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  1. Nike rain pants, nike 3 hybrid, and gift card to local course. :)
  2. #1 yes got Nike VR Full Cavity #2 yes #3 yes (87 is my personal best) #4 yes #5 yes I improved the most when I quit going to the range and just started playing lots of golf #6 yes, and I still have 3 lessons left.
  3. 47/44 = 91 was happy with the back 9. Hadn't played all month.
  4. what did he tell you to do to get rid of the flip??
  5. 220 carry. roll is gone now that the rain has come :D
  6. Nike Dymo driver 9.5 stiff.... to replace my silliest purchase ever a draw driver :P
  7. The biggest thing I noticed was how flat his wrist is now. It was bowed out beyond belief before. No wonder he had a case of the lefts.