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  1. Moving the head is about all I can say. "Were all just trying to make par out here" Boo W.
  2. I would try and keep your head still. Your grip might be a little tight. I watched this over and over, an easily corrected swing, start to think draw and fade, clubface open or closed, stay motivated.
  3. Looks like your driver is your best swing. You are moving your head, try to keep it still even through impact. I would place a tee in the armpit especially on those iron swings. Good balance and power though. No need to kill it. You got game.
  4. Try placing a ball under your right golf shoe only, and think hands ahead on impact,you may be opening up early. Think ball, grass, divot. Hands ahead on impact. I just watched Golf My Way by Jack Nicklaus on VHS, I would say you might be moving your head on the backswing and downswing. Good luck up there.
  5. I am going to watch it today to see if I can pick up a swing thought. I didn't know he was a fade player until I heard him say it. Watching him on tv for years I thought there was no way I could play like that. But with all the instruction you can play golf that way and get it up there in 2 shots, it's not impossible, and thanks to Jack we can all play like that or at least try.
  6. I like Taylormade R7's and I am not getting paid to say that. I have played them a year and i have yet to feel a ball in my hands when it's struck. It's always solid and the ball sails high and you can play a draw or fade, You could take these on tour or keep for the family for a long time. Prices have dropped from 7's to 3-4 hundred.
  7. Have a local pro check your grip and get as much feedback as you can. Work on the short game is key inside 100 yards. You tube has excellent videos. Practice every week and game will come back. Know your limits on all clubs. Swing inside your self , not outside your capabilities, watch out for injury as you are in the zone for them just coming out of hibernation, swing thought: if a helicopter can fly so can this.
  8. The largemouth is King in Florida. Thanks to catch and release they are bigger and more of them. Redfish get a lot of attention in the state so the bass are underpressured. I'd recommend no less than 14 pound spiderwire mono.
  9. I would play 9 holes on Kelley Plantation. You'll break even by not driving 2 hours.
  10. Tom Watson does not leave a divot. He hits it clean, or a superintendent's dream. Bubba takes chunks as he shapes shots. It's all about your angle of attack into the ball. The ball should be hit at the bottom of the downward arc, ball then grass. this tip helps place a tee down until it is just showing, hit the tee top with your irons over and over.
  11. This past January I did something similar. Overpracticed and hurt my wrist. It felt like a sprain when I made a fist, or picked up anything. I spent 2 weeks only working on my short game ie: lob wedge at the house, before I went back to play and the rest helped it and hasn't occurred and I play each week 3 times. Ice is good too on the area.
  12. 177-187 6 iron Taylormade R7. Steel shaft and regular flex. Ball very high hard to see, comes straight down soft landing on green. Titleist ball most preferred. Will play a soft Pinnacle gold but it rolls more.
  13. R7Player


    Florida vs Georgia, Florida vs Florida State, Yankees vs Red Sox
  14. when that happens to me I put away driver and only use 3 wood until I get my confidence back. Better to make a lesser mistake than a big one. not sure if you warmed up with the wedges, 9, 8, 7 , on down to 3 wood then driver before you started round. sometimes go with 4 or 5 iron off tee just to get it in fairway. Hope it helps.
  15. Im a big fan of the natural swing, the one you were born with it is in your dna and it cannot be helped, some have the gift, others will seek it out at all costs. whatever swing you decide to go on , remember this swing you have now, most golfers that i've talked to one day come back full circle to their natural swing, it is the most comfortable, but along the way you will learn many ways to play. Your local golf pro should be the start. You can't go wrong as long as you give it one hundred percent.
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