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  1. Just commenting on Na strut after shot.
  2. Kevin Na, out of the woods, misses the tree by this much. Looks like he's lined up well right of his target. He hits the tree, it ricochets who knows where, pegs someone in the head maybe. That's a tour sauce post yeah I hit that shot walk there. This is a better angle than the telecast. I bet if you uploaded all the vids from smartphones, picked out the best, you'd have coverage rivaling CBS.
  3. Big Little Lies is a bit soapy for my taste but jeez, the eye candy in this show is irresistible.
  4. 16 million views. The untold hits I've yet to recover. 16
  5. Baking in the changes to the backswing, getting used to the feel of more "torque", hands higher at the top. Also trying to "snap", not to try and "control" what's happening impact and beyond. More bat signal to sky a little earlier.
  6. At 15K a day (Haney), that's ~$35/min assuming a 7 hour day. So 2 minutes with Haney is the same cost as a lesson (my experience is you'll get more than 45 min) w/Erik. Something is really wrong with that. Yeah, I know the market bears what the market will bear. I bet a lot of corporate bigwigs just expense those lessons under some obscure line item - "entertainment" or something like that.
  7. Golf cart and driver doing General E Lee of The Dukes of Hazzard
  8. Yeah, I totally forgot he just won at Pebble Beach.
  9. Dummy does not qualify as 2nd passenger in HOV lane.
  10. The Expanse is killing it. Spoilers.
  11. 1.2m views for the channel over 10 years, that's not as much as it sounds now, but something.
  12. For example, here are before and after photos. Look at a gazillion of these and you start to get an idea.
  13. A recent comment from Golfwrx
  14. One could shadow well regarded instructors for a time, kind of like an apprenticeship. I would guess after awhile, the swing. becomes a tad less of a mystery but who has the wherewithal for that? There are more lessons - not a tip, an actual lesson with a student where you see diagnosis and solution - posted to YouTube, like Dana Dahlquist. Also looking at a lot of different swings of good players helps I think.