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  1. Man I just began looking into Stack & Tilt the past few days and I've come to realize it looks a lot like how I swing. I think one of my issues is not having any type of program or set list of checkpoints for when my swing is starting to fail. I'm going to give this a go and see what happens; the only real difference I see between S&T and my swing is starting with more weight on the left side and intentionally taking the club back somewhat inside. I like the part about pivoting around one point and keeping the head in one spot. I think the method sounds simple enough for irons, but no so much with woods and driver. Anyways, I will give it a try and see how it goes.
  2. I forgot to post about the second lesson that I had lol. This was with a new guy and I found him through the PGA site so he was "official". I assumed he would be more legit especially with his price tag of $50 for 30 min. Well he watched me for 30 min hitting wedges then 7 iron then driver. All he said was be less "handsy" and focus on hitting the ball low (he said I was kind of flipping). To say I was disappointed would be an understatement... I cannot find an instructor of facility anywhere near me that uses any type of launch monitoring, video analysis or anything. I would really like to spend the money on a pack of lessons somewhere but I can't find anybody around me that would be worth it. The latest instructor offered me a 4 pack for $160 ($10 off per lesson), but I said no thanks. If anyone knows of a good instructor or facility that I haven't yet found around the Charleston, WV area please let me know lol I'm giving up on it for now.
  3. Here is a slow-motion of how I am hitting currently. I have officially come full circle lol. I began in May just trying to make contact, once I was making a good connection I was hitting mostly slices and pushing the ball right. I then strengthened my left hand and went through a period of good striking. That quickly went away and turned into hooks when my left hand crept into too strong of a grip. Finally I realized the issue and weakened my grip and began a new period of hitting great shots. Now something else has crept in and I am right back to hitting slices and pushing out to the right. I'm thinking I may be standing too close to the ball and getting stuck. I do at least know my grip is still the same in a neutral position. I think since I began I have improved my swing.. I hope anyways. It's about time to hang it up for the winter, and unfortunately I did not manage to break 100. Going to keep at it and try to eventually develop some type of a consistent swing. I love the game so I will eventually get there. Just curious does my first year seem similar to anyone else or like a typical first year, or does it sound like I've wasted a ton of time?
  4. Thank you! I claimed it this morning. Yeah I guess it wasn't economical to get a new pump this year. The course is executive and they only charge $11 for the 18. They closed the front nine and re-did all those greens toward the end of summer, but still didn't fix the pump so I guess they plan to just water them lol. I hope they get it all fixed up by next season because it's on my way home and a decent place to practice.
  5. Yeah I definitely will have to frame it up somehow lol. Thank you!!
  6. Yes, I will asap. Yeah, this must have just been a good day because the posture wasn't at all the issue. A while back I strengthened my left hand into a more neutral grip with two knuckles showing etc. However, when I did this I inadvertently strengthened my right hand as well and it took me a while to realize it. I was hitting a lot of hooks with my irons, but I could barely even make contact with my woods. Last week I weakened my right hand, what felt like a lot, and moved my life line back over on top of my left thumb. Now I am hitting everything pretty decent, but if I try to swing any of my woods hard I slice. Irons are going great but I have to focus on a smooth easy swing to avoid a slice with my woods. I will get a video up soon because I would like to be able to add some power to them. If I try to hit my driver past 230 it goes from straight to slice city. I must say I am happy to be back to my slice though I at least feel like I can easily make contact now.
  7. Made my first hole in 1. Coonskin Golf Course - Charleston, WV Hole 11 Par 3 - 115 yds First shot with a new 48 Wedge caught it a little thin, landed a few feet in front of the hole and rolled right in.😀
  8. First hole in one wooohooo first hit on a new 48 wedge hit it kind of thin, but it touched down about 5 foot in front of the hole and rolled in. pump died at this course so greens are just sand till next year. I’ve been playing here on my way home every day from work. It’s free for the rest of the year since the greens are dead. I’m still counting it!!
  9. Well went to take a better video of my swing and all of the sudden I could hit again lol. I'm thinking maybe I was standing too close to the ball with no "athleticism" in my posture. I wish I would have taken a video within the first week of having this issue instead of letting it continue for so long. It's crazy how a small issue can completely derail a swing. Anyways standing further from the ball with my knees further bent, and a more pronounced spine tilt seemed to solve it for now.
  10. Yeah I will get a better video hopefully tomorrow. I honestly think I may be hitting down on it somehow. I need to get some impact stickers or something. I’m doing the same thing with my 3 wood and hybrid.
  11. So I haven’t been able to get my drives off the ground for like a month now. Going to do a better video at the range soon but here’s what I have of today. I can literally do this shot 50 times in a row without the ball getting airborne. I’m not sure what the big issue is here from what I see path looks good face is maybe a little off but I haven’t been able to get off the tee for a long time now. I miss my slice lol. I’ve tried moving ball position back and forth with no real results.
  12. Update: I've had a period of hitting good shots and playing pretty well. I think I have eliminated my slice for now, and produced a more "in to out" path. My old problem was coming "out to in" with an open face > Slice/ pushes. However, now that I have became a more "in to out" swinger my strong grip is beginning to hurt me and I'm hitting more and more hooks/ pulls. I'm not sure if this is a good thing on the path to a good swing. I think I am going to try going back to a more neutral grip with an "in to out" path, hopefully without going right back into a slice. I just wish to develop a somewhat dependable swing that doesn't over the time-span of a month so I can play bogey golf with my friends. I'm just curious if it sounds like I am making progression or am I just going in a never ending loop of exaggerated feels that eventually produce the exaggerated results.
  13. Had the worst day ever at the range today. I was puring all of my iron shots and hit a couple good drives. I’ve been hitting decent drives with a small draw then bam! I could not stop hitting worm burners. It was like I lost all concept of club face. I hit probably 40 in a row with my driver and gave up. Next I grabbed my new 3 wood that I got last week and hit a few more burners with it. Then to top it all off I managed to literally hit the ball with the top of the club and dent it. Literally no worse feeling especially being brand new. I have no idea what happened but man I hope it doesn’t stick around.
  14. 47 on 9 today. My best score yet.. I hit a lot of drives good which was strange and hit a lot of irons bad which is also strange lol. I have a lot of work to do on putting. Grandview CC Beaver, WV.
  15. Update... my swing is currently the best its been so far. I have recently changed my grip from baseball to overlap. I think I was using my right hand way to much in my swing, and it led to release issues. Now I am practically holding the club with just the middle and ring finger on my right hand and releasing the club almost feels automatic. I wanted to share a drill that I have been using to get my woods on an in to out path; this is the only drill that has really clicked with me and it has pretty much fixed my OTT issue. Along with the new grip allowing me to release I have produced a nice draw. Hopefully this drill can help some of you guys out that are having issues with the out to in swing path... the drill is simple to set up. One key note that I would highlight is taking the club back directly over the tee that is behind the ball, this will put you into a position in the back swing that makes it easy to come down on the right plane. I hope to play on a regulation course this weekend, and see if I can at least score around 100 for the first time. I would really like to break 90 before the season ends, but we will see what happens.
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