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  1. Trying to be less flippy through impact by matching my hands up more and getting them as close as I can together. Kind of hard to tell if I'm hitting it fat or just hitting the ground more after the ball. The mat was moving around a lot more though so something was up. Strike didn't feel as good as in the prior videos.
  2. I’m hitting the ball pretty straight but after watching these WOW my left wrist is cupping a lot at the top.
  3. Finally got a net, so now I can start doing more videos. Here is where my swing is currently at. I’m hitting the ball pretty well right now and mostly just focusing on keeping a very light right hand. I pretty much let my right hand pointer and thumb barely touch the grip or not touch at all. Hitting it pretty solid this way. enjoy!
  4. Broke 90 at Rivers Edge in NC! 89
  5. Finally had a good round today after a month or so of struggling with the swing. Somehow I had slipped into a reverse pivot which made me lose a ton of power and consistency. Did a weight shift drill the other day and instantly realized I wasn’t shifting at all anymore. Today I played 9 and was only 7 over (great for me); I didn’t putt great but my driver and approach shots were straight, long and dead in the center of the face. I gained what seems like a little over a club back in length. Even had a drive reach out to 290 with roll. I always seem to lose my ability to feel like I’m hitting through the ball so maybe I just keep falling back into reverse pivot. Who knows, anyways I’ll take it while it lasts. 😁
  6. Got to try the balls out today and I loved the mtb black. I didn’t do terrible with the mtbx, but I definitely preferred the regular mtb black. I usually play tp5 or prov1 and I was getting the same results off the driver as I do with those balls. I was also getting a lot of hop n stop shots into greens with the snell, which is what makes me love the prov1. I like the tp5 but it doesn’t stop quite as well. In conclusion, there’s no way I’d pay extra for a prov1 or tp5 over the mtb black and this is my new ball!
  7. Just received a test pack of the MTB and MTB-X. Excited to try them out when the rain goes away.
  8. Tried getting hands higher at the top of my backswing today and I just couldn’t stop leaving the club face wide open. Thinking maybe I should stay flatter.... does my swing look too flat though?
  9. Man, that is a pretty course you're on.
  10. I think I’m going to work on getting hands a bit higher at top of back swing. I’ve been feeling like my irons have less power than they used to. Recently went through a short case of the shanks but matching my club face to my spine angle through most of the back swing helped me get rid of them.
  11. Hey everybody my name is Alex and my hobbies include humping the goat and hitting my driver out of the heel. 😆 All jokes aside I hope everyone is doing well during these crazy times. Haven’t done any videos recently so here are a few of where my swing is at. Any input is always welcome!
  12. Forgot to update; I tried a few different hybrids at dicks the other day and the M3 was exactly what I was looking for. It has a tensei blue 80g shaft. Played with it today after work and had no problem getting the ball in the air with a slight fade. 🙂
  13. Yeah haha that guy also thought I was nuts. To be honest I was somewhat disappointed in my lack of feel between the different shafts we tried out. I really never could tell a difference except with one HZRD yellow X-stiff. Still yet he said I would be much better off in a Tensei blue 65g stiff, and that shaft actually did feel a good bit better than mine. I will probably end up getting one for it. I went with the M+ red because I never could get the ball height I wanted with my old driver, and this one does launch well for me but the spin is off the charts.
  14. Went to dicks sporting goods to do a driver fitting for $30 just to see what my numbers are on a simulator. This was my first time on a sim and it was odd to hit on. My shot was pretty much a steady high slice lol spin around 5000. Seemed odd because I’ve been playing recently and hitting driver decently. I do aim a bit left and either hit straight or slice maybe 20 yards back to the right side. I think I may have been setting up with my body open and cutting the ball because I didn’t really have anything to line my face / body to. I drove the fitter insane I think lol we tried all the new heads and shafts and still couldn’t get it down. The cobra speed zone and Tensei blue 65 g was the lowest at around 3000 or so. I may try a different shaft he believes mine is way too light and I should be using a 65g. My drives have recently been stuck around 240-260 yards depending on strike. I use a 917d2 10.5 diamana m+ 50g red swing speed 98-103 mph spin ~3500-5000
  15. This is kind of what I'm talking about. I don't know that it is necessarily an onset club but at address it looks like it is to my eye with the leading edge being ahead of the shaft slightly. It may be the shaft but when I hit my friends hybrid the weight was only 5g different. I know there are different bend profiles etc. but I'm not sure that shaft weight was the issue, maybe head weight? Anyways I think his hybrid looked more like an H2 square face, larger toe; just an all around more "iron" feel. Once again, I should of at least went and hit a few different hybrids to find one that worked instead of just ordering something I thought would work. 🤦‍♂️
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