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  1. hello guys here is a great exercise to improve your putting :D https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=J7i0oLXuJqM&t=4s
  2. I tryed the shot tracer app today for the first time! i think the app is realy cool, ill make a review of it on my youtube channel later next week, when i have used it while playing a few holes 🙂 feel free to sub or follow my thread to get uppdates on my swing and other fun golf gadgets and apps 🙂
  3. okay so i currently dont work on anything in my swing im jsut glad that i can hit shots again, thanks to the pils i got from the doc that blocks the pain from my nerv damage. here is 2 swings in slowmotion from the front i know i havent shown a vid from that angle yet in slowmotion 🙂 hope u guys like it
  4. some 20 meter wedge training, i rly think this is going to help my game when i get out on the course next year 😄
  5. Today i did some wedge training 😄 it went realy good. if u guys got any tips feel free to post them 🙂
  6. Hello guys here is a new vid when i play some holes! 🙂 the angle of the backswing is terrible, i need to buy a better camera for this ^^ but new to my topic is that you guys will be able to see the swing from the front ^^ hope you guys like it 🙂
  7. okay so another uppdate on the wrist, it looks like i have some kinda nerv damage..... the good thing is that they gave me a prescription on some pills and they seem wrok the burning pain that ive had for over 3 years dissaperd, and it only took 2 days 😮 im realt eager to see how they work in the long term and if i finally can get back to train and play golf properly again!!!! 😄
  8. Ive done several diffrent x rays but they can find any fracture or anything like that or any soft tissue damge, and ivae had this problem for around 3 years now. its most likley some kinda nerv damage. so i dont know what they can do about that, goint to meet a doc about that on monday.
  9. okay so a quick uppdate, i tryed playing a par 3 yesterday and i still get pain and a burning feeling in the vrist after hitting so ill try not to play that much 😕
  10. tryed some shots at the rage 3 days ago heres a vid of it 🙂
  11. dont forget the how important the club is! when u get better you realy need to get custom clubs or make a custom so you can see what shaft you need to have for your swing!. so many ppl just buy the lastest clubs or jsut buy them of the shelfs, and that the worst thing you can do 🙂 the shaft can make the ball go 10-15yards longer and it also determain if the ball will go right or left at impact depending on how much the shaft "´bends" i dont know have the enligsh word for what i want to say XD
  12. Hello guys here is a quick review of the optishot system 🙂
  13. Hello guys! my wirst is starting to feel better and i realy hope that i can play next year!!! Here are some short wedge shots that is about 25-30m to the flagg 🙂 im going to tyr to play 9 holes later next week and post that hope u guys like it 🙂 sorry for the bad sound in the video 🙂
  14. 1 video is of be hitting a 73m shoot that almost goes in the hole but the backspin makes hte ball stop just before the hole 😛 2 video is of me playing a par 4, im not showing the putting coz i had it on auto putting 🙂 My wist is not at 100% yet so i cant currently train any golf i can just hit some shoots here and there.. Im at https://www.facebook.com/MPCKalmar/ when i hit in the simulator. Hope u guys like it 🙂 i will try to place the camera at an betterangle next time 🙂
  15. im not a fan of when the left leg bends like that 😛 if ur going to bend it i should go foward not to the right 🙂
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