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  1. Played this morning and after talking to a scratch friend of mine he suggested I wasn't turning enough, using arms to much so I tried turning more and a little better, need to go to range
  2. I don't know because I was thinking I had it maybe a little forward so I was fetching arms through quicker to the ball?? I'll do that thanks
  3. Right, im going to try the ball a bit further back and maybe a stronger grip at the range before I play tomorrow, thanks for the help
  4. Ok thanks I'm playing tomorrow so I'll see how it goes
  5. Thanks for replying and they're definitely not perfect I've set the weights on my st190g to draw and aim a little left and same result. It's not a slice as such it just seems to go go right about 20-30 yards off fairway
  6. Please help me stop pushing it right with the driver, irons are good chipping is good just frustrated by driving right at the minute
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