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  1. Thank you, appreciated! Looks like great content
  2. What is this? I can’t seem to find it
  3. This is how I play right now, sadly. I really want my driver on to the course. Also I am not sure if my hybrid is better off tee because of the small head. I have a FW3 as well, maybe they are easier to hit?
  4. Thank you!! Have read LSW but think I’ll read this chapter again.:) cheers
  5. I’m not looking for easy fixes. Maybe I put my words wrong, but my question is how to practice better. I know that I need to practice better.
  6. I really need to get it onto the course asap. I would gladly take some advice on drills or thoughts on how to do it the easiest way. Right now I am smashing balls left and right on the driving range and it’s getting a bit... repetitive. Not really seeing results. Any advice?
  7. Okay great!! I won’t be looking for spending a lot on new irons yet then. The best option seems to be as @Bonvivant wrote. Get fitted, get lie angle fixed on my current clubs as they are fine right now and be on the lookout for used clubs with right angles. There is lie angle, but what is it more that they can change in my current clubs? Length and shaft? Thanks all!
  8. Absolutely! I also have a driver with a stiff-shaft on it and I have no clue if it's helping me or not (bought second hand). But maybe I should get fitted for what lie etc I need and then customize the clubs I have right now, they are Mizuno JPX 850s. Thank you! This cleared things up for me. My lie, grip, length or even swing speed won't become MUCH different from what it is now, right?
  9. Okay! So even if I am not that consistent with my hits on the golf ball, a fitting is still very good for me to do? what I am afraid of is that when I have gotten more consistent in my hits the fitted clubs won’t be as fitted for me anymore, which might lead to me needing a new fitting in a year or so... could that be a problem?
  10. I am a high handicapper that has just started out playing and I am hitting 100-110 on the course these first few weeks I have started to take things more serious (started last year, but didn’t get to it with club membership etc until now). Is it stupid for me to do a iron fitting, while still having a bit of a inconsistent swing which makes Maybe 3/10 shots get topped/thinned? I am right now 32 in handicap but I do not think it tells my whole game as I just started out registrating my rounds etc. Any input?
  11. Interesting! Question is though if it’s a test more than a drill. I’m a high handicapper and this drill seems very difficult for me
  12. Thanks! Actually on day 5 right now. Will go through all these now when I'm on home-vacation and hopefully bring my game up. Cheers
  13. Meandmygolf on YouTube has helped me lots on this. This very much helped me get more consistent chipping. Making it as simple as a chipshot can get
  14. Been trying to get more body into my swing as I was told it was a bit too much arms by my club teacher. It feels a bit weird so I am hitting my shots a bit more inconsistent (at least that is how it feels). I am not sure if my backswing is still too long though
  15. Exactly what I was looking for, when I started thinking about it it all made sense to just aim at the green. Will read it now, thanks 🙂
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