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  1. I wonder how much the price point of the new Mevo makes it a “no brainer” for LPGA players purchase it. Or do they prefer the full monty of all the data from a full featured unit. I guess getting the data from them also may serve as kind of beta testing?
  2. I wonder if it Trackman and Flightscope archive launch monitor data from LPGA players for informational, historical, research purposes, or to sell it.
  3. I tried this and it helped! Thanks @saevel25. Thought was left hip higher, right hip lower. Keeping balance better and turning through ball better.
  4. This may be anecdotal, but there was a time when I didn't see many radars/launch monitors on the LPGA tour ranges, more in social media accounts of LPGA player teachers/practicing. Now I think I am seeing more on the range, a la the PGA tour. Has there been a slow change or am I just seeing this through the scope of Trackman advertising?
  5. Thanks. Yes, I can do that on the range, I know I can do it on the course and think "high hands" as well, but a lot of times, I just simply forget. You're right! I'm gonna give that a look next range practice. Noticed not "covering" the ball well, getting "down to the ground". Worked on that at the range and hit it better and looked better too, but still working on course swing matching range swing. 17th Bethpage Yellow, lipped out birdie putt, still a big difference between range and course swing. Think getting hands higher, should stop last minute internal rotation pull down move at 4. Have yet to play 18 this year, all 9s, wonder if more holes would allow more time to settle and get grooved?
  6. The PGA Superstore practice bays is first come first serve, at least around here. Will have to see what that entails. Will be working on the full swing as always, Key #4 and 5 mostly. Need to figure out how to feel like I'm on the course, at the range.
  7. Trying to get course swing to match range swing. Course swing, the BS tends to get long, arms not as high, across the line and the transition steepens rather than shallows. Also don't flex the lead wrist as much. Also, the hands finish high and the right shoulder and hips thrust towards ball and up. Basically trying to tidy up the transition plus feeling an exaggerated covering on the downswing when playing. Good drive, decent transition (350 yd hole, drive winded up just off fairway 80 yards to pin), followed by bad drive (lost ball), bad transition. To be frank, not really sure if this is right diagnosis, it's the one I have for now. Will try and get it looked at by pro when I have a chance. Getting better with on course camera angles although still not optimal. What is up with my camera audio, I dunno.
  8. Yeah, this is an asterisk year plus football.
  9. Not a good long term trend.
  10. Find a place to practice without paying a lot of money. I wonder if the PGA Superstore will make its indoor stalls available.
  11. Ratings were not good. The 2020 U.S. Open's Overnight Ratings Are Not Good — Geoff Shackelford
  12. I wonder how recent changes with the Golf Channel and the quick transfer from Fox to NBC and COVID affected the broadcast. Imho, there were a ton of shots that I'm like, why didn't they show that? I can't tell if this broadcast was worse or not. Have to check that guy that does the shots shown per hour count website.
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