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  1. Well, a few things. First, my home course is 5,800 yards with a ton of elevated tee boxes (plus 3 of the par 3's are 215 yards+ so some of the yardage is embedded in those). There is only one par 4 over 400 yards and even that one, the tee box is elevated about 40 yards over the fairway so the ball flies. Second, i don't really think of hitting every green, or any green for that matter. If i'm 190 yards out i dont try to be a hero and rip my 4 iron there, i'd rather hit a pitching wedge, then hit a full 52/58 degree wedge in. I am too inconsistent with my longer clubs to consider using th
  2. I am only 185 to 190 off the tee, but thats because i use a 4 iron since i am still struggling with the longer clubs. That being said, i have dropped from a 36 to a 19.6 this year using just my irons, so im super excited for next season
  3. looking to purchase a video recording device sometime soon. Once i have it i will definately upload to this post
  4. Just eclipsed 45 rounds played this year and have broken 90 three times, with my personal best coming yesterday when i shot an 87! It wasn't an exciting round though as im changing my swing plane and need to use my 5/6 iron off the tee for consitency for the time being. My problems off the tee continue as well as some ball striking but i was getting up and down yesterday like it was my job. I think my new goal is going to be much more specific and thats to start hitting more fairways and using longer clubs so that i can hit more GIR. My 87 yesterday i hit 2 GIR's
  5. I have been struggling with an over the top swing since i started golfing last year. I had been to a few instructors but the last one i saw really helped me understand it. He put my swing on video and walked me through what i was doing wrong and how to fix it (i think it helped more because i am a very visual person). I know changing a swing plane is one of the toughest things to do in golf but this is definitely frustrating. I feel like i am more comfortable with my wedges up till my 6 iron with this new swing....but when it comes to the hybrids and woods i feel like i fall inbetween my n
  6. I started the year at a 36 handicap, shooting around 115 on my home course and i finally broke 90 two weekends ago with a back to back 89's. I am now a 21.4 handicap but have a terrible over the top swing motion(which golf school this past weekend clearly pointed out to me but also put in simple terms so i understand it more now). So i dropped 16 strokes on my handicap this season but i have played 40+ rounds and August 2009 was the first time i ever picked up a club. I am going to spend the next 2 months working hard on swinging from the inside and ridding this terrible swing path and see
  7. before the golf school i attended this past weekend, i was using my 58 for EVERYTHING around the green. now i use a Pitching wedge and my misses are 3 times closer than when i was throwing it up there with a lob wedge
  8. 2 day school w/o hotel was $399 per person. Hotel is seperate and you could pay anywhere from 90 to 300 a night depending on where you want to stay.
  9. Just got back from a two day class up in Vermont. I went up there Friday evening with two of my buddies for a two day class(sat/sun)....let me just say, it was fantastic! We covered chipping, putting, pitching from 25 to 50 yards, bunker play, on course instruction for different lies, etc and then we moved on to full swing. He put all of our swings on film and went through each sequence and showed us what we did well and what we needed to work on. He even sent us home with a DVD with a his voice over showing us our swings and what we needed to work on and what drills to do to help improv
  10. anything? Really want to get this for this weekend...
  11. I played most of the season with Srixon soft feel balls that i bought from lostgolfballs.com .I just switched to Callaway HX Hot three piece balls and i have an issue. I love the HX HOT off the tee, i am getting much better distance. I also really like them on my approach shots...but i like the Srixon around the green...chip/putting etc. Is there a ball that is a blend of the two?
  12. handicap down to 21.4 &.............shot an 89 today, had to hit a 12 foot put on 18th hole, but i hit it!
  13. sorry, thats a bit too far! but thanks for the offer
  14. also wouldn't be opposed to a 2 day intensive golf school, that would be a ton of fun
  15. Looks like my wife is going away for the weekend as is my buddy's wife as well. We are up in Boston and looking for ideas for where we could fly/drive to to have a nice weekend of golf. We want to do 36 Saturday(8/28), 18 Sunday(8/29) and come home early afternoon that same day. Any suggestions or recommendations? We play all the local courses in Mass so would be nice to get away from here but without paying through the roof for it. Not against flying as long as its reasonable, but driving a few hours wouldnt bother me either. Probably head down Friday evening after work, then hit the li
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