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  1. This is a wonderful idea, I will try and speak to him about it once more, everyone on this site has been great with suggestions on what I need to try and do for my marriage. Thank you very much🙂
  2. Thank you so very much! Appreciate your response
  3. First I would like to point out that my husband can do whatever he wants, I'm not the type of wife that tells him he can't do this or that, i have no problem with him even golfing, my problem is that he does it so much that I feel very alone as if I'm in this marriage by myself, when he spends more time with his friends playing golf almost every other day including his days off then that is definitely a problem, we use to go have dinner, movies, once a month ( and I was okay with that) there was no pressure, but now it's nothing- I get none of his time- I'm at the bottom of his list, I work, blessed with an amazing career, and wonderful friends. I only mentioned learning more about golf because he loves it so much, he studies it, watches videos about it, etc..if I'm working days, and he works nights and go straight to golfing after a few hours of sleep instead of having a moment with his wife then yeah, something is wrong here. Maybe it is me, idk. Thank you all that's given your opinion, I'm considering a lot of things at the moment. I will pray that GOD can show us the way back to each other- because I love my husband- he is my best friend
  4. I just want say Thank you all very much for your advice, I greatly appreciate it. He's at golf as we speak, I had tears in my eyes when I expressed my feelings to him at dinner but I just don't think he gets it, he straight up told me that he's not going to stop playing- nor do I want him to, I know golf is a relaxing sport for men, I get it. However my husband plays so much, that I was desperate enough to create an account on this website to try and get advice. I guess I could try and see if there is a local women's league or something to try and learn more. I watch golf with him on tv, etc.. Marriage counseling is also a great idea, thank you all again very much!!
  5. Yes, I discussed it several times, including at dinner last night but he took it the wrong way or something to where we argued. I feel if he was to put as much time in our marriage like he does golf then we would be in a better place, I just want my husband back. I mean as much money he spends to play golf that much to where I have to initiate communications, etc is out of control. I took my wedding rings off, I no longer feel like we are married, just strangers in passing
  6. Are there any ladies out there that are going through something similar? I could really use some advice on how to save my marriage. I love that my husband has his hobbies but it's gotten to a point where I totally feel left out, he golfs at 3-4 times weekly, including every Saturday, not to mention he works nights but still has the energy to go play golf. I feel like we live separate lives. We went to dinner for the first time in months and it did not go very well, as there was such a disconnect between us.. I'm not trying to stop him from playing, I just, idk. He plays with his employees or his boss a lot of times. And other friends of his, they all see my husband more than I do. No told him I would like to learn to play but that didn't go over very well. I just want time for US too. Help!
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