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  1. In 1996 I was at a neighbor’s house who was an avid golf enthusiast. He was watching a golf tournament on ABC Wild World of Sports. I was politely watching too. Then a clip of a tournament from some long past tournament was shown that took my breath away. The clip showed an aging veteran golf legend (Nicklaus?) who managed to have an outstanding tournament and went into sudden death against a younger opponent. The aging vet teed off on and attempted to put the ball over a lake onto the green. The commentators were doubtful the vet could do it. Sure enough the vet swung and while the ball was still in flight the commentators were all groaning declaring the ball was going into the water. As the ball descended a turtle appeared out of nowhere and the ball ricocheted squarely off the turtle’s shell and landed on the green close to the cup. The vet who everyone was sure was too tired to survive the sudden death round won the tournament. I fell out of my chair in front of the TV set. CAN ANYONE HELP ME IDENTIFY THE TOURNAMENT, DATE, AND THE WINNER? No one believes me when I tell this story.
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