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  1. In front of Ontario parliament building.
  2. Ontario's 3rd wave is taxing its hospitals to the limit right now. Stay safe Ontario. Golf: Ontario closes all courses amid Canada’s recent COVID spike Just three weeks ago, Canadian golf’s governing association launched a new campaign in an effort to retain those who took up or came back to...
  3. I would assume McIlroy is in pretty good shape so resting HR would be something in the 60s. He's just on the tee about to hit and it's almost double that.
  4. And mimic the follow thru of a jump shot.
  5. Maybe there's a market for like an AI practice babysitter app to make sure you're on track during a practice session? Or gamfication?
  6. At one of the qualifiers, I recall overhearing one of the announcers talking to a cameraman or some other and he was like, if you suck at math and science, you should be a reporter, it's a great gig.
  7. One sign of normalcy returning is the USO qualifying is back. Locals start soon, in about 10 days, going until May. I see 3 qualifiers near me. If you're not familiar, these are free and open to the public usually. Not sure how covid will affect attendance requirements. Anyone know if they are still open to the public to view this year? https://www.usopen.com/content/us-open/2021/articles0/109-sites-to-host-local-qualifying-for-2021-u-s--open.html Final qualifying dates May 24, June 7. https://www.usopen.com/2021/articles0/11-us-open-final-qualifying-sites-2021-entries-open.html
  8. I think sometimes I might overdo the slow bit. You have to swing slow enough that all the swing dynamics, the flowing nature of it is there. Exaggerate too slow, for me, it's the second half of the swing, and you're not really practicing what you want to practice I think. Also, maybe when everyone around you is machine gunning balls, drawing from 2 giant buckets, it may make you go faster, harder to concentrate. I've found practicing more often with fewer balls is way better than hitting 300 in one go a week.
  9. Yep, I use dry erase as well. Haven't figured out what to use for wet conditions though. Also with high speed video, you can tell by how the face deflects whether you hit it on the heel or toe. It's more obvious with driver but you can tell with irons as well.
  10. Bringing out a camera, something to mount it on, videoing yourself. reviewing yourself, is what I'd call tedious, but great feedback. A lot of people still not willing to do this.
  11. Same thing as above, more right side bend, flex lead wrist, "fall behind" at 4. The good news is that I haven't hit really bad shanks in awhile. Heel? Yes. Ball mark on shaft? No.
  12. Admittedly I can be a little careless with camera angle too.
  13. Another thing is when I think bow lead wrist, I don’t do a last minute tip out cross way over the line move at A4 before coming down.
  14. I’m more square here so I can do it. I can play around with it when I start hooking it. Maybe the shaft a little bit more laid off is contributing to the closed face?
  15. I’d rather have it shut than open. I can find a swing where it’s more shut than that. Open doesn’t work for me, the extended lead wrist gets me steep and I shallow late, leave the face too open (or shank) going to A7. The last 3 instructors I’ve worked with have told me to bow the lead wrist at 4 more and I’ll get away from that and get steep. When I try and do that my arms come off my chest and path goes too out to in. When I feel like I drop the club behind me at A4 my arms will go out towards the ball pretty good I think, like in the second swing, at A5 my hands bisect the torso.
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