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  1. I don't drop in often but when I do it is great to see top content like this. The stay connected idea to me has always made me think of the exact problem this thread shows and gives me some great pointers for me next range session.
  2. I am definitely steep in my downswing and know that I have to make compensations for it. My aim is to work on that area once I have keeping my height in the backswing in check. I also need to look at the position at the top of the swing as it's across the line as you can see here.
  3. I've been Playing Golf for: 10-15 years with a break My current handicap index or average score is: 90-110 My typical ball flight is: Fade The shot I hate or the "miss" I'm trying to reduce/eliminate is: Push slice or low hook Videos: Just starting to get back to playing and practicing regularly over the last year or so. Had a lesson a few months back with the main piece to work on being keeping my height better in the backswing. This video was from my practice today where I am still dipping but not as excessive as I have been before. I can see other areas that need looking at but working on one thing at a time for now.
  4. Reading the thread certainly has made me think about what I need to work on and has also opened up some interesting discussions with some golfing friends. Regarding the shot in my previous round, it was a shot over a bunker rather than from it. Would have probably rather been in it to be honest. With a bit more thought I would have played to a wider part of the green to give myself a two putt chance. But the damage was already done on this hole before I got anywhere near the green.
  5. Having spent some time away from the game and this forum, it was good to spend some time reading through this thread. I used to shoot around the 90 mark with the odd lower round and looking back I definitely see a correlation between my scores and finding the fairway\green. My most recent round was a messy 103 and after reading the many posts I went back through my round and worked out around 20 extra shots due to bad tee shots and iron approaches. The only really bad short shot I can think of was when I was short-sided with a bunker to hit over and ended up on the other side of the green. However that can be attributed to a poor approach beforehand. So from that I know what my glaring weakness is and will be working hard over the winter to correct it. Daily drills at home to work on it with range session thrown in.
  6. I have been working a lot recently on maintaining the flying wedge alongside keeping the pressure with PP3. During my last few rounds my drives where I feel I have done this have gone pretty straight but with a lower ball flight than I am used to. Is this likely to be down to me previously flipping at the ball hence faking a higher angle of attack as mentioned? Therefore would moving the ball forward in the stance a bit more give a better launch angle?
  7. Got to use it for the first time last week on the practice field and found it especially good with the pitching. Was taking a much better divot which when moving onto the irons was giving me a much better strike and flight. Had a lesson afterwards and was working on deeper hands with my pro and then also getting the feeling in PP3 through the swing. I got him to try out the PBS and he really liked the concept so I gave him the spare to try out. Will report back with his thoughts.
  8. Mine turned up today finally thanks to the snow causing a huge backlog with the post. Stuck them in the bag for my round today and just used it for one drive. I can see what it would do to help so looking forward to a proper range session with it. In the mean time I will practice chips at home with it.
  9. Many thanks Jeff for helpging with my overseas order as well and for making this offer available. Looking forward to trying it out and reporting back.
  10. Very interested in one of these but I cannot see an option to ship to the UK. Anyway this is possible?
  11. Will have a good look at that Jack. One other thing I noticed when looking back at some of my videos that I forgot to mention, if I don't have the deep hands going on and flip the club inside too quickly, would that cause problems with the shoulders not following the correct plane? From what I could see the shoulders were almost moving round close to level with the ground and not round the spine angle.
  12. Makes sense. I noticed that when I failed to do this I would either force the hands out wide or stand up in the downswing to clear room for the hands.
  13. Worked on this up at the range today but wasn't able to get a video as the booths at this place aren't deep enough to get a camera in to film the whole swing. I took a few practice swings beforehand, then when addressing the ball I would practice the take away with the hands almost feeling like they were a brushing my right leg with the clud head still outside. Ball flight was a lot straighter most of the time with the odd draw coming in. If anything it felt like the hands were a lot lower before, during and after impact and that I was swinging round myself a bit more. Will try and video this next time to get a comparision.
  14. I do feel it could be a mental thing in that because of previous swing flaws and maybe even now I am in positions which require me to feel like I have to hit down at the ball from the top. Will take your advice on board. When you mention the deeper hands is that in the backswing to stop the coming inside and then having the club across the line at the top? Cheers to everyone else for the advice. Has given me a few pointers.
  15. Got a video of my swing from a recent practice session and I can see that I have a OTT move that I need to eradicate. From what I can see I take the club inside on the take away and then at the top the club is pointing across the line. Are these two things linked and if so I then presume I need to work on the take away. On top of that is it these two moves that cause the OTT to happen?
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