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  1. Patch—what a great sentiment! Makes me feel really good—thanks! K Hey MCanadiens , thanks, that makes much more sense to me, thanks! Kase Bonvivant those tips make a lot of sense, thanks for replying. K
  2. Thanks Kevin! Golf class we’re learning the basics of grip, swing , etc. great fun and only 8 of us in class. Wish it were more than twice a week! K- Thanks Piz—that clears it up and I’ll definitely try your advice. Kase
  3. Wow thanks everyone for all the replies! Regarding the local golf course Rollandia: it looks like it’s still open for biz—thanks for the advice. Now I’ll show how truly new I am: when you say a short course is good...do you literally mean it’s shorter in distance so it’s a shorter distance to golf or does it mean something else? Thanks for the tip from the “reformed curmudgeon” (always nice when they’re reformed!) about the informational videos. Will go seek them out now. Thanks to everyone’s warm welcomes and thoughtful tips. Not sure how I found this place but sure glad I did!!! Kasey
  4. Hi folks! I’m really enjoying the posts I’ve been reading—y’all sound like a real nice crowd! Although I’ve lived in Miamisburg (just outside of Dayton) for 20 years now, I’m originally from Austin, Tx. The intrigue of golf kind of snuck up on me. As a kid I thought I’d rather watch paint dry than watch golf but now as I look in the mirror at my middle-aged self I realize that golf and I were meant to be. I have played in a 9-hole novice/experienced scramble exactly twice and I fell in love. I’m told I’m pretty accurate and fairly consistent with a decent drive for a newbie but I am n
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