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  1. Day 16: Worked on strike location with full routine for each shot into the net. Really tried to take some off the extreme toe & heel as well to help dial in that sweet spot feel. Coming along.
  2. Day 15: ladder drills again in the office. Started a challenge to keep it lively.
  3. Day 14: putting drills. With a mirror training stroke and face control once more
  4. Day 13 ahhh posting very last minute. Went over to a friends and was hunting dove and cooking out. Due to lack of birds we did a chipping challenge. Really seeing some progress here. Ended up winning of course.
  5. Day 12: mirror work. Trying to ingrain a new move. Seems to be transferring to the range.
  6. Can I get an update? How did it go? What courses did you play? Did you survive?
  7. Day 11: early today! Working a dry swing in my office. Looking like a total psycho through the windows but hey, I don’t care, it’s friday. Trying to hone in on my maximum swing length. There was an article by JT’s swing coach on golf.com that was interesting. I had a finau swing before it was cool, but never codified it. Getting a good measure of my shoulder turn has been interesting. Going to follow it up with more putting ladders because I know nothing else. Have a great labor day weekend y’all!! - OB
  8. Day 10: worked ladder drills again. 5 stage, 5x through. Worked a new grip as I have a curved putting stroke and when I miss it’s due to not squaring the face. ‘Strengthened’ my grip and this has helped tremendously.
  9. Day 9: worked swing checkpoints. I know there are technical names for these, I need a refresher. But just worked consistency trying to hit the same positions through the routine.
  10. Day 7: ladder drills putting. 3’ 6’ 9’ 12’ 15’ three balls must have at least 2/3 to advance completed 5x
  11. Day 6: worked on putting stroke. Had a busy day but carved out time for a daily 5. Update from yesterday, playing from the forward tees I shaved 6 strokes off my average and have some new things to work on.
  12. Day 5: Prepping for a special match today. 20-30 full swings full routine in the net. Going to play 9 holes on the home course with my best friend. We are trying to go low, playing from the forward tees. See how it goes, never played up before.
  13. Day 4. 20 shots full routine focusing on strike same as day 3 made a note of Topped (T), thin (t), good (G), fat (f), Chunked (F). Then followed it up with 20 rating my routine again. I also used ‘the swing analyzer’ app with my watch and got some interesting data points.
  14. Day 3. Worked on contact and routine. Hit 20 shots with full routine marking if it was off the heel (H) slight heel (h) sweet spot (s) slight toe (t) full toe (T). Results were: H: 0/20: h: 1/20; s: 14/20; t: 4/20; T 1/20 my tendency is obvious. Unsure what to do other than just line up a bit more heel side. Overall pleased. I do this test monthly and it’s improved over the last 12 months. Did another 20 shots focusing on the routine. I rated each shot from 1-5 on overall ‘quality’ of the routine. Did it take to long, did I lose focus, etc. Average score over 20 shots was
  15. Day 2. Routine work. Trying hard to develop a consistent pre shot routine. I’ve incorporated a metronome into these drills with the whole routine taking 16 beats from start to impact. About 45 minutes hitting into the net with each shot preceded by the full routine. If any step was out of place I started over. A big thing making sure my starting position behind the ball is the same every time. Today’s revelation was I need to be starting on my left foot, this eliminates one whole step and two beats off the total time. Starting to see some results with this.
  16. Welcome! New DFW member here as well. My home course is listed as Watters Creek but I play a large circuit in Collin Co. The Bridges, Heritage Ranch, Ridgeview, Twin Creeks, Indian Creek, on and on and on. We are very fortunate here. Also bourbon, if you find a place to get Blantons.... you'll probably never tell me but know im happy for you 😅
  17. Thanks for asking. My focus immediately is to develop a better (or any) preshot routine, & hammering the short game. Over the season my flight pattern has come back into line, so no swing tinkering until winter, for the moment I’m working contact. Hoping to eliminate those outlier shots that are ever so slightly fat or thin over time.
  18. Day 1. A large part of why I finally made a profile is this thread & accountability that comes with it. Anyhow, 20 minutes practicing putting stroke with the mirror plate. Working on consistent takeaways. Sometimes the toe seems to lag on the backstroke and I’m really working to square that up.
  19. Finally made the plunge after lurking for a long long time. Currently carrying a 15 index with 25 rounds posted this year. Prior to ‘19 I’d been out of the game for a while, logging a grand total of 8 rounds since college around ‘12. I’ve still got a long ways to go to get back to that level. But now after getting settled in a career, several moves, a marriage, and putting on a few dozen pounds I’m giving golf the time it requires to achieve the end goals.
  20. OB-OG


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