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  1. I golf because it is one of the few things I am physically cleared to do by my cardiology team. August 22nd, 2018 I had a stroke on duty. During the subsequent hospital stay, I was diagnosed with an incurable heart condition. A year later and following my retirement I began my journey in this sport. I golf for several reasons now - To get exercise - To spend quality time with 13 year old daughter, who undoubtedly will be busting my ass on the course by next year - To spend quality time with my mom who also just started playing this year - To help eliminate daily stress and serve as a release for my PTS - I enjoy the tranquility of the outdoors, the silence, the smells, the fresh air, the sheer beauty - Seeing progress in my game, albeit slower than I would like - The camaraderie with those I am playing with and meet new people with similar interests - To find the answer to the question in my head, "How can a game that is so maddening be so much fun?" Finally, I have used golf to rekindle friendships that I unfortunately let slip because of being focused too much on my profession. I have used the time together to express my sincere apology for allowing a stupid job to become more important than their friendship. Thankfully, it has been well received. Oh yeah, and I truly love the sport and have become quite addicted to it.
  2. 91 today. Had a great shot of breaking 90 and blew it on 16 with a freaking snowman on a par 5 followed by a double bogey on the 17th par 3. Despite my better judgement, I tried a hero shot from a terrible lie, hit a tree limb on the approach and splashed into a front right tiny water hole. The moment I hit the shot I instantly thought of LSW and was pissed at myself. Again, got lax with my course management/shot decisions and it cost me. Guess there is tomorrow. Congrats on breaking 90 DuckDuckFoose!
  3. 96 on my first real links style course, Royal American. Met my goal of keeping it under a century but feel I could have been low 90's. Really enjoyed the very challenging course and will definitely play it a few more times before the season is over.
  4. Played Mill Creek again today and shot 92 with a 42 out and 50 in. I HAVE to remove the three triple bogeys from the card and I will be in the 80's! All three TB's were on shorter par 4's so I just seemed to "cash it in as an easy hole" and got stung after mentally checking out. Will continue to work on better focus throughout the entire round.
  5. @Chris Stewartjust go out and really enjoy the time with your son. I started my 13 year old daughter this season and have had a great time playing a nice executive course nearby. I try to focus a lot on golf etiquette and mix in no more than a couple tips here and there. I leave most of the "teaching" for the range and or Topgolf. I don't want to inundate her on the course with a ton of feedback or teaching points, no different then I try not to do the same. Be sure to keep the game fun for your son and in time you guys will start seeing progress. I try to keep it light with simple reminders of stuff we have worked on off the course. I don't want our playing rounds to be less fun for us both by my constant badgering and hounding of do this, do that, you messed that up, you should try this. That is no fun for anyone. Good luck!
  6. 103 at Mill Creek, home course to Ben Curtis in tiny Ostrander, Ohio. The course was well maintained and pace of play for a Saturday was great. My first time playing this course. It did not seem overly difficult, I just managed three penalty strokes and found myself behind trees four separate times where I had to punch out. My lob wedge earned a time out in the garage as well for being an irritable jerk. Was an enjoyable round with a great friend I have had since elementary school.
  7. Shot a 90 yesterday 42/48. I felt very comfortable except with the flat stick. Left 4 birdies out there, but thankful I was hitting GIR for an attempt at them. I got a DB on a relatively easy 139 yard par 3 and really f'd up the par 5 seventeenth with a snowman. OOB left off the tee, third behind a large oak tree, fourth punch out to fairway, five cook one 11 yards over the green, six on, two putt. I took two penalty strokes this round with the OOB 17th tee shot and I rinsed one on 14 on a weak LW that missed by 3-4 inches and rolled backwards and trickled into the front guarding pond. All in all I am happy with this round and where my game is trending. Although, the last 3 rounds my putting has not been stellar. Time to increase putting practice.
  8. Beermati, a second vote for Callaway preowned site. I've purchased 4 clubs (driver, hybrid, LW & putter) from them now and have been very pleased. I have chosen "like new or very good quality" on each club and cannot tell a difference between the two. They all have looked brand new when I get them. They are also meticulously packaged and driver, hybrid and putter all came with head covers. Lastly, make sure you look at the lie and loft of the club as it is listed on the site so you do not inadvertently buy one that is not standard lie and loft.
  9. @dagolfer18, congrats on your new PR round!
  10. The courses I have played this year have remained the same or had a nominal increase of $1-2 per round.
  11. Well, shot 104 on a course I've wanted to play all year. Absolutely beautiful setting. Very hilly with several blind shots uphill and downhill on many holes. That accounted for 7 penalty strokes for me today. Rinsed 2 and tore 5 OOB or otherwise lost where I thought a few would be at the edge of some tall heather grass. Plus some stellar 3 jacks blew the card up pretty quickly. Was really hoping to stay under 100 but still a great day to golf with a great friend!
  12. Shot 95 yesterday on a course two weeks ago where I shot 107. I am very pleased with the progress and feel another significant step in my game coming on. Was thrilled with a 44 on the front and naturally fell apart on the back with a 51. The heat started getting to me and I wasn't near as focused as I had been on the front. A triple on a long par 5 that included an OB penalty shot on my second didn't help at all. Excited to play a new course today that I've wanted to play all spring.
  13. Shot a 99 on a course this morning that I have never broke 100 on. The course was quite flooded and almost every shot plugged so I was happy finally breaking 100 on this seemingly, nemesis course. Another small feat to keep me motivated!
  14. My last two rounds I have started trying to use driver again. I had grounded it so far this season while I worked on striking consistency and left it in the bag. I feel I have made substantial strides with irons, but driver still penalizes me. I also have allowed negative thoughts to creep in as soon as I start to remove the head cover. I need to practice positive thinking about driver. I know I cannot expect to continue to make substantial progress as it relates to my HI until I can get off the box more effectively. I lack any semblance of confidence with that club at this point. I know that has to change. Extremely frustrating that that club is so difficult for me to hit!
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