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  1. I am currently using 2009 Burner driver and loving it. However, I'm hearing a lot of good things about Burner Superfast 2,0. Just want to find out from those who have used both on how do you compare between the 2 drivers. The point is if the performance improvement is only marginal (say 5%), it just won't make sense for me to waste the money to buy a new drivers. Many thanks.
  2. very handicap

    Is this how golf supposed to be played?

    I've been playing golf for 3 years. My score range from 80-100. In the last 2 months, I have tried everything to increase my driving distance by swinging harder and faster. I think i managed to increase it a bit from 220 yards to around 240 yards, but the dispersion is hugely increased, not to mention about the sore and ache I have to put up with after every round of golf. Today, I decided to try something different. Instead of trying to kill the ball with every shot, I just focus on hitting a slow and easy swing. I would say I was probably using a strength of 2 out of 10 for every shot. I came back with a score of 83 playing from blue tee. Due to the easy swing, my driver is back to around 220 yards and hence I was not able to GIR on some of the longer par 4, but every shot was literally on the fairway or green which is a so difference from when I tried to muscle the game and practically have to play most shots from the rough. What surprise me is that some of the shot go as far as when I hit with full strength if not further. I was totally surprised. Is this how golf supposed to be played? Any of the low handicapper here can share your view? Should I continue to play like this?
  3. I have been trying everything to improve my driving distance. I have changed 4 drivers, gone for driver fitting, go to range 3 times a week. Nothing seems to help. My last driver fitting shows that my swing speed is 95mph, smash factor 1.49 to 1.5. And my carry distance is only 200 yards. On the course, a good drive only goes 220 yards. What can I do to increase my driving? Feel like giving up trying.
  4. very handicap

    Most forgiving driver

    Thanks for all the comments. I guess I'm not making myself clear. When I say I hit them bad, I don't mean I'm topping, slicing, or hooking the ball badly. My usual drive is around 220 yds but I just feel that my dispersion could be better. Instead of switching among drivers, I'm thinking to just stick to one and try to gain more consistency with it. Hopefully with the gain of confidence I will be able to whack the ball further too.
  5. very handicap

    Question on impact position on golf ball

    I read a magazine recently that makes me wonder if i'm doing something wrong with my impact position. Imagine you put a ball on the ground in the normal set up position, instead of hitting ball at 3 o'clock and hit through at 9 o'clock, we should impact the ball at 4 o'clock and exit at 10 o'clock. This is something new to me. Do all the good players play like this? Do we need do this for every clubs in your bag? Thanks.

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