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  1. The i500 looks like they’re blades?
  2. Yeah heard this as well. since I only play with a stock fade, I’m thinking these SGIs will work for me.
  3. Tried them at the range and they are really easy to get airborne. It flies 10y longer then my normal 7, but it is 4 deg lower (so more like a 6). Wont you consider the new T200s or T300s?
  4. I play off a 6 an am a decent golfer. I game my Epon AF305s and they feel great. Lately though, I’ve been toying with the idea of switching to SGIs (the new T300 looks great for me). anyway, would there be low handicappers (you or someone you know) who are happy gaming SGIs? From my research, the complaint always seem to revolve around how hideous they look, but if they get the job done.....
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