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  1. David - This poll is for curiosity, for conversation, for correlation. No causality implied or expected. Thanks for the responses thus far!
  2. DeadMan and NCates, looks like you have similar thinking. David - am curious as to shaft weight selection of single-digit handicappers.
  3. Thanks for the info and votes, djake. I like your bag setup, and that you tested your wedge shaft for a full season. I realize graphite vs irons can drive the weight, but the information itself is not inaccurate; inaccurate conclusions, however, may certainly be drawn. I just simply want to see what weights single-digit handicappers are playing, whatever the reasons (performance, feel, cost, injuries, it's what *whoever* told me to do, etc.).
  4. Poll: shaft weights used by single-digit handicappers
  5. Do you also draw your sand and lob wedges on full swings? If not, do you adjust your aimpoint left (as compared to your longer wedges and irons) to compensate for straight (non-draw) ball flight?
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