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  1. Fozcycle

    Rapid Recoil Driver and FairwayWood

    I have received 3 different emails from Warrior lately: - Rapid Recoil Driver - Tomahawk Driver - Truer Balance Putter So for fun, I called...the salesman had no idea what a Rapid Recoil Driver was, so I jerked him around a bit asking them to explain the differences. He basically had no idea(because I took him off his scripted passages). During his conversation, He stated the price was $349, then $359. Then I asked about the Putter deal. He was pretty frustrated by the time I finished.
  2. I ordered a Cobra Bio Cell Adapter for my new Driver shaft.....a Paderson Kinetix
  3. Fozcycle

    Describe your shot from 20/30/40/50/60 yards out

    20 yards.......50* SCOR 30-50 yards...54* SCOR unless over bunker then 57* SCOR 60 yards ......57* SCOR
  4. Call the at 1-800-275-1100 or go to www.mggolf.com They may service the UK.
  5. I bought the MG Golf's new Laser Rangefinder last week. see it at http://www.mggolf.com/gps_rf.asp?ru=1%20target= The cost was only $149.95 with free shipping and I got it within a week. I took it out for a spin on Tuesday and shot the pins (it has a Pinseeker tech), then I looked at my Garmin G^ to compare and they were both spot on. The M400 does not break your piggy bank, is very compact and is very accurate. If you are looking to step up your game with a Laser, this is the one to get.
  6. Fozcycle

    What'd You Shoot Today?

    I shot 43/40=83 on Tuesday at Silverado GC in Z-hills FL. We played there because it was the only course that wasn't cart path only. And let me tell you, the course was in terrific shape. I was striking the ball well and my ball never saw a bunker(there were plaenty of them). I lost a ball on #1 then went O.B. on #7.....other than that I was in the fairway all day.
  7. Fozcycle

    What'd You Shoot Today?

    Have not had a complete round in over three weeks. Three weeks ago the game was cancelled due to very bad weather. Last two Saturday games have been rained out after 11 holes then after 14 holes. The course was closed both days after the mid morning rain. We have had over 20" in the last 18 days.......Last Tuesday's Game was cancelled ad the course was closed...You could tee off on the Par 3 #8 hole but you could not get to the green! Life is miserable right now if you live in the Tampa Bay area.!
  8. Fozcycle

    Worst club ever made?

    The Cleveland VAS's definitely get my vote.
  9. Fozcycle

    58 Degree SW Issues

    Try the SCOR wedges. They have a "V sole" that keeps you from digging a hole in the fairway. I have a 57* and get 61-70 yds out of a full swing. Currently, the last available SCOR's are on ebay for aboyt $70 apiece. This is because they now make the new Ben Hogan irons and wedges...
  10. Fozcycle

    5 wood vs 3 hybid yardage

    That's what I do.......I have the Bio Cell 2-3 currently set at 19*. It goes the 180 -190 distance and is very serviceable when unde the trees.
  11. Fozcycle

    5 wood vs 3 hybid yardage

    I get about 180 - 190 from my 3 Hybrid and only 170-180 from my 5 wood, so I keep both in the bag, along with my 3 wood. I have some duplication with my 5 wood and my 4 hybrid though. Both are 170-180 yds. That is also the range of my 4 iron, so I change them out based upon the course I am playing.

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