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  1. I 100% agree. I did some video the other day feeling like my backswing only reached hip high and in reality it was a full swing or 3/4. The posture in the forum you attached is what I’ve been trying to replicate… maybe I’m still off on that.
  2. Thanks for taking a look, and no worries I’m also still working on my grip. 😂 right hand crept a bit weak.
  3. Okay guys so my pro thinks this pivot looks great, at least the backswing portion. Still lunging on the downswing which I’m having a lot of trouble fixing. In my honest opinion I think this backswing looks like a reverse pivot. He says it’s not and that I just have a large amount of shoulder turn and that it’s great. What do you guys think??
  4. Yep! I’ve used this one before it helps, thanks I forgot about it!
  5. Working on keeping my right heel down longer during the downswing so my knee doesn’t go toward the ball and crowd my hand path.
  6. Thanks I’ll give that a try. Here’s some better videos of the swing currently.
  7. Yeah I agree. This is all in an effort to stop lunging toward the target in the downswing. I can either lunge and get on my left side but flip badly or do what I’m doing above. Essentially throwing my left knee toward the target but I get stuck with weight on my back foot. Kinda at a loss
  8. does my legwork look stupid?
  9. Trying to work on closing my face via a “palm down” type of drill. I had to weaken my grip more toward neutral to make better contact and stop my shots going straight left. To me the face doesn’t look any better at last parallel, but my lower body isn’t stalling nearly as bad so maybe it is? Tried on the course and was finally able to get my 4 iron to 200-210 yards, so maybe it’s lessening my flip/ delofting some?
  10. Sorry for losing my mind there for a minute... happens to the best of us 😁. Anyway back to trusting my pro lol. Working on starting the swing by “grabbing the ground” he advocates feeling like I twist my feet apart to start the downswing. I can’t seem to get along with that feeling, but I have made progress by feeling like I rotate my knee out toward the target and around to start the downswing. Looks promising I think, less slide more rotation. Seems easy to time as well the miss is somewhat thin. Only tried this in a net so far.
  11. Alright guys I need some help here... as you can see with the blast of videos I’ve been putting in a ton of work to get rid of swing flaws. Still can’t get rid of my lunge and cast on the downswing. then I run across the monte “no turn cast drill”. Did it this morning and just pured ball after ball. It literally just feels like I’m swinging all arms and flipping my wrists. Does this look better than my big turn attempt at a technical swing??? I’m about to stop all that and just do this if so... I mean it sure is a lot easier to consistently do. Just don’t want to take off in the wron
  12. Finally got out to play today. Went pretty well, I was finally making good contact. I’ve been trying to feel like my tailbone moves over toward my left heel. Proper hip turn feels pretty drastic but gives much more time to square the face vs swaying on the way back. It feels like I am doing way more hip turn than I actually am. Here is a video showing that. The only issue I was having today was some over drawing. But man this looks like a giant improvement, more in sync, more shaft lean at impact. I still look like I’m over-swinging some but I like where this is headed
  13. Early extension fixed I think. (Pro says butt is staying on line but I’m pulling my head back due to club face being open -flip) Hip sway on backswing fixed Wide open club face at parallel before impact not fixed. Pro has me working to keep club outside of hands on takeaway. Looks like I’m accomplishing that but doesn’t seem to help the club face. Also if I try to bow my wrist at the top I just hit a smother hook. Not sure what to do the flip remains.
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