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  1. Went with 20 feet. Usually 1 putt a few per round and 3 jack at least one when I lose focus or have a downhill putt. I suck terribly at speed control downhill.
  2. I voted shorter than it should be. It is getting to what I feel is the right length after feedback about my shoulder turn, which has helped tremendously. I continue to practice that but it has not yet become automatic and lapse at times to my old short BS.
  3. I will also miss Feherty on the GC as I enjoyed his interviewing style splashed with a hint of comedy. 10 years and 150ish interviews is a great run. At some point, you just run out of people interesting enough to interview that will garner an audience.
  4. I had a lesson yesterday, 01-20-21. Worked on deep shoulder turn and initial move in downswing to shallow club shaft. Also feeling of holding back to target as long as possible to create room to come through with club. We also spoke about my 2021 season goals also as outlined on the forum. We added getting driver average to 250 yards. For my future reference, one of my A4 stills showing progress on deeper shoulder turn as of 01-20-21 Drills and feels to continue: Wall touch at A4 Bump & down pressure move Hold back to target during downswing
  5. I voted "on top of bag" for both, although at times I have placed them on the seat of the cart as I walk to my shot. I used to put them partially in the slot where the club resides. After a round last year, I found my hybrid cover missing and was upset I had lost it. When I got home and was cleaning my gear, I found the cover had fallen into the club hole and had made it's way clear to the bottom of the bag. Had a helluva time getting that bastard out of their fishing around with alignment sticks. Nearly took me 5 beers to get it out. So no, I do not do that anymore.
  6. The range I go to frequently has heaters suspended from the ceiling of each stall. There is a small group of older gentlemen that are there every single day. They have one of these portable heaters between the stalls facing a bench that is there. Primarily use it to stay warm, or warm up, while drinking coffee and shooting the s**%t with their buddies. Puts out quite a bit of heat when I walk past to get to a stall.
  7. @billchaothanks man. Appreciate the suggestion to give this a try. I can tell it will help with shoulder turn and ball striking consistency if I can maintain that width and not let it break down when I don't think about it.
  8. OK, here goes. I like the feeling of width this drill provides.
  9. Thanks for this exercise @boogielicious. I will add it to day 2 and 3 of the Covid 30 day training Erik made that I have started doing. I hit the range this morning and worked on shoulder turn. My main thought that really helped me was "pull" your right shoulder behind your head. I was actually amazed how much farther I could turn when I thought about it. The positive result was nearly instantaneous with a 2 to 2.5 club length further in distance! I was quite surprised and excited. Obviously, if I didn't specifically think about my shoulder turn, I would revert back to my old swing. Hope
  10. Great stuff! I'll add this to my practice sessions or while watching golf on TV
  11. Gotcha, I will work on it. Thanks again
  12. Thank you @billchaoand @iacas for the feedback. Aside from stretching to gain mobility, any suggestions or drills you can think of to bring my shoulder turn along?
  13. Thanks for the feedback woodzie264! I apologize for the videos here on my first go. I'll be more cognizant of the angle for the DTL vids next time. The hitting stalls at this particular range aren't wide enough for the face on view to get everything in the frame. I'll try to come up with a way to rig the camera at a different angle facing more downward perhaps. Thanks again
  14. I've been Playing Golf for: 1.5 years My current handicap index or average score is: 15-16 My typical ball flight is: Straight or Baby Draw The shot I hate or the "miss" I'm trying to reduce/eliminate is: Fat shots and pulls Finally got a few videos today. Given the limited space at the range, my face on view cannot see the ball, but I hope it will provide enough detail in my swing for some feedback. Things I have been working on during my practice sessions since my open heart surgery 4 months ago: 1. Getting weight back to lead side and finishing in balance 2. Deeper hands
  15. I would love to play daily, but the weather in central Ohio may not allow that at an enjoyable level. I voted daily as I've gone nearly 2 weeks before at least playing 9 holes each day. Realistically, 5-6 days a week would be the perfect balance for me with a day of focused practice and a day of downtime.
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