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  1. It's good to see the European Tour putting a plan in place to combat slow play, hopefully this is something that can come into force on the PGA Tour too.
  2. It's crazy that a player who has had a mediocre year, yet one good tournament can be leading a season long race for the FedEx Cup. I don't see how this format can have longevity as it just seems to be confusing and unfair to players who have been consistent and also won bigger titles. eg. Shane Lowry and Tiger Woods don't even make the field.
  3. I'd say 18 is the borderline for being no longer considered a high handicapper. As you can see when you plug your scores into a golf handicap calculator there are different factors such as course rating and course slope that can play a factor in determining a golfers index. If a golfer only ever plays one golf course then they may be used to it which could scew their index as compared to playing at another course which they are uncomfortable with where they shoot higher scores. By playing a variety of courses it may more accurately represent their true ability. It's also worth noting consistency because if you score in the mid 80's on a great day but then most of the time score over 90 then it's a fine line between where you'd consider yourself to be in the handicap range.
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