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  1. There is a used set of 58's here on this site in the marrketplace tab. Not sure if they would fit you but it might be worth looking at.
  2. Yes, Mizuno is a Japanese company.
  3. Mizuno irons are made in Japan which still isn't the US but it is a lot better than being made in China!
  4. The MP-57s definately felt the best, but I think they would be frustrating for a second time beginner like myself. I am just affraid that my ball striking is not good enough to hit the 57s consistently.
  5. I have been hitting everything under the sun as far as irons go and I have it narrowed down to the Mizuno irons. Believe it or not the iron that feels the best to me is the MP-57. After much deliberation I am probably going to buy the MX-200 iron instead. With the amount of thime that it has been since I have played, it probably would be a disaster to purchase the MP-57. There is just something about a well struck MP-57 that I can't seem to find in any other club.
  6. Thanks for the responses. I am 6' and weigh about 160 so I am pretty sure that it is not my size and strength! I was playing the ball back in my stance a bit which might have caused the "hooding" of the club face that you were talking about. I am not farmiliar with that term.
  7. Just a quick update. I went to a golf USA yesterday and hit the Mizuno MX-200 irons and I think I am in love! These things are smooth and consistent (for having 10 years off anyways). Question: How accurate are the simulators that they use at the retail stores? The salesman told me that he hits the ball the same distance at out local golf courses as the simulator shows but I am a little sceptical. The simulator showed that I was hitting the 7 iron 182 yards on average and I had 3 or 4 shots that said that they were just over 200 yards! Can this be possible?
  8. I see that you play the TM r7 iron. What do you think of it? This is another iron on my list to find and hit.
  9. I have been away from golf for about 10 years and I am going to get back in. I am starting to do some research on irons because that is where I am going to start. About all that I know is that my club head speed with the driver is 105 mph and I believe that would make a stiff shaft fit me the best. At 31 years old and 6'0" standard lie and club length has always fit me pretty well. I am looking at Mizuno irons (and other clubs actually) because they are the only iron that I can find that is not made in China, but I am also trying not to break the bank at the same time. I am not apposed to buying a used set or an ebay sey but I don't want to get taken and get a counterfeit set. I am looking at a set of Mizuno mp 57 irons and the reviews look pretty good but this might be a little to advanced for me. Most of my purchases will be online because there is not a really good pro shop in my area where I can go and hit a large variety of clubs. Is this a decent iron for a second time beginner? Any advice is appreciated.
  10. The videos from that day should be played on the TV everyday for Americans to remember.
  11. I get mine done in about a month. I am really not looking forward to it but this post makes it sound, not so bad.