 1150 dollars better? The distance is nice, but a lot of that has to do with them making clubs stronger lofts nowadays. Another question would be, did you actually hit a 4 iron from this range, or did you get an estimated gapping analysis? Whether you did or didn't, I would assume that the 4 iron is going to go quite far, and might even be the same distance as something longer in your current bag (5 wood or hybrid, something of the like), and if this is the case you might not even need the 4 iron and it could cut the cost down a bit. Welcome to the forum, and good luck with whatever you choose. A friendly piece of advice as well, there is a "clubs, shafts, fittings" section on the forum, which this post probably belongs in. Either someone will move it for you, or not, but for next time you have a club related question, that is the place to go. I've noticed a lot of newer members doing this as well, so don't worry. Cheers! Frank.
  10. I'm not a fan of hitting off of a mat but I would for this right now. Winter sucks.
  11. This is the most interesting post yet. Is the guy swinging a WLD champ? If so, 6k+ spin rate with a driver is odd. 191 ball speed and only 260 yards carry, is also odd, but not that odd if the spin rate really is that high. Is it the device that is inaccurate, or just a horrible strike?
  12. My handicap went up a couple of strokes just reading this
  13. Correct. I don't know if I've ever looked at the Yahoo homepage in my entire life.
  14. I wonder if they taught clickbait 101 wherever he went to uni.... For someone who does journalism for a living, he is below the grade that I normally read. Like I said, interesting story just written poorly.
  15. Capitalization is not the same as switching where words go in a sentence. You clearly knew what I meant, wheras in this title it sounds as if the man himself is the one that is choked.
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