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  1. Early extension fixed I think. (Pro says butt is staying on line but I’m pulling my head back due to club face being open -flip) Hip sway on backswing fixed Wide open club face at parallel before impact not fixed. Pro has me working to keep club outside of hands on takeaway. Looks like I’m accomplishing that but doesn’t seem to help the club face. Also if I try to bow my wrist at the top I just hit a smother hook. Not sure what to do the flip remains.
  2. Trying to set up with my butt more tucked. Not easy to do at all. Seemed to help if my Chin was more tucking to my chest? A pro told me it would help me stop early extending. Still fighting the sway in the backswing.
  3. Range session today. Trying to keep my elbows close and stop over swinging, with my arms staying more in front of my chest. While also not swaying lol. I just can’t shake this over extended backswing into a flippy release swing. I have days where I know I don’t flip but I can’t ingrain whatever is going on.
  4. Working away at key #1 steady head. Helping a good bit with contact. I’ve also decided I’m going to put in a lot of chipping / pitching work this year to try and get consistent sub 90s. Here are some swing videos of 6i and driver. . Also a pitch swing with 9i. Trying to hit PW, 48, and 52 to 100 yards instead of a full 56 which never works out
  5. Just an update I have been working on staying centered in my backswing. I have attached a video showing my sway, reverse pivot, and then the backswing I’ve been doing. My biggest feel in this backswing is turning my shoulders on a steeper angle; getting the left shoulder pointed more toward the ground. It looks like I may be losing some height doing this and coincidentally I do hit some fat shots if I rush. I am making much more consistent contact though with this and I’ve managed to put up a few rounds back down in the 80’s in the last couple weeks.
  6. No sir, I had abandoned that setup move at that point. Those swings were following a couple hours of feet together & punch shot drills. I pretty much did these drills for a week then played a couple times and contact sucked so I went back to the setup position advised by the pro as you can see on 12/4/20. I thought I was hitting it well on 11/10/20 because my wrists magically started hinging correctly...stupid LOL, but I think what you see as being the difference makes much more sense. Therefore, I thank you and I know exactly what I need to get back to working on (feet together
  7. Yes! Last year (first year) I couldn’t break 100. This year I broke 100 and 90. I was able to stay below 100 all summer but didn’t have what it took to stay below 90. I ended the year at a 16.8. I think I can get to a 12 by the end of next year with enough work.
  8. The centered turn is eluding to me. My instructor advocated setting up putting 90% of my weight on my left leg then tilting my shoulders to the right until my weight was even. This made it hard for me to picture a centered turn with so much side tilt at address. When I do a centered pivot without the crazy tilt I can feel the weight transfer into my right foot however my pro said I am in a reverse pivot. I prefer turning back in a “centered” fashion but I’m not sure if it causes me to reverse pivot or if I even have a reverse pivot issue.
  9. Dang that sucks to hear. Thought I was past the armsy swing. Lol. I feel like I’m transferring my weight too much if anything kind of like a lunge before I even finished getting all the way back. I see what you are saying though which means I’m way off.
  10. Nice! I didn’t see these. thanks!
  11. Been working on takeaway recently since that’s about all I can do with the onset of snow 👎🏻. I think I may have stumbled on something. Look at the video from 7/4/20, this is when I was hitting the ball the best all year. Next look at this video from 8/20/20. It looks like the worse swing is happening when my face is too closed down at parallel. I have a few other videos that I can see this in but they aren’t in slow motion. Thoughts? Wondering if I should practice having the toe more up at first parallel
  12. Trying to keep solid contact. Sequence just feels weird. I've been working on hitting a lot of punch shots. Also trying to slow down on full swings but that seems to make things worse lol. I’m not sure why my shots are off the toe.
  13. I’m going to try hitting balls while restricting hip turn in the backswing tomorrow. It looks like I am rotating them way too far at the top of my backswing. I think it will help my sequence coming back down.
  14. Here’s how the swing is looking currently. Driver is going great I’m hitting it pretty straight and around 260-290 or so. Still really suffering with consistent contact on my irons. My shots are toward the toe as well. My backswing almost looks out of sequence to me like my hands get up too slow? Not sure what’s up.
  15. Yep, I am definitely seeing a lower ball flight. Most of my shots with the forged clubs feel thin but they aren't losing much distance. Probably will take some time to get used to the new shafts.
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