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  1. Looks like I'll be picking up that Daytona 1 this weekend
  2. Thanks Dub! I'll have to call and ask about ordering one then. and I'll for sure be getting a lesson or two, it can only help. haha
  3. thanks guys, I will most likely buy the Driver last. Unless I find a really good deal on one somewhere. but I found a putter I really like, Taylormade Rossa Daytona 1, so unless i find something else I like the feel of I'll most likely be picking that up next
  4. Thanks guys, yeah I plan on adding a SW soon. I wasn't able to get a putter or driver yet. I still need to pick up the 5w as well
  5. This is the start of my first set of clubs, I'm very new to golfing, I just started getting into it this year. It's a shame I waited so long. I went to the local Edwin Watts for well over 2-3 hours trying out different clubs. I ended up getting the Ping G5 set of irons and an Adams Speedline 3W. I really like the feel of the ping irons, It was between those or Callaway x-18's, the Pings won out, even though I didnt get a SW with the Pings but anyways, I think I'll really enjoy the G5's. and I carried them out in a Nike xtreme sport II stand bag now I just need to let more funds buil
  6. hey thanks guys. Yeah Athens is pretty close. I've driven by the Joe Wheeler course a long time ago, I havent actually seen it up close though. is it a pretty nice place?
  7. how's it going? I live in North Alabama, towards Florence area. I hope so, I'm really looking forward to picking up some clubs soon and hitting the range. I'll be going to look for a set on friday
  8. Hey everyone! I'm very new to golf, I just started getting into watching it on TV within the last 3 months or so. So I'm wanting to start playing. I dont own a set of clubs yet but I've hit a little bit with my friends set and I'm looking forward to getting involved in the game!
  9. http://www.alabama.travel/alabama-at...ntry_club.html
  10. full time animation & Game Design student in college
  11. I'm just getting into golf, I wish I had a lot sooner. Me and my dad went to the 3rd round Tour Championship in ATL today. pretty awesome, I got to see Tiger, Padraig, Els, and O'hair up close so that was pretty cool
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