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  1. Update: I've had a period of hitting good shots and playing pretty well. I think I have eliminated my slice for now, and produced a more "in to out" path. My old problem was coming "out to in" with an open face > Slice/ pushes. However, now that I have became a more "in to out" swinger my strong grip is beginning to hurt me and I'm hitting more and more hooks/ pulls. I'm not sure if this is a good thing on the path to a good swing. I think I am going to try going back to a more neutral grip with an "in to out" path, hopefully without going right back into a slice. I just wish to develop a somewhat dependable swing that doesn't over the time-span of a month so I can play bogey golf with my friends. I'm just curious if it sounds like I am making progression or am I just going in a never ending loop of exaggerated feels that eventually produce the exaggerated results.
  2. Had the worst day ever at the range today. I was puring all of my iron shots and hit a couple good drives. I’ve been hitting decent drives with a small draw then bam! I could not stop hitting worm burners. It was like I lost all concept of club face. I hit probably 40 in a row with my driver and gave up. Next I grabbed my new 3 wood that I got last week and hit a few more burners with it. Then to top it all off I managed to literally hit the ball with the top of the club and dent it. Literally no worse feeling especially being brand new. I have no idea what happened but man I hope it doesn’t stick around.
  3. 47 on 9 today. My best score yet.. I hit a lot of drives good which was strange and hit a lot of irons bad which is also strange lol. I have a lot of work to do on putting. Grandview CC Beaver, WV.
  4. Update... my swing is currently the best its been so far. I have recently changed my grip from baseball to overlap. I think I was using my right hand way to much in my swing, and it led to release issues. Now I am practically holding the club with just the middle and ring finger on my right hand and releasing the club almost feels automatic. I wanted to share a drill that I have been using to get my woods on an in to out path; this is the only drill that has really clicked with me and it has pretty much fixed my OTT issue. Along with the new grip allowing me to release I have produced a nice draw. Hopefully this drill can help some of you guys out that are having issues with the out to in swing path... the drill is simple to set up. One key note that I would highlight is taking the club back directly over the tee that is behind the ball, this will put you into a position in the back swing that makes it easy to come down on the right plane. I hope to play on a regulation course this weekend, and see if I can at least score around 100 for the first time. I would really like to break 90 before the season ends, but we will see what happens.
  5. Well guys I have officially gotten my swing in to out on all clubs. Now it seems that I have to realllly pay attention to my grip. Mostly I have trouble getting my right hand into the same position each time. My left hand is for the most part in a neutral position. I can see 2 knuckles and the V goes toward my right ear. However if I get sloppy with my right hand a hook or slice is inevitable. I just started getting my driver path right today and what I needed to do was take a wider backswing to make it possible to get the club inside on the downswing. I’m not used to this though so I have to swing pretty slow or I just pop it up in the air. I’m getting around 200 yards with the slow swing though so I think once I get used to it and speed it up I can really push it out there. I will get some videos up soon!
  6. Yeah that drill may be dangerous if overdone lol but it’s helped me to get the feel of dropping the club down then releasing instead of just going from my backswing to trying to release at the ball. It’s also helped me to start my swing with my hips somewhat.
  7. +1 The majority of the sound you hear would have to be from the ball having high rpm which sends vibrations through the air (Definition of sound). This sound is easier to hear from the side and in front of the ball because the ball itself would actually block most of the sound behind it. If you hit the ball with no spin you would not hear anything unless you manage to break the sound barrier (good luck). Also yes it would be impossible to hear a golf ball in a vacuum because there is no air in a vacuum, and thus no vibration. The golf ball would turn the energy from the spin into heat instead. - Engineer 🤓
  8. I just found a drill that I’ve been trying at home this evening. I think this one is really helping me to get the feeling. Also this video is hilarious please watch 😂 but I swear I think it’s the only thing coming through to me to shallow out.
  9. Hit some irons today. I am hitting pretty good right now. Although my swing doesn’t look great... I’m having real trouble shallowing. I’ve tried a few drills I’ve found like the wall drill as advised by Evolvr and squat and turn to start the swing but it just isn’t clicking for me. My main swing thoughts in this swing is stay down on the ball, keep my eyes on the ball, and hit it square. I have eliminated my slice I think.. I haven’t hit one in a good while. I think my left hand was just in a very weak grip and I didn’t know. These shots I’m going for a draw with my face open to the target. In the past that would of sliced baddd. They mostly just went dead straight. 6 iron was going around 185-200 yds. I mean I guess this shot is functional I can hit it pretty consistently but I do know it’s not correct, and I want to learn to hit in to out correctly. I can’t tell if I’m flipping but I do see that chicken wing
  10. Wow I’ve done it a few times and I thought it was how you knew you hit a compressed shot 🤦‍♂️
  11. Easier said than done... I can do it with my irons pretty well and hit a small draw, mostly just straight. I can’t seem to get my woods down low enough to go in to out. I really can’t even picture in my head how to do it even though I’ve watched a thousand videos on how to do it
  12. Mannnn what a swing!
  13. I would have to guess around 899,999 holes in the world.
  14. Thank you guys for the replies and for looking into my swing. I have been doing some research today and have come across something very interesting. I have noticed that I always address the ball with my club face pointed square to my target. However, from what I am seeing if you want to hit a draw the face with actually be somewhat open to the target but square to an in to out swing path. When I think back to the compressed, pured draws that I have hit on accident it does seem that my face began in an "open" position, at least to the target. I think starting with my face square to the path will help me immensely to feel like I can hit the ball on an in to out path. It almost feels like I have been to this point before, but I was slicing so I changed a bunch of things that were incorrect. Today I plan to go to the range and try to hit in to out with my face square to path, BUT still utilizing the stronger grip as advised by my Evolvr coach. Once again sorry for the poor quality video that I posted yesterday; work had me out the rest of the week but that has been cancelled . I will try to video my results today!
  15. Right on... ahhh idk why I’m having such a hard time getting in to out.
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