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  1. I'll have to find the video for the #1 photo of the year because I dunno how he put the clubhead on the ball. Photo of the Year 2019 presented by Maui Jim - Articles - European Tour After another superb year we’ve selected the finest 24 photos from the 2019 European Tour season.
  2. I haven't watched either of these yet, just scrubbed through both, but The Founders is well reviewed by Amazon Prime subscribers. The Netflix movie is new, so not much in the way of reviews. The Founders, Amazon Prime (US) Tee Shot: Ariya Jutanugarn | Netflix This biopic follows pro golfer Ariya Jutanugarn's journey to the LPGA tour, from child prodigy to her number-one ranking in the world.
  3. Pretty much a continuation of last year. Work on Key #4 (basically ballstriking - hit the ball solid more consistently) Continue filming a couple of swings during rounds when possible. Work on dialing in distance wedges. Get better at pinpointing 1/2, 3/4, partial backswings. Distance control w/finesse wedges. Try and break 40 for 9 on home course.
  4. Did it go in? DID IT GO IN? Arggghh!
  5. Takes me a couple of minutes to pack everything in the car. I can switch shoes during red lights. Every minute you're in the lot is 2 minutes more in traffic.
  6. Well, I liked it so much in Miami, I plan on going back in January, after two months of winter have worn me down, but this time, Fort Lauderdale. Looking for a mix of nothing fancy ($50) to splurge a little more ($100-150) courses. Staying 5 miles directly north of the big airport, FLL. For nothing fancy, I got: Delray Beach and Pompano Beach
  7. I watch this like once a year, and nostalgia is in vogue now. I can't find the one with hey batter batter and Charles Howell. Also the how to hit the 300 yard bunker shot.
  8. Miami Shores was more than adequate. Didn’t want to drive a whole lot and had to tend to family stuff.
  9. I’m home and already want to go back. New York sucks for golf.
  10. A little closer to target line. Forgot to angle it steeper though, the front stick. I love South Florida this time of year. This is Miami Shores, renovating, no grass. The previous is Crandon. I used a tee the second time at Crandon, made things a lot easier.
  11. Isn’t Pinehurst #2 about the same rate during peak season? Maybe I should start typing U$ Open. Like for Di$ney.
  12. I went to the resort, opted to play Spyglass. Back then it was 225. Don’t regret skipping PB. I’d pay to play the 8th hole.
  13. Don’t forget the 17 mile drive fee. Yeah, you get reimbursed if you play, but there’s a chance you’ll forget. I know I did.
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