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  1. I had my last lesson in the set of 4 on Sunday. Prior to the lesson I had began moving back toward solid contact by mostly focusing on keeping my elbows close at address and maintaining that tighter triangle. This has also reduced the severity of my blocks and hooks when they pop up. Anyways my instructor seemed to be pretty happy with where I was at during the last lesson, he said that I was one of his most "on plane" students that he has. He said I was still lunging my upper body forward a bit but not enough to force me to flip. Additionally, he noticed that I was rushing the club back so fast that it began to push my upper body toward the target leading to instability. During the lesson we focused on slowing the takeaway and backswing down, which led to much better shots. He said that my biggest issue appears to be tempo and that's why I am so apt to lose my swing. I downloaded the "Tour Tempo" app to try out; I'm not seeing much new info about using it but I'll give it a shot. I think the swing changes that we managed to make in 4 lessons (4 weeks) are impressive, and I think I will purchase more with the instructor at the beginning of the next season: Lesson #1 Swing path fixed using basket drill Starting ball to the right and without much manipulation, began to draw it back. This was pretty big for me I've tried a million things to fix my slice to no avail. Lesson #2 I quickly moved into blocks, hooks, terrible contact. Focused on setting up with more tilt away from target, turning left shoulder more toward my right knee in backswing, butt toward target Lesson #3 Noticed lunging and flipping Focused on hitting an impact bag to get hands ahead of the club Drills with feet together to get back in balance and stop the flip Additionally Iacas recommended trying short punch shots This all began to work when I remembered to keep my elbows tighter together - contact improved drastically. Lesson #4 Contact was pretty good but not great, same with shot shape. Focused on getting in tempo and improving stability by slowing down backswing. Back to hitting compressed draws. I have attached the last swing video that the instructor took, which unfortunately isn't slow motion and starts late lol.
  2. Did some practice today with the feet together drill and punch shots as recommended by @iacas. I can see that I’m sliding less but to be honest the most prominent feel that I got from both drills was having a good wrist hinge. It feels like I’ve regained a lot of the effortless speed back. I still focused on starting these balls to the right of my target; I was hitting in a net so who knows where they were heading, but man they were solid. Hopefully I’m on the right track!
  3. Hey guys just an update... I bought a 4 pack of lessons from a local pro and I have been through 3 at this point. My final lesson is tomorrow. The first lesson focused on fixing my severe out to in path, which was easy enough to fix with a basket drill. However my somewhat predictable cut has turned into hooks, blocks, bad contact etc. The last two lessons have been focused on getting rid of reverse pivot moves and sliding in the downswing. I’m having a really hard time losing the slide on the downswing. My coach hasn’t really given me a drill on that other than feet together; any ideas on a good one? Anyways here is how the swing is looking now! note: I’m not sure why my videos will no longer embed when I paste the link?
  4. Not liking what I see in T-1. JT, Douchambeu, P Reed 🤢
  5. Yes I will get new videos tomorrow! Putting is good. Started chipping with the an open stance and ball off back foot which is working really well for me. Irons are either okay or fat/ thin, my distances seem lower than usual. Driver has went from a straight/ fade to banana slicing or pulls, this has been my biggest issue recently.
  6. Any tips to help with this? I’ve been trying to work on keeping more knee flex in my backswing. Setting up in a more “bow legged” stance seems to help. My consistency is still pretty bad I can swing from 85 to 110 between days. Beginning to think my swing just relies too much on timing.
  7. Trying out a drill from 5sk key #2 to swing more in balance. I like this drill a lot, makes weight shift feel automatic.
  8. Whenever I start hitting the ball like that my father in law always says that I am trying to "steer" the ball or quitting at impact. I think he may be correct, because if I go back to really just thinking about swinging out to a target without a ball there everything seems to fall in line. My only problem is this is something I constantly fight with and always come back to. It's like when I am playing good I'll finish a round and try to reason in my head why I was able to hit the ball well. This leads me to focusing on my grip, pivot, ball position etc., which in turn causes me to start hitting at the ball, instead of just swinging in a natural balanced fashion. I was shooting in the mid 80's for probably three solid weeks or so, but the last couple rounds I've been lucky to stay below 95. Just wondering it anyone else struggles with this type of scenario and if so how you can quickly get back on track. The obvious answer seems to be don't overthink in between rounds, but I'm not sure how I can improve overall without doing that. It's hard for me to turn off the engineer brain and stop analyzing things 🤓.
  9. Back to playing like crap... I’m hitting pushes, pulls, fat, thin, you name it I’m hitting it. My driver isn’t too bad but irons are out of whack. Looks like I’m back to being steep. https://youtu.be/QOw6s-DCjPM https://youtu.be/NqMjT_B8tb0
  10. Probably not much... I can feel the small bump forward, but as far as really feeling like I'm using the ground for power I don't really feel that.
  11. Trying to be less flippy through impact by matching my hands up more and getting them as close as I can together. Kind of hard to tell if I'm hitting it fat or just hitting the ground more after the ball. The mat was moving around a lot more though so something was up. Strike didn't feel as good as in the prior videos.
  12. I’m hitting the ball pretty straight but after watching these WOW my left wrist is cupping a lot at the top.
  13. Finally got a net, so now I can start doing more videos. Here is where my swing is currently at. I’m hitting the ball pretty well right now and mostly just focusing on keeping a very light right hand. I pretty much let my right hand pointer and thumb barely touch the grip or not touch at all. Hitting it pretty solid this way. enjoy!
  14. Broke 90 at Rivers Edge in NC! 89
  15. Finally had a good round today after a month or so of struggling with the swing. Somehow I had slipped into a reverse pivot which made me lose a ton of power and consistency. Did a weight shift drill the other day and instantly realized I wasn’t shifting at all anymore. Today I played 9 and was only 7 over (great for me); I didn’t putt great but my driver and approach shots were straight, long and dead in the center of the face. I gained what seems like a little over a club back in length. Even had a drive reach out to 290 with roll. I always seem to lose my ability to feel like I’m hitting through the ball so maybe I just keep falling back into reverse pivot. Who knows, anyways I’ll take it while it lasts. 😁
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