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  1. My goals for 2020: 1.) Break 100 before my 1 year golf anniversary (May 2020) a.) By working on lag putting and chipping around the green. b.) By getting rid of swing thoughts and slicing or shanking the ball off of the planet on the tee c.) By aiming in the direction that I am hitting the ball that day instead of the direction my ball "should" be going. (really dumb but I do this a lot) d.) Lowest score so far is a 103 2.) Improve ball-striking a.) Continue to practice on my way home every day at the executive course (Still Free :)) b.) Hopefully find a decent instructor to get lessons from c.) Line face up to target, take grip, swing freely ( This is whats working well for me now vs. having swing positions in my head) 3.) Play a ton of new courses a.) Was gifted a WVGA "VIP" card for Christmas which lets you play most private courses in WV a few times a year, as well as, discounted prices on public courses. 1.) If anyone in WV hasn't checked into this it really is a crazy good deal for $50 a year. I know I will easily save that much on the public courses I play a lot, and the private courses are at really good prices.
  2. Nice thanks!!!! It looks like I’m not too far off.
  3. I do not I think it feels terrible lol there’s just so much grip info online some show it touching some not so I just wanted to check that my grip wasn’t totally out of wack. I see a lot of people say to do a long thumb and to me my current grip feels like I have a long thumb but if I really exaggerate then it does touch.
  4. Better pictures of my current grip with trail hand on
  5. Having some confusion on grip. When I take my normal grip my pad on my thumb doesn’t come close to touching the grip. I can however make it touch if I extend my thumb very far. Not sure which is correct. If the thumb pad is supposed to be touching the grip then would my grips appear to be way undersized?? I only wear a size medium glove (Titleist) so I would think standard would work for me. Any advice on which grip looks more correct? Or if I should go to a midsize grip? I'm still hitting somewhat inconsistent one day I have a fade and leaving shots to the right and the next a draw. I think it may be due to inconsistency when taking the grip. current grip that I take. grip with extended thumb ( forcing pad to touch)
  6. I thought it was good.. I never was a giant fan of the movie, but I liked this better. Superheros without superpowers is just kind of lame. I know that's the whole point but still... I like the show "The Boys" on Amazon a lot, its somewhat a similar theme with the heroes not being good but they at least have powers.
  7. Okay yeah I see what you are saying and yes I do have problems with a consistent low point. Or consistent anything lol. I also like the stuff by George Gankas and I try to follow the armpits, knee caps, ball of feet setup position. Anyways I hate how the straight leg looks so I am going to toy around with trying to keep it flexed. I'll also see how it affects my low point consistency. Thanks for checking it out again!
  8. I’ve been thinking a lot about what you noticed about me falling back on my heels to start the downswing. I was just curious if my most recent videos seem to show the same thing? I feel like I can see it as well but I’m not sure if we are talking about the same thing. I’ve tried setting up with my weight less on my toes so I don’t fall back into my heels, but even when I swing with my weight starting on my heels it looks like this. Just curious if you would happen to have any input 😁
  9. Had a pretty good day today at the good old executive course. It was one of those rare days where I hit the center of the face on all my shots. I was even crushing my 4 iron. On days like this my arms feel loose and my weight seems to get to my left side perfectly. I wish I could hit like this all the time lol it seems to only happen when I am relaxed and not thinking about positions or weight shift or anything. I can just feel the weight of the club head and feel like I’m just whipping it right through the ball.
  10. Man I just began looking into Stack & Tilt the past few days and I've come to realize it looks a lot like how I swing. I think one of my issues is not having any type of program or set list of checkpoints for when my swing is starting to fail. I'm going to give this a go and see what happens; the only real difference I see between S&T and my swing is starting with more weight on the left side and intentionally taking the club back somewhat inside. I like the part about pivoting around one point and keeping the head in one spot. I think the method sounds simple enough for irons, but no so much with woods and driver. Anyways, I will give it a try and see how it goes.
  11. I forgot to post about the second lesson that I had lol. This was with a new guy and I found him through the PGA site so he was "official". I assumed he would be more legit especially with his price tag of $50 for 30 min. Well he watched me for 30 min hitting wedges then 7 iron then driver. All he said was be less "handsy" and focus on hitting the ball low (he said I was kind of flipping). To say I was disappointed would be an understatement... I cannot find an instructor of facility anywhere near me that uses any type of launch monitoring, video analysis or anything. I would really like to spend the money on a pack of lessons somewhere but I can't find anybody around me that would be worth it. The latest instructor offered me a 4 pack for $160 ($10 off per lesson), but I said no thanks. If anyone knows of a good instructor or facility that I haven't yet found around the Charleston, WV area please let me know lol I'm giving up on it for now.
  12. Here is a slow-motion of how I am hitting currently. I have officially come full circle lol. I began in May just trying to make contact, once I was making a good connection I was hitting mostly slices and pushing the ball right. I then strengthened my left hand and went through a period of good striking. That quickly went away and turned into hooks when my left hand crept into too strong of a grip. Finally I realized the issue and weakened my grip and began a new period of hitting great shots. Now something else has crept in and I am right back to hitting slices and pushing out to the right. I'm thinking I may be standing too close to the ball and getting stuck. I do at least know my grip is still the same in a neutral position. I think since I began I have improved my swing.. I hope anyways. It's about time to hang it up for the winter, and unfortunately I did not manage to break 100. Going to keep at it and try to eventually develop some type of a consistent swing. I love the game so I will eventually get there. Just curious does my first year seem similar to anyone else or like a typical first year, or does it sound like I've wasted a ton of time?
  13. Thank you! I claimed it this morning. Yeah I guess it wasn't economical to get a new pump this year. The course is executive and they only charge $11 for the 18. They closed the front nine and re-did all those greens toward the end of summer, but still didn't fix the pump so I guess they plan to just water them lol. I hope they get it all fixed up by next season because it's on my way home and a decent place to practice.
  14. Yeah I definitely will have to frame it up somehow lol. Thank you!!
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