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  1. PaulMVR


  2. If you swing and completely miss the ball, does that count as a stroke?
  3. Last time I went fishing, I was using a minnow, a bobber, 12 lb. test line and no leader.. I noticed the bobber very slowly go under, and once it was all the way under, I set the hook and started to reel it back and I pulled back a hookless line. The fish cut my line so fast that I didn't even feel the weight of it. I have always thought it was a walleye, but have read that walleyes usually don't cut your line, but I don't think northerns take your bobber slow like that.. but maybe I'm wrong. Anyone know what it might have been?
  4. I live in MN and have been to a lot of different restaurants. The only one I've been to that serves lamb is a Greek restaurant in Blaine.
  5. Bob Lazar passed a lie detector test administered by ex-police officer Teddy Tavernetti. In an interview Tavernetti stated, "If he's lying he ought to be in Hollywood because he gave absolutely no physiological indications of a telling deception." His educational and professional background cannot be verified -- a fact he attributes to government deletion of records.
  6. That is a goofy video! I liked lamb when I had it, about once a year, and I've talked to some people that thought it was kinda strange.
  7. I suppose "weird" would depend on what part of the world you live in since some places it's normal to eat dog. I haven't tried anything too strange. I've had Lamb chops. And once I had a buffalo burger, which I thought was gross.
  8. I hit my drive on a par 4 and I lost it in the woods. So I teed it up again and hit another drive for my 3rd shot 230 yards in the middle of the fairway. I had 150 yards left to the green, and I holed out to save par.
  9. I have had this happen to me many times. I was a 26 hc before I changed my swing(now I hit the ball like a 2 year old). And at that 26 hc last year, I had a few rounds at a fairly difficult course that I started out with 3 pars in a row. Once that happens, you start to think "wow, 3 pars... I only need 15 more pars to shoot 72". Once you start thinking like that, it's over.
  10. I don't know if there's an air base around. There were actual planes in other parts of the sky ... and I'm pretty sure this section of TheSandTrap is for non-golf related topics, Mr. Forum Leader.
  11. What about the Opti-Shot? That's probably less than $300
  12. I've told everyone in my family and 5 of my co-workers.... I'm actually quite surprised at the response I got on here. You're all jealous! UFO doesn't necessarily mean it's an alien aircraft. So lets assume that what I saw was actually there and I wasn't hallucinating. If it wasn't E.T., then what could it have been?
  13. The US government has 9 crashed alien ships and some dead alien bodies at S-4(Papoose lake) in Lincoln County, Nevada. Look up Bob Lazar (Top Secret UFO Conspiracy)
  14. No, it's not a joke. I actually saw this, and I thought I did a pretty good job with the animation. It's the best I can do. I saw what looked like a dull star. Noticed it moving very very slowly, and then it disappeared. Then a couple seconds later I noticed a triangle of colored lights blinking rapidly and flying upwards really fast. I'm not a pro animator, so it lookes a little cheesy. I'm pretty sure no aircraft built by humans looks like or moves the way that thing did.
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