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  1. This song is STILL in my head.
  2. I think the camera didn't move on this one. So really apples to apples.
  3. Oh yeah. That makes sense. So maybe it’s just boring old muscle memory that they’re really referring to.
  4. If everyone just showed up whenever they wanted to wouldn’t wait times be worse? That’s what I would guess.
  5. I heard this term or some variation of it in recent PlaneMate talk. There is definitely the word ghost, which is referring to the muscle memory retained after using the PM enough times and then taking it off and relying on the feels to “keep” for the next few swings. I really haven’t heard that term much before the PM. Instructors have told students to do the pump drill, like 5 times, and then a swing. That is indirectly relying on the ghost effect. Isn’t mapping relying on the effect as well? And slow practice? It just seems this is something I would have expected more talk of or maybe it just went over my head.
  6. Xander Schauffele. I never noticed the right thumb off the handle.
  7. I kind of wanted someone to draw driver with the ball buried in the rough.
  8. Yeah, it’s not a criticism of Woods. It’s a disconnect between what is being said and what I’m seeing on the screen.
  9. Why are people wearing sunglasses? There’s no sun. His head is dipping. That’s what I see.
  10. The big cat is 2 off the lead. Thank you marine layer for the delay.
  11. I love the covers. I have a playlist with like 10 covers.
  12. Browsing through my Twitter feed, saw this!
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