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  1. Well I have good news and bad news. First the good news is there's no golf ball in my dogs stomach after all. The bad news is I've lost my ball and will have to take a penalty. Oh yeah, I'm also out the price of a new putter to find out Cleatus didn't eat the golf ball.
  2. Philco


  3. I don't think it is ever appropriate for anyone to ask for a tip. Tipping should always be left to the customers discretion.
  4. I went out in the back yard to hit a few shots with my wedges and chipper. First ball I hit was a bright orange one, the only orange one in the bag. My German Shepherd runs over and grabs it as soon as it hits the ground. I figured he'd play with it a minute then drop it..........wrong! I hit a couple more balls and realize he's no longer got the ball, at least it's nowhere to be found and he had not gotten out of my sight. I started looking all around where he'd been and never did find the ball so I'm pretty sure he swallowed it. I called the vet and he wants me to bring him in tomorrow morning for X rays. I guess that will tell the story. Anyone else ever had something like this happen ?
  5. Thanks for the warm welcome guys.
  6. Not sure if "snob" is the operative word. I'm making a comeback after a nearly 20 year layoff. My clubs are all Taylormade but they are all 20+ years old too. I was never a hard core golfer but I did pony up for a top of the line set of clubs back then. I have no intention of buying anything newer. These shoot better than I aim and they go quite well with my Taylormade bag and cap. lol
  7. I have decided to give golf a second chance. I tried it several years ago and enjoyed it but I simply did not have enough free time to be a golfer. I worked full time and ran a small cattle farm on the side leaving me very little free time. Fast forward twenty years and I'm now retired with more time on my hands than I really know what to do with. I've got a brand new son in law who is interested in golf and I'm hoping that we can share some quality time playing the game. I joined up here in hope of finding info I can use as I take this (second) plunge.
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