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  1. Finally broke 90 today (first time since I restarted golf last year), but what a wild ride. Was doing OK until a huge blowup on hole 13, at which point I figured I was done. But my last 5 holes went par, par, par, bogey, and then a final par needing a 10 foot putt, so I squeaked in with an 89.
  2. FlyingAce, really appreciate the offer but we're only there Thurs-Mon for the Albuquerque Tango Festival. Spouse does tango seriously, me not very much so I'm free all daytime when she's taking classes.
  3. Probably play on a Friday. Last time we were in Albuquerque we did some hiking and I didn't notice any altitude problems, so I figure golf should be fine.
  4. In Albuquerque early November and will have time for an 18 hole round of golf, but will need to rent clubs (also a pushcart). There appear to be 4 public courses near where I'll be - Los Altos, Arroyo del Oso, Puerto del Sol, and Ladera. High handicapper (21) and am looking for something suited to my playing level. Yeah, rental clubs may be a challenge but I'll still enjoy being outdoors for the day no matter what I shoot. Recommendations on which course might be best. Thanks.
  5. Looking to take some lessons to analyze/improve my swing and make sure my fundamentals are OK. I've taken some decent group lessons at a school in Oakton and they allow you to book semi-privates for 2 or more people. Shared cost is around $50/hour. Anyone interested in doing this? Larry
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