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  1. This is superb! Sadly, you may end up pregnant just by laying down on the mattress were I a betting man......
  2. CarlSpackler, that could be a pretty good time! I still get nervous about my pace of play in large groups though. I don’t know why, seems everyone has been where I am now except for the very few naturally talented people. I’ve quickly realized the progress is is somewhat slow with this game.
  3. Thanks mcanadiens. I’ve only been playing a few small executive courses so far. I was invited a couple weeks ago to play north star but couldn’t make it. I’m hoping to play Blackhawk a few times this season as this is their final year! I am very fortunate to have several courses near me. Most of them are still quite intimidating. I hope as I get more consistent in ball striking, that feeling goes away.
  4. Greg 504

    Greg 504

  5. I am recently retired, March, 2019, as a police sergeant. During my career I worked patrol, narcotics and lost my mind when I took a couple promotions. Just recently started playing golf again after a long hiatus and hope to be able to devote quite a bit of time to become much better.
  6. Greetings from Central Ohio! I'm about a month back into golfing after not playing for about 17 years. I only played occasionally then, scrambles with guys from work, and terribly I might add! Hope this time around is much better!
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