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  1. So we finished the semifinal match of the league tourney. My partner struggled a bit and the guy he played had a 12 h cap and he was even par after 5 holes... wasn’t looking good for us. I shoot 38 on a par 36 and my partner settles down to shoot a respectable 44. He is a 7 h cap. Well the guy he’s playing ends up throwing up the last 4 holes and we end up in a dead tie! We go to the #1 h cap hole and we win on a tiebreaker so off to the championship we go!! Championship round we play 18 holes and we decide to play out of town to make it more interesting and we are kind of pumped. This is my partner and my first time in the league, the first year playing together and we make it to the dance! He’s a 7 h cap and I’m a 5 thru 9 holes. I got some swing issue resolved with my irons so I’m feeling pretty good about this round. He’s matched up with a guy who is a 12 h cap and I’m matched up with a 7 h capper. The tone was set for us on the very first hole! My partner hits a 3 wood down the middle but!, we never found his ball. We all look for 5 min with a group behind us. He has to take a lost ball! Needless to say they both shoot 5 over on the front 9 my partner struggles and shoots a 53. I shoot a 39 it’s a par 35. We got smashed right out the gate on the front 9 just with h caps. Way to much to overcome. We take second in our first year in the league and handicapped to death!! Oh well that’s what h caps are for. The guy I faced shoots 40/40 with the round of his life! I’m giving him 2 shots per side. I end up shooting 39/46. We had a great time and we had a great year and we will be back!!
  2. Work league ended last week so the playoffs started this week naturally. There were 14 2 man teams. My partner and I came in 5th in regular league play. I was tied for 2nd overall out of 28 players. 8 team playoff.. Got to play against the guy I tied for 2nd place with so we played straight up. I shoot 39 with one birdie and he shoots 40. We both missed a few other birdies throughout the match but we split the match 4 1/2-4 1/2. We know by the 9th hole that this round is tight... my partner and his partner also split the match!! Now it comes down to low total score!! We win by 2 strokes! Woohoo! What a fun round that was. I actually put a little pressure on myself a few times! Hit some great shots, and some not so great shots. I missed that type of competition! Bottom line is... we’re into the next round!🤘
  3. If the tour officials are afraid to penalize slow players like DeChambeau then they need to allow their plying partners to self police them. it’s got to affect more players than the ones that have already have spoke up. I mean you get into a rhythm and then you have to wait for someone all day long? Rediculous!
  4. I think most golfers are thin skinned but that’s the way they were brought up in golf. I played team sports growing up and I like listening to music and just talking crap to friends and getting it back of course while playing, but it’s golf. That’s why I like watching the long drive compositions... they get the crowds pumped up! Unfortunately though, that’s the way this game is played and has been played forever. Like it or not, the fans have to be somewhat respectful to the players when they are at a live event. It is what it is. Paul
  5. @Mr PuddleBingo! That is also my point! If your learning you do want to learn to putt. Base, arm angle, technique so on so forth. Then you change it to what works for you. Look at Jacks stance in the picture I attached. It obviously worked for him in his awesome career, but would you teach that? That was learned by him on making adjustments to what worked for him, and he spent a lot of time practicing that to take it to the course. Hell I think he putted like that most of his career.
  6. I guess it was just my thought process but it all depends on where you game is. Higher handicapper may lose balls and miss fairways and GIRS and chunk or thin a chip shot and then 3-4 putt. Where are a mid to low handicapper may miss every fairway but short game is good that day and they save par. They may hit every fairway and hit every GIR and still only make par. (2 putts no birdies) where are the shots lost? Although I don’t disagree with klineka there is more to it..
  7. Thank you Vinsk. I will be sneaking away without the wife knowing to get the fitting done. When I told her I needed to get fitted for new irons and she asked me what the cost was she said she would do the fitting herself for that price!!🤣 I did buy some Taylor made M4 irons but I could not hit them consistently and didn’t like the way they felt. Weird since they are supposed to be easy to hit? I sent them back and that’s when I decided that I probably should go get fitted. I will definitely post up when I get my new sticks!
  8. Okay yeah this young Lad! “Jack Nicklaus!” Better? Here is the point I was trying to make. Look at his putting stance at 23 years of age. The top picture. Not a typical stance that is taught. The second pic is Michelle Wie putting like Jack “Nicklaus” which looks crazy awkward. Yes as it was mentioned “what ever works for me” is just a bandaid. If you want to become a better putter you have to start with a good base. Then you have to figure out what kind of swing path you have.. my natural swing path is from in to out so I did adjust my stance to slightly open which helped me get the ball started on a better line. This is shown in the 3rd pic. Unfortunately as boring as practice is with the putter it requires the most practice because it is where you can lose the most strokes. “Drive for show, putt for dough!” Although with any practice you need to have a purpose when you are there. You can just hit putt after putt and not gain anything as to making yourself a better putter. So watch the videos that show you how to achieve a base, learn how much your arms should hang, how close to the ball you should stand, ball position in your stance. Then go practice that and make it happen.. get the muscle memory of what you are trying to accomplish on the putting green and then you can repeat that on the course.. good luck!
  9. Thanks Dennyjones! I kin of figured that but I was hoping someone used the TA5’s like me and changed to something newer with good results. Saving me some leg work, since I missed a few years from the game. I guess I will have to take the time get fitted to continue my quest in getting better and better at this terrible game!😁
  10. You definitely don’t want to move the ball back in your stance. You want the putter to hit the ball on a slightly uphill plane to get the ball rolling with less drag. As far as you stance that’s going to be your personal preference. Just like Jack Nickolas his stance is not the typical picture but it works for him. Now Brad Faxon is one of the better putters on tour and has explained why he does what he does. Watch his videos on putting... that should be very helpful. Just like everything else tho... practice, practice, practice!
  11. Hey all, just joined and I have a few questions to ask. First of all I will get things updated on myself as soon as I can. Videos and such. I am 47 and I’ve played golf competitively for about 5 years and played for a total of about 15 years. I had to take time of for medial reasons so I was away from the game for about 6-7 years. I just started playing again now in 2 and a half years. I have started seeing some old habits but most of all I am seeing all the new equipment. I am interested in new irons but don’t know what to buy. I have hit Cleveland TA5’s for about 10 years. I was a 6 handicap when I walked away. I am now a 10 with my last couple of rounds of 9 holes I shot 2 over and 3 over par and would like some new irons. What’s comparable to the TA5’s I’ve been hitting? Should I really think about getting fitted? Thanks in advance? Paul
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