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  1. Food Thread

    I have to try that!
  2. 2018 WGC Match Play

    Man, I have to go to Wikipedia for a proper tennis style draw/bracket? Not a fan of this
  3. I'm guessing bottom line they think it'll cut into green fees collected? If Yates' and other studies prove they can reduce slow play without impacting the bottom line or improving it, it just sounds like laziness and status quo. Here is what Yates' site says about revenues: http://www.pacemanager.com/services/pace-manager-systems.html
  4. Going from HD to 4K/HDR

    Searching YT for 4K vids on China, Japan, Korea and binged for hours on videos like this. Virtual tourism.
  5. 2018 WGC Match Play

    That's two radars. How does one verify the other if they're in different positions?
  6. 2018 WGC Match Play

    Aphibarnrat - Howell and Reed - Noren look like interesting matchups.
  7. Food Thread

  8. Taking them off at the end of a round was just a little bit like getting those ski boots off after a day of skiing.
  9. 2018 WGC Match Play

    Reed/Finau works for me too. Aphibarnrat - Watson would be interesting.
  10. Sorry, I meant sigh to Saved those links for reading later though, didn't know about Bill Yates. Thanks.
  11. 2018 WGC Match Play

    Based on what's happening now would like to see Spieth - Finau, Garcia - Watson. Guessing TPTB hoping for JT vs Spieth final.
  12. Tiger Woods Master Catch-All Discussion

    All the Golf's Not Hard commercials. Hit the ball 300 yards. Don't hit the ball more than 300 yards!
  13. Generally, if I understand it correctly, the harder you shallow, the tendency is to open the face. It is not easy for most to shallow AND close, at least for people who've been slicing for a long time. And I'm going to guess if you try and attack the face, closing the face tends to make you steep. Maybe that's why the transition is so hard, you're putting two opposing feelings into one movement. This is why I'm generally dubious of one move solving your swing problems. There's usually one major swing flaw, but you'll probably need to fix more than one thing.
  14. In one of the pieces, not sure it's linked in this thread, it quotes Morgan Pressel saying, I don't even bother putting my name on the bag anymore. Or something like that. There are gps devices custom made for finding your luggage, but who's to stop a thief from removing it although it looks like thief in this case would not have.

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