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  1. The past couple of weeks, a buddy and I have been playing our best golf since starting 3 and 2 years ago, finally breaking into the low 80s. It's been a great, and I've been really enjoying the game a lot with this buddy. We also have several other friends that are not nearly as good, and this is where the problems started this weekend at a higher end course we all purchased rounds for on Group Golfer. The other two players in our group were shanking the balls all over. If they weren't going out of bounds, they were duffing shots, or loosing them into the really tall grass along the fairways. We would spend time trying to help them find their balls, driving from shot to shot. There were multiple groups keeping pace behind us, and the other decent player and myself started trying to pick up the slack for the other two. It destroyed our games. I had a constant sense of urgency on every shot, and it just caused me to get irritated with the game and the other two players. This compounded into us having to make up shots that any other day we've done over and over. We kept pace and finished in 4 hours, but I only think we were able to, because me and the other decent player were constantly trying to just get the ball down the fairway. This was a pretty crummy experience dropping to a 96 after shooting an 84 the day before on course of the same slope rating. My head wasn't in it, and it felt rushed the entire game. I'm stuck as to what to do. I'm friends with these other two players, and it's usually never a problem if there's just one of them in the group, or the rest of the course is playing slow. I don't want to tell them I don't want to play with them. But me and the other decent player are already secretly just planning on going back to the course ourselves without them. Do you folks run into this, where you feel like your game suffers because your rushing to make up for others in your group? How do you manage this both on and off the course?
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