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  1. Thanks man, good stuff. Yeah all the best to you too. Thanks Dave, yeah I know the angle isn't the best. Comes from not having friends to play with... ah well. I'll try and get some better angles. As for the speed, it's on Youtube so you can slow it down to 0.25, if that helps. Yeh, I'll try and work on that head position, cheers again.
  2. Yeah, you're probably right if I want to get more serious I should actually get properly fitted. My clubs are 2nd hand off ebay, and I only recently got a driver with a stiff shaft. I've adjusted it down to 9.5 but that's as low as it'll go. Still fairly high ball flight so maybe I should be using less loft. Up until recently I was using a regular shaft cobra that I used when I was 14 so you can imagine that one wasn't ideal. Sprayed in every direction. Long drive? Haha, I'll take it as a compliment. I don't feel like I'm trying to overhit it most of the time, my best swings are trying to hit it hard without being wild. I'll try and get to the range and post some irons. I think the tempo needs some work with them.
  3. Haha true, I just meant it's going pretty far which would suggest I'm doing something right, but I didn't know whether the technique is the main reason, or simply I've got good power which is making up for an average (or at least not optimal) swing.
  4. I've been Playing Golf for: 3/4 years My current handicap index or average score is: 10-12 ish My typical ball flight is: straight (sometimes leave it out right but not a slice), sometimes a slight draw The shot I hate or the "miss" I'm trying to reduce/eliminate is: hook Hi all, I've only just joined up since I've taken up golf again after 10 years or so of only playing once or twice a year (played a decent amount in my teens). I'm hooked now (no pun intended), and trying to get a bit more serious about playing at a high standard. I've never struggled for distance but there are usually one or two bad swings on the tee that often ruin a round. Usually a big hook but, while I don't fade it often at all, I will occasionally hit one way right. My consistency is getting a lot better though; I only broke 80 once as a teen and now I've done it 3 times in my last 7 or 8 rounds (this also coincided with a change from an interlocking grip to an overlap.) I just shot my best ever round of 2 over, 73, with a couple of birdies and an eagle. A bad round is potentially in the high 80's, although I probably take on more drivers off the tee just for enjoyment when I know I'm not scoring well. This is the first time videoing my swing, really. I know it's only one angle, but any advice would be appreciated. I knew I didn't swing all the way back but I was surprised at how early I transitioned into the downswing. It looks a bit "rushed" to me, but I must have some decent clubhead speed (never measured though) since I'm getting good distance. I know there are probably plenty of people who lie about how far they hit it, but I genuinely hit it around 300, give or take 30 or so when wind is hurting/helping. (Downhill wind helping I hit a couple well over 350 in the round this swing comes from.) I'd like to get a bit more consistency because when I don't put any balls OB I score pretty well, and I always have the potential to par/birdie a hole if the tee shot is in play. Is it worth experimenting with a longer backswing? (Is that the right terminology? John Daly rather than Jon Rahm is what I mean, anyway.) I try it sometimes when I'm trying to smash it, but it's much less accurate and doesn't even seem to go that much further. My good tee shots are generally straight, with the odd draw, although plenty I just aim right and they stay there without fading. (I can do an exaggerated fade if needed but it's not reliable.) Irons are a little inconsistent for line, I pull them more often than my driver and they're occasionally a touch thin, although I'm usually pin high. I think in terms of ball-striking I should comfortably be in single digits handicap-wise. Pitching and chipping needs work, putter is hot and cold but not many 3 putts generally. This one ended up in the light rough to the right, good distance. Completely lost it in the sun, hence the staring. Videos: I always thought I had a decent swing but looking at it on video I'm not massively impressed. I've done a decent amount of weight training so is being fairly strong masking some technical deficiencies? Any constructive criticism appreciated. Thanks in advance! Alex
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