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  1. So I'm struggling along at a 21HCP trying to improve further (this year have shaved about 5 strokes off my average). Have taken lessons and get in a decent amount of practice, and my main issue is too many chunks or thins (mostly chunks). Mostly from fairway woods down to mid-irons, then with the higher irons and wedges I seem to thin it more. Probably several factors that I'll ask my instructor about, but would like opinions on what my near term goal should be for this. As I'm an engineer, the most helpful answer would be in the form of "X% of your swings hit within +- Y inches of your desired ground contact point." Offhand I think I'd be happy with something like 80-90% of the time being no more than an inch either forward or behind the ball, but maybe an inch is too much and half inch is realistic. Right now, on a good day I might only have 3-4 bad chunks but on a bad day it seems like I'm chunking 1/4 of them. Nothing is more discouraging than making a good practice swing with a 5 hybrid and then when I go to hit it chunk it 6 inches behind the ball (this bad has only happened a few times but I was in total shock I could miss that badly)
  2. Yes, most of the time, but I sometimes have mixed feelings about it. I'm 67 and a fairly short hitter (so far, working on improving but not a huge amount of success). Realistically, I probably average around 180 on drives (nail it for 200 or maybe 210 but then there's the non-optimal hits). Also, my goal this year was to improve by half a dozen or so strokes and also to break 90. Yesterday I shot an 85, best score this year along with two 89's, but did play from the most forward tees which were a little under my "ideal" 28x driver yardage. Waterlogged course so no roll. I have to admit that playing from the senior/forward tees does work, a lot of the par 4's are now a driver and an 7/8/9 iron rather than a 4/5 hybrid, but sometimes it feels like breaking 90 was a bit of a cheat. May have to just get over it if I can never get the distance I used to have 50 years ago. Larry
  3. Finally broke 90 today (first time since I restarted golf last year), but what a wild ride. Was doing OK until a huge blowup on hole 13, at which point I figured I was done. But my last 5 holes went par, par, par, bogey, and then a final par needing a 10 foot putt, so I squeaked in with an 89.
  4. FlyingAce, really appreciate the offer but we're only there Thurs-Mon for the Albuquerque Tango Festival. Spouse does tango seriously, me not very much so I'm free all daytime when she's taking classes.
  5. Probably play on a Friday. Last time we were in Albuquerque we did some hiking and I didn't notice any altitude problems, so I figure golf should be fine.
  6. In Albuquerque early November and will have time for an 18 hole round of golf, but will need to rent clubs (also a pushcart). There appear to be 4 public courses near where I'll be - Los Altos, Arroyo del Oso, Puerto del Sol, and Ladera. High handicapper (21) and am looking for something suited to my playing level. Yeah, rental clubs may be a challenge but I'll still enjoy being outdoors for the day no matter what I shoot. Recommendations on which course might be best. Thanks.
  7. Looking to take some lessons to analyze/improve my swing and make sure my fundamentals are OK. I've taken some decent group lessons at a school in Oakton and they allow you to book semi-privates for 2 or more people. Shared cost is around $50/hour. Anyone interested in doing this? Larry
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