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  1. took care to get the camera angle correct but picked up the club I had laid down before addressing the ball ... this was the best contact of 4 or 5 swings I video'd but perhaps misleading hitting a wiffle ball off of a mat ... I often feel like I get mat-first and bounce into it which look "okay" but translate to 90yd chunks on the course this swing was emphasizing staying connected and making a body pivot instead of a disconnected arm swing ... seems like there are some things in this swing that I should try to build into muscle memory but still never certain ... and wondering if just laziness with grip/posture lead to most of my mis-hits ... but would they lead to total duffs?
  2. Been hitting balls every day between the range of wiffle balls in the back yard ... have hit hundreds since the last time I actually hit a shot clean ... feel totally lost ... 7-iron carrying 100 yards, everything is fat or thin ... I am a beginner but have had several extended stretches where I was actually contacting the ball well on full shots- 160 yard carry draws with 7 iron, while using the same "Bryson / setup 4 impact" setup ... but cannot for the life of me get back to that ... starting to forget what that feeling of clean contact even is ... been working primarily on swing plane, pivot, and keeping hands in front of the clubhead (lag / forward shaft lean) at impact. Have had conflicting advice from teaching pros ... one told me everything I have a problem with stems from having a "weak" left wrist at impact, not like strong/weak grip but like grip pressure strength, he's saying I need to hold the club with the strength of balling the first to throw a punch or I will not make good contact. But seemingly I was making good contact for SOME times - without doing this, and it feels quite unnatural and difficult for me as I have a lot of nerve damage in my hands and arms from thoracic outlet syndrome / computer neck postures ... I feel like my swing is not THAT bad and have hesitated because if I post one swing here, it is different the next day and the next ... currently all I can think to do is to go back to just basic chipping motion and maybe dip toes into a pitching motion / "acquired motion" to use golfing machine terminology ... Don't really know what I'm doing wrong as even though I've made a lot of changes ... I am at the point where I cannot even contact the ball seemingly ... as bad or worse than when I first started 4 months ago, and I have been practicing a LOT every week since I started ... any help much appreciated ...
  3. I've been Playing Golf for: 4 months My current handicap index or average score is: I shoot 100-120 on a difficult course if nothing goes too horribly wrong My typical ball flight is: a manageable fade The shot I hate or the "miss" I'm trying to reduce/eliminate is: (severely) chunked/topped shots, sliced OB drives Videos:
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