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  1. No. I already have a hole in one and someday, I'll also have 5 million bucks.
  2. You're a regular. He is too. Laugh it off. Why make an enemy on the home course. Did you ask the twosome who started on #7 about going around?
  3. Chipping yips come and go, but when they come, then my stress shot is a 10-15 yard chip just off the green, with a sand trap in the middle.
  4. Only quit once. It was the first hole on a beautiful day in January with temperature at a record 60 degrees for Chicago, Wife called. I had an important meeting that could not be missed. We went downtown to the lakefront, walked on the beach and had pizza at one of our old favorite joints. Twice, I have quit swinging late in the round because of back spasms, but I stay with the group. Smart enough now to stay home if hurt.
  5. A year ago, on 12/8/2014, I wrote: My goal is to relax, have fun, golf more than I did this year, and be able to post the same goals a year from now for 2016. So far so good. Made it thru another year and might even get another round this week. Probably golfed a little less, but still had a lot of fun, and think I enjoyed it more this year. Also in much better condition and at lower weight than at the beginning of the season.
  6. Post is from 2010. the starter of this thread should have started college in the Fall of 2011 and maybe finished last June, unless he or she played too much golf,
  7. My playing partner got an ace this year, and it was the first one I have witnessed. Good swing. Good ball. Bee lined right to the hole and dropped. His first one at age 73. You gotta take it when it happens when you can cuz you might never get one. I have one too, also on a good shot. If I ever get a second one playing alone or on a ball that rebounds off a sprinkler head, I won't feel bad at all.
  8. My gear wouldn't change, except I might put that two sided chipper back in my bag if I were allowed 16 clubs (it counts as two), Then I would have to learn how to hit it lefty, as well as learn how to chip with it, I found a Polara ball last summer. I never hit it. I didn't know until later it was a non-conforming no spin ball for hackers that slice. If I did, I might have played it, but I probably hit it away on the range as a warm up ball.
  9. He can say what he wants. The PGA can also do what it wants but I think a tournament at Doral transcends whoever owns it. However, Rick Reilly said in his book "Who's Your Caddy?" that Trump finds it hard to count above 5 in golf, and gives himself chips. LOL Anyway, that affirmed my negative opinion about Trump many years ago. Don't like his politics much, but don't write down bogey when it was a triple.
  10. I know Gilberg's predicament quite well. At the range, using the yellow balls with black stripes, my 5 iron goes 400 feet too. On the course, jeez, I only get half that if I'm lucky. My neighbor says it's because the range never gets any rain, so most of that distance in roll out. On the course, they don't roll good in the tall grass.
  11. Looking at Google Earth, the course has several holes along the street in that first picture shown above. There's no fence, but there is a thin row of trees and there are homes across the street. I would suspect that a few golfers often cross the street to retrieve errant shots. A pedestrian can't miss seeing the golf course, and a golfer can see houses and cars on the street thru the trees. No sidewalks. The course claims to be the oldest track in the Pacific Northwest by the way.
  12. Well, I paid $20 to walk 18 yesterday and had a great time. $50 green fees are not in my bag. However, I'd drop the money to play/stay at a iconic course like Pebble, and I would expect to have a knowledgeable caddy, friendly staff everywhere, and would be ready to pay out a bundle in tips. Wouldn't mind waiting to hit though. I'd want a slower round so I could look at things. A TPC track in Texas doesn't get my attention. Nonetheless, unless they were rude to you, which doesn't sound like it happened, you're just another victim of slow play. Looking at their tee time reservation page, the
  13. A lot of my friends wear golf GPS watches with the front, middle, rear yardage readout. I should get one. I use a hand held, which is never in my pocket when I want it. Since I have worn a watch 24/7 for over 50 years, I feel more comfortable with the weight on my wrist.
  14. Unless you go up in the mountains or into the Antarctic, does any place south of the equator have winters worse than the great Plains and Upper Midwest? Capetown gets down to 45F in July. Melbourne is similar. Santiago, Chile might hit 40's. Southern NZ doesn't freeze? Just curious. Me, I hurt my elbow shoveling snow a month ago and missed opening day of golf this week. Next week maybe.
  15. I don't normally watch much golf on TV, but when I do, it's like this. Really a compelling finish, with all those guys so close, slogging thru the rain, coming up short, getting up and down. Wow.
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