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  1. Alright.. thanks you guys!!! $10 bucks in the bag :)
  2. Alright, so me and my friend were golfing the other day and he said that majority of tour players are one-plane swingers. I said that they were mainly two-plain swingers. So we made a bet. Who's right?
  3. Alright... so it is alright to have your rear leg straighten a bit. Thanks a lot!!!
  4. In order for your hips to rotate and not slide, shouldn't your rear leg straighten. Not locking out... just slight straightening. thanks.
  5. Exactly as you described it. It is so frustrating!! :( So you say it because of (in your case) a flip. Thanks, i'll experiment and see if that is what is causing it. thanks.
  6. I have no clue what causes the ball to fly high and to the right. Anyone want to tell me why. I've never struggled with this before. Thanks!!
  7. So here's a topic that isn't discussed much: footwork. I know the proper footwork is weight transfers to inside right foot, then to left toe, then to left heel, but i do something strange. I noticed at the range today that at my finish position, my left foot is rolled outward (aka. towards the target). So the left foot is on its side, not on its "base". Is this supposed to happen? I don't think it is, but i could be way wrong. Anyone? Thanks in advance!
  8. what causes the club to be laid off at the top of my backswing and how do i fix it?? thanks!!
  9. my backswing is too flat, which makes my downswing to steep. how do i fix this. thanks!!!
  10. allright!!! thanks for your thoughts!!! gotta work on my plane then. thanks!!!!
  11. the club is laid off at the top of my swing. what causes this??? im guessing it's because of to much fore-arm rotation, but i dont know. anyone??? thanks for your help!!!
  12. my swing plane is like the average players. planes are reversed. the backswing is to flat, while the downswing is to steep. how do i fix this?? any tips??? thanks!!!!!
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