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  1. Semper Fi, brother, and welcome aboard!
  2. What is the loft on your driver? Perhaps going down a degree or so may help to hit it lower?
  3. I saw this earlier today. It's some tips from Nick Faldo about hybrids. He mentions using it from off the greens in tough lies.
  4. I play 9 two or three times a week after work. I play 18 on the weekends or when I take a day off. I prefer to play 18 but won't turn down 9 if that's all the time I have.
  5. I would suggest using a 5-wood or a hybrid and hit it like a putt. They are phenomenal out of this type of lie.
  6. I hear he's a "saint" of a guy.
  7. Welcome from another new guy!
  8. It really isn't anything special. I was a member there 20 years ago and it seems to go through periods where it's better and then it backslides. The fairways have a lot of St. Augustine grass in them and there are very few bunkers, maybe 2-3. Sounds good to me. Shoot me a PM on here when you're going to play and I'll see if I can meet you there.
  9. Thanks! I've only played once and that was at Abita Springs. I've been hitting a ton of balls in the back yard to try to get a swing back. I've also ordered some new clubs. I've lost a lot of length in these 15 years and would benefit from the stronger lofts. I want to try Covington CC. It wasn't public when I last played.
  10. Slicers don't need them but hookers use them regularly.
  11. Hello, everybody! I'm from a small town just north of Lake Pontchartrain in SE Louisiana. Just getting back into playing after a 15 year layoff. I carried a 7 handicap back then but I'm not quite back there yet! Man, have things changed! Hope to learn and improve from the folks on here. Seenya
  12. Seenya


  13. If he had hit it OB, would they allow him to take a mulligan? No, he'd be penalized. If they won't enforce the rule, then do away with it. Heck, if I took 2:15 to SINK a putt my buds would be on the next green by the time I got to the tee!
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