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  1. Thanks. Yeah finding clubs for lefties Isn't the easiest thing.
  2. Ok but It was a great deal for me. You have to include shipping to the ebay price and my shipping for the mp60 was 21 buck. And didn't find so much lefty clubs on ebay.
  3. thanks for the tip. I bought the mp 60s 3-pw
  4. Ok thanks. Are the x-forged really so hard to hit?
  5. pro v1, but taylor made tp red seems to be a nice ball
  6. I'm changing because I lost my 7-iron and looking for some new clubs, been playing them for a while. And a 3 iron in the set wouldn't be wrong
  7. I'm going to buy new irons. I play cobra ss-i 4-9 iron now regular flex. What type of new irons you think will fit me? Callaway x forged seems interesting Is there anyone playing them?
  8. Haven't seen so much from jack so I'll stick with tiger.
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