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  1. Lots of great and very specific goals from the group! My goals are quite simple. Play more rounds and enjoy getting to play the game! I've had a number of health issues recently, including a detached retina. My eye sight in my right eye hasn't returned to full capacity and unfortunately never will. I was only able to play 4 rounds last year. But I'm determined to get back out on the course this year and enjoy this wonderful game.
  2. SPOT ON!! With all of the discount stores around today, wearing a simple "polo" style shirt and shorts other than jeans is not cost prohibitive. I personally don't care if folks wear nice clean t-shirts or jeans, or cargo shorts...whatever, but collared shirts are not an expensive option. I also agree with what @Bonvivant said...I've seen plenty of golfers dressed in fancy clothing with expensive gear that don't fix divots, don't rake traps and don't follow cart rules, so the dress isn't an exact indicator of how well the golfer will follow etiquette on the course.
  3. Good job DJ. I've seen things like this from a number of golfers over the years. These things should get more coverage. But then again, the guys doing them are hopefully doing it out of genuine compassion and don't care if it's picked up by the media or not.
  4. Welcome to TST! You'll find lots of good advice and help here!
  5. I'm going with Rory. I enjoy watching both of these guys and both have had amazing careers so far. However, Jordan hasn't won anything in two years. I'm sure he's just hoping to win any tournament right now. Both can be streaky, but Rory has never been as lost as Jordan seems right now.
  6. You guys are tough. Rory is 30 years old, has 17 PGA wins,13 European Tour wins and has 4 Majors! That's HOF stuff at 30 and you KNOW he's going to add to those totals. Say what you want about being over rated, but I'd call out Ricky Fowler (30 years old, 5 wins and 0 majors) and Michele Wie (29 years old 5 wins with 1 major). as the most over rated in recent memory. Rory McIlroy Biography and Career Details for Golfer Why is Rory McIlroy the best golfer ever from Ireland? This biography provides the details, including his major championship wins and other achiev
  7. I voted Taylormade. I like my old Burner 2.0 irons and even though I can't hit it very well, my R11 driver is still a nice club. Similar to what was mentioned before, I think I would choose irons first and build from there. Their new wedges look terrific and I think I'd be able to play them. I like Callaway, Ping and Titleist as well.
  8. Well, it is a game.But, I can see where a repeated phrase can get annoying, but I don't have an issue with it being called the game of golf. I don't see calling it a game as pretentious or snobby either....but the Patrons...THAT is pretentious!
  9. If that was a real event, I think we'd have seen it played over and over every year! I wish it was real, it sounds amazing!
  10. I haven't played that little course in Abita, but I have hit some balls at the range. Covington CC is usually where I play. It's nothing special and actually isn't as nice as it used to be. It's a decent track but could be a lot better with a little work put into it. Sadly Covington CC doesn't have a driving range so it's tough for me to get practice in unless I drive out to Abita, or just play. I'm recovering from a detached retina and surgery, but I'm hoping to get back on the course in September. Maybe we can play around at some point down the line.
  11. Very late in the year...but my golf year is basically just starting. I've only played 45 holes so far in 2019. 1. Play more golf! 2. Get a good bit of range time in 3. Stop slicing my driver 4. Take a few lessons 5. Have my game in decent enough shape to play consistently in 2020.
  12. I struggle with my driver constantly. I'll have rounds where I really strike the ball well and can hit it 235-245. Then there are rounds where I'm hitting huge slices and I just give up and go to my 3 wood. I can hit it 200-210 and fairly straight, so often times, I'll just start with the 3 wood and never even pull the driver, even on par 5's. I'm never quite sure what the differences are between my swings. I agree with the comments above, practice and range time is a must. I'm also inclined to get a couple of lessons when I can find the time and money. I will say, I always score better when I
  13. Welcome to The Sand Trap! You're going to enjoy it here!
  14. Welcome! We must be close! I'm in Covington! You're going to love the forum! I'm just getting back to golf as well, but I was never anywhere close to a 7....or even a 17! Where are you playing?
  15. Welcome! You're going to enjoy the forum. It's the best on the web!
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