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  1. For me it takes a lot of decisions out, stops me second guessing my club choice and instead i just focus on hitting the shot the way i need to. Makes it more fun since you end up having to play shots instead of just making full swings everytime.
  2. Currently im carrying a bag with driver, 3 hybrid, 4,6 iron and a 48 and 56 degree wedge and putter. Shot my all time best score with it.
  3. Great tips! Thanks. Doing all that except the lessons. Just can't afford it at this point in life
  4. Yeah its coming down slowly. This is my first year so I'm hoping winter won't set me back too much
  5. Well as a 27 handicap i can't promise good competition. But i can do good company! Haha
  6. Hey all! Im looking for playing partners tomorrow 11/23/19 and in the future. Ill be playing Rackham golf club tomorrow around noon since itll be a balmy 47°
  7. Thanks. Pretty new here! Cool! Where do you typically play? I live in north macomb. Play timberwood, richmond forest, pine valley and rattle run mostly
  8. Hey all! Looking for playing partners in and around macomb county. Ill be playing Rackham golf club on sunday 11/24/19 since itll be a balmy 47 degrees!
  9. Shot 102, actually my personal best! I just started playing this spring and only recently started keeping score though. What was nice was that i felt good about my game throughout, like very few topped shots and i actually had a few birdie putts (putting sucked so i ended up with bogies). Feels like the game is starting to come together finally!
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