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  1. Thank you No Laying Up, for posting a see it in one shot summary of how to watch the US Open this week. 11 AM to 9PM on Saturday. That's a long stretch!
  2. It's not much, but might put a dent in the shipping and taxes.
  3. The latter. Achilles at top of shoe. There’s a lip that’s curved towards the heel.
  4. I’m just gonna wear it in slowly. I don’t remember the last time I got golf shoes in an actual brick and mortar store. Will put an extra pair of shoes in the golf bag for when it gets bad.
  5. Got a pair of Adidas, it's a snug fit getting in, but there is room in the toe box, but the back rubs the bit above the back of the heel. I used tape the first time, but I forget, how do you break in shoes that do this to your feet again?
  6. Thanks, I should do that drill, god knows I need to be more fluid.
  7. First attempt Erik, slowed it down and not exactly turning as hard. Also tried the feel of tilting my head towards the target at 4. The regrip to strong I tried turning the club head closed to counter it, dunno if that's a good way of countering the regrip.
  8. I mean, come on, look at graphic below... Borg won 6. OK, he retired early, but tennis, like golf, is much more competitive now than it was in the 70s and 80s. Like Woods with a 54 hole lead, he's never lost a FO final. Tomorrow's semifinal I hope will be epic. The Joker is a great player, but I'll be rooting for Rafa.
  9. The title is "Move". When it was made, I think Tiger Woods already signed with Nike, I never found out why he wasn't in it. Perhaps he would have overshadowed everyone in it, the most famous athlete I see is probably Vince Carter. OTOH, this was for the Olympics and I don't remember if 2001 golf was an event. 20 years old and still amazing. A little bit of trivial, the kid in the bed, getting up, the segue to the snowboarder, that's the director's kid I think.
  10. Here's one where my hands are lagging behind the turn. Not sure why, too much right tilt, hips going too early. Here's attempted fix. I dunno, I think I need more hump the giraffe, hands more in front of me and higher at the finish? I just look so inflexible and old man, well, I guess I'm an old man. Wish I could swing more limberly.
  11. Lol. It's actually a timesaver, cutting your own hair, in addition to saving money.
  12. I dunno why I didn't think of it sooner. Instead of holding up a mirror to the back of your head and a clipper in the other hand, which can be tricky, use Mirror Vision to get a video of the back of your head. You'll need the tripod to be at its highest setting, or stand it on a chair. Or sit down. Why didn't I think of this earlier?
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