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  1. Thanks for posting this @boogielicious. I was planning to research this topic after coffee as a friend texted me last night about it.
  2. IF I receive a check, I won't keep any of it as I am fortunate enough to be retired and have a steady income. I will first make sure my mother, father and sister are fine to sustain as long as possible. If they are in a good position as well, I will donate it to one or two small businesses that poured out their unwavering support during a work tragedy in 2018.
  3. Greg 504

    Love and Hate

    I love the challenge of the game and camaraderie it provides with those I'm playing with. The opportunity to be outside and tranquility of a well manicured track. I hate inconsiderate players that leave cigarette butts, stogies, dip and sunflower seeds on the tee boxes and around greens. Especially grinds my gears when a trash can is in close proximity.
  4. Thanks for that, I'll check out their site today.
  5. Really nicely done man! Wish I could come close to hitting my 6i and driver like that! Thanks for the side by side or top to bottom comparison. I have a TM session in two weeks and these numbers help me understand a little better launch angle, AOA, SS, ball speed, spin rate and the subsequent result. The numbers on your driver comparisons are pretty cool to see. Not knowing the math, it's hard for me to imagine 800ish RPM difference and 5ish MPH of SS produces 21 more yards of total distance.
  6. No, it hasn't affected me physically. However, yesterday the Governor shut down attendance to hockey games that I was planning to attend. I completely understand the reasoning behind it so I'm not upset about that. I suspect my daughter's club volleyball tournaments will not be far behind. NCAA basketball tournament will not have spectators so I can only assume, although it is about a month away, the NCAA Frozen Four tournament will follow suit. Sadly, I have tickets to this tournament with a friend and we have been planning it since October. What concerns me most about the post round handshakes is everyone is out of toilet paper! Last weekend at a large volleyball tournament in Louisville, the girls were abstaining altogether or elbow tapping. I do not see it affecting my golf game unless I become sick.
  7. Congrats! How long before they'll be in? Hopefully the courses will start drying up here in Ohio soon to get out.
  8. Having only played for half a year, I think a smart move we can make for our friends starting out is to take them to par 3/executive courses. The few in our area are primarily all par 3 with perhaps 1-3 par 4's sprinkled in. A great beginner set up IMHO. I only played about 8-10 rounds last year that were not of the executive length. I must say, I was still quite intimidated on a "regulation course." I can only imagine going to a 6500+ yard course my first time out. This. I have taken my daughter and several of her friends as well as my mom to the Top Golf here in Columbus. They have all enjoyed it and expressed interest in trying a round of golf this year. It seems the instant visual feedback and gratification of hitting the ball into a hole that provides yardage/points holds interest. I seriously doubt my 12 year old daughter and friends would last long at a driving range. I'm by no means saying this is a perfect practice facility but one that can help grow the sport by providing an opportunity for many that otherwise would likely never pick up a club.
  9. Ha! Glad someone and some topic could finally get it done!
  10. Just finished my first time through LSW. @iacas and @david_wedzik very well written and well done! Generally speaking, I despise reading and your book really kept my attention and wanting to continue reading more than I had planned whenever I sat to read a chapter or two. I am just about to start my first full season of golf this year, LSW gave me so much information to consider. There is no doubt it will help me shoot lower scores as soon as the season starts and I have already started thinking about the local courses I play differently as it relates to course management. I have never had any instruction on course management and so understanding shot zones and implementing decision maps from my specific zones will be invaluable. Especially as it relates to aim points for GIR and nGIR. Also of value for me were the chapters on SV and the corresponding 65/20/15 practice times. I need to really scrutinize my most glaring issues for my practice time. I feel there are so many things for me to continue to work on, but I need to stay focused and disciplined and have realistic expectations with the 65/20/15 rule. Thank you both for providing a solid foundation to continue on my golfing journey. I will undoubtedly refer to LSW frequently.
  11. I sole my driver lightly on the ground. I've never really thought about it but it seems less so than my irons.
  12. Golf has provided me a means to stay physically active following a medical event and subsequent diagnosis that limited my ability to play other sports. The game is a much needed balance to stay involved and enjoy time with family. It has allowed me to become closer with my nephew who is my primary playing partner. In the past couple months, I have introduced the sport to my 12 year old daughter who is really enjoying it. I have also introduced my mom to the game almost a month ago and just today bought her a set of used clubs. If I never cut any strokes off my HI, the time spent with my family practicing and on the course is invaluable. For this alone, golf has made me a rich man!
  13. Just ordered my copy! Stoked to get it and study up!
  14. Thanks for the advice. I just started a notes page on my phone for my club distances and will see exactly where I want to fill the gap. I guess even though I'm still extremely inconsistent with long irons and woods/driver, I still can calculate a reasonable average of each.
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