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  1. My 7i is similar, I restarted last year! My driver speed now varies 70-85 but at higher speeds, less control. The average is higher now after a year. I find doing ½ to 3/4 swings helps a lot. Lessons will be very beneficial.
  2. In terms of playing with lower handicaps, I'm currently a 25 and send a few into the woods. I've gone out with way lower (to scratch) and as long as I keep the pace up, follow etiquette, I've never had an issue. I don't search long and if it becomes clear I'm Nett Double Bogey then often pick up time. I like it when I've joined others way better, good to watch.
  3. I came back last year after a 30 year gap. Then I was shooting in the 90s. The year has had some up and downs, HC is 24, but getting some lessons has helped. As I'm getting better, I'm finding that a higher % of good shots, in fact my issue now is relearning distances on irons as i'm now overshooting greens. I just need to go up a club and keep practicing. WHen I first started my drives were lucky to make 130, but now 190-210 seems more normal! Still it's the good shots that keep me coming back. Welcome back and enjoy.
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