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  1. The tennis racket doesn't make them hit the ball at 300 mph, though. That's a pretty flimsy example. So, yes. Number one, because I'm not a pro. If you actually read what I wrote you'd see that what I said was for pros only. Secondly, featheries were hand made and cost a fortune which meant the average person couldn't play because they couldn't afford it. Lastly, the golf courses were roughly the same length as when they were using featheries. I'll also add that just about ANY pro from the persimmon/balata era could play professionally with modern equipment and make lots of cuts. Many
  2. Golf is the only sport where technology is used to make the game easier FOR PROFESSIONALS. I agree with Nick Faldo, make strike king again but only for pros. They make footballs that the average Joe can throw a country mile, smaller basketballs for younger players, big bats for junior baseball, light weight bowling balls, and on and on. But they can't use them in the professional game. If old timers, like myself, could carry a 7 handicap on 7000+ yard courses with persimmon woods and blades then the modern pros should be able to win with rolled back technology. Like Sandy Tatum said about the
  3. Whatever happened to just asking to play through?
  4. 1 under on the West Course at New Orleans City Park. Par 72, 7200+ from the tips.
  5. Maybe some people get to the course well before their tee times so they don't have to throw their clubs on the cart and rush to the first tee.
  6. It's kind of funny, when an athlete speaks out about politics everybody screams "Shut up and play"! Now when one DOESN'T take a political stance, he's crucified for it...
  7. Good luck, man. I've had DDD for 30 years. I had to give up golf for 15 of those years. With newer procedures, I am able to play again and enjoy the the game.
  8. Can't play the game in a vacuum so I take it as it comes. I won't, however, start a round in a downpour.
  9. Something I learned from a friend a long time ago was that if you start flipping, which I had a tendency to do, focus on a spot about 2-3 inches in front of the ball (target side of the ball) instead of focusing on the ball itself. This always did the trick for me and I will even do it on the course if I start flipping or hitting shots fat. I also bought a DST Compressor and practice with it regularly. Not a ton of balls but about 10-15 and that helps to ingrain the proper hand position. It's a curved club that forces you to put your hands in the impact position at address. If you're flip
  10. Semper Fi, brother, and Happy Birthday!
  11. Semper Fi, brother, and welcome aboard!
  12. What is the loft on your driver? Perhaps going down a degree or so may help to hit it lower?
  13. I saw this earlier today. It's some tips from Nick Faldo about hybrids. He mentions using it from off the greens in tough lies.
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