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  1. Just came from a driver fitting at a Club Champion. I was very excited to get fitted with a new driver, but the session was a disaster. For some reason the Trackman wouldn’t capture 80% of my drives. I was told it was because my takeaway (and presumably my follow through) was too far inside for the Trackman to capture it. I’m sure some of the drives might have been far right pushes, but many of them felt fantastic. The fitter said I was hitting the same spot on the screen for most of them, which based on the few that were captured would have been nice shots starting slightly right and then drawing back in. So frustrating. I felt like I wasted 1.5 hours of both our times trying to recalibrate the machine. My goal was to see if the shafts on my Epic Flash were right for me (they weren’t...I think) and see if the Sim Max that I’ve been eying would work. Apparently my smash factor was very high (1.54-1.56, they seemed shocked), launch angle was 15-16 degrees, spin was 2000 ish. But my attack angle was positive 5-6 degrees. My swing speed was low today (think I’m tired for a host of reason), so it was 90ish mph. I’m usually in the 95 mph range. He recommended a Sim Max set at 9 degrees which seems super low for me, and lower than any driver I’ve ever had. But the problem is that we couldn’t tell for sure if that work since only 3 of the probably 25 drives i took recorded (those 3 were great...220 carry, 250 total). The problem is that I had spent a half hour the day before at a range with a GC2 Foresight monitor that seemed to be picking up everything and super accurate (at least based on what i could see on the range). There i was trying a 12 degree Sim Max and getting 240 carries and hitting them great. The fitter saw how I was hitting my Epic Flash and tried the 12 degree. It did feel good, although that is also much higher than I’ve been hitting (I’ve always hit a 10.5 degree driver). I can’t seem to reconcile the two. Any help? Should I try the 9 degree outside? Is the CC fitter right, that my attack angle sets me up for a lower lofted face? Or is there not enough data to know? Also, anyone have any ideas why Trackman doesn’t work for me inside? I’ve never had that issue at PGA SS, or TechFit. Is CC just a no go for me now forever? Will I have that same issue for fairway woods?
  2. Just got fitted for the driver. I was put into a Project XEvenFlow Black 5.5 Flex shaft. It was generating low spin on the monitor, but I was hitting it reasonably well in the store so I went with it. But on the course and range, I am having some difficulty launching it high. I even adjusted the club to add more loft, and that doesn't seem to help enough. Are the Alta and Tensei shafts better with respect to launch angle, and should I try them instead? Will they be noticeably better on launch angle than the EvenFlow?
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