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  1. Retired army surgeon. I now coach high school track, cross country, and wrestling. And play golf the rest of the time. So I stay busy. After 37 years in service and practice, I am enjoying the change.
  2. Although the Impossible burger is veggie, it still is very high in fat. (And sodium). For those of you out there watching your intake of such things.
  3. Since I've been a runner for over 50 years, and am a current high school track and cross country coach, I feel qualified to comment. Most people deciding "to get back in shape" start running way too fast. They become exhausted, winded, tired, and sore. It's an unpleasant feeling, so the training period is short lived. I tell people to start running very gently, a comfortable pace, where you can carry on a conversation with a partner without being out of breath. It might not be faster than a brisk walk. Do that for 15 minutes and try to increase by 10% a week. This is effective for conditioning, cardiovascular health, weight control, and just plain feeling good. Doing this, many adults become pretty fit and enjoy the running much more. You simply don't have to train like you're going to the olympics and exhaust yourselves.
  4. Welcome. I’m trying to become re-immersed after 25 years. Some days, it’s like I never left. Other days, not so much.
  5. I own a Callaway Rogue 4h and practice it on the range, but don't really use it on the course. I generally hit the 5W the 4i reasonably well, and so far no real help needed with the hybrid.
  6. Live in Columbia for years. Now Chapin.
  7. Hello, all. I am age 66 and recently retired. I spent a number of years in the military (army). Played a great deal as a young adult but infrequently in recent years. At one time, my handicap was around 10-12, but my game will need some work to approach that again. Spending my time on the practice range for now. Playing with Callaway metal woods and TaylorMade M2 irons. Looking forward to many years of enjoyment.
  8. Newly retired too. Hope to see you around and compare notes.
  9. Carolina Doc

    Carolina Doc

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