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  1. D - 280 -310 still producing too much spin no matter what i try 3w - 260 4i 220 6i 195 8i 170 PW 150 GW (52) 125 SW (56) 105 and in LW (60) Only hit in times of need
  2. I'm in Cincinnati, grew up playing almost everywhere. As far as Hamilton County Courses go i would say Miami Whitewater and Vineyard are the two best. As far as Cincinnati Rec courses go I would recommend Glenview has the best 18 South/West. From the blacks the course is fairly challenging but there are still courses to score. I second Aston Oaks for a nicer and more challenging public course. Blue Ash golf course is a bigger challenge than most local courses and is typically in great shape. Pebble Creek is a fun course and has some unique holes including an island green. If you're willing to
  3. I'm an account manager for a pharmaceutical wholesaler.
  4. Get comfortable with your driver swing. Its definitely a different swing than the irons. Make sure you're playing the ball from your front heel and make sure you're not to close to the ball. i find a lot of players are pulling across the ball from the outside in to towards the body to get some swing speed. They put a lot of horizontal spin on the ball and can't seem to get away from the slice. I always recommend someone bring a 2x4 to the range and force yourself to swing inside out, or the line closer to your feet then out. I promise when you wack a 2x4 with a club you don't wanna break a cou
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