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  1. Hey guys, Just thought I'd post a quick update in the hopes that it could help someone else that has experienced this. Turns out, ya'll were spot on (thank you!!!). I've found that a combination of an over the top move, crowding the ball at address, were the culprits. I've made some adjustments, (squaring up my shoulders, moving away from the ball, and really working hard not to come over the top) and as a result I've hit some really good looking drives! Still the occasional push and/or slice, but have found the middle of the face a TON more. For anyone reading this, keep at it! It WILL come if you work for it. Hoping to hit some fairways and post my lowest score soon! Cheers! -Trizz
  2. Sorry for the delay. Here's a picture of my club face. I talked to rep at Taylormade today and he suggested that I take it back to Golf Galaxy or Dick's and request that they give me the Atmos black shaft. Apparently the tip on that shaft is more durable? He asked me what my swing speed was and I told him 110 and he straight up told me that the Atmos red isn't made for that... Guess I'll give that a try!
  3. Hitting the heel a time too many is definitely possible. I'm sure I've hit some there, but I couldn't say how many. Looking at the face, it doesn't look too bad, but I could be wrong. I'll upload a picture tomorrow and see what you guys think. Should I try moving further away from the ball at address? I'm guessing that if that is what's happening, the clubhead is coming through the zone, and my arms are outstretched to the point where the heel is squaring up with the ball rather than the sweet spot? I've just started taking some lessons as well, so if it is a swing flaw, hopefully I can get rid of it sooner than later! 🙂
  4. I'm starting to think so too. Breaking it once that way is one thing. But 4 times...seems odd. Especially since it was replaced at 2 different locations.
  5. That’s a great idea. Thanks for the suggestion. I didn’t think about that initially but now that you say that it does seem kinda light. I was fitted for stiff irons and the guy that helped me suggested I swing something a little heavier. Maybe I should follow suit in my driver! Thanks, Cooke! Good point. I think I may give Taylormade a call and see if they will do something for me.
  6. Hey Guys, New to the forum, and relatively new at golf. I've read through a few older posts regarding this issue and was hoping to get more insight. Any help would be much appreciated! I've been playing for almost a year now, and can without a doubt admit that I have the bug! I usually play 18 at least once a week, and sometimes will sneak in 9. About 4 months ago I finally ponied up and purchased a Taylormade M4 D Type Driver. I was fit by one of the guys at Golf Galaxy who seemed relatively knowledgeable. He ended up suggesting that I go with a stiff shaft as my swing speed was clocking at about 110. I had done some research prior to going into the store, and read that swing speed was on the cusp of being "stiff worthy", but I took the fitters advice because I was certain he knew more than me and I was excited to be buying my first driver. The driver seemed to work well for awhile. I hit some decent shots, and hit some not so decent shots, but everything seemed to be "normal" for my newness to the game. A couple weeks ago is when the problems started happening. Tee'd off on the 14th and my ball went 25 yards to the left, and the head on my driver ended up about 10 yards behind it. It had snapped right above the adapter piece at the bottom of the shaft (picture attached). I was shocked but thought it was a fluke and got a replacement from Golf Galaxy the next week. This past weekend marks the 4th time this has happened. I've had it fixed by the guys at Golf Galaxy and once by the guy at my local Dick's Sporting Goods. Thought I may have been hitting the ground prior to hitting the ball, but the guys I play with have confirmed I'm hitting ball first. Each time it's broken it's felt the best contact I've had all day and feels like I'm hitting the face square...then I see my head flying off down the fairway. Just a few stats...it was the fujikura atmos red shaft first, which I believe is 55g, and the next 3 have been the fujikura atmos orange which I think is also 55g. Just a little about me, I'm 26, about 6'2 230, and in fairly decent shape. Is my shaft too stiff? Not stiff enough? I've played baseball my whole life so my swing does have a little torque to it, but I know there are tons of guys that come from a baseball background and don't have this problem. Any ideas? Thanks in advance! -Trey
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