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  1. 50 years ago, The Graduate. PLASTICS!
  2. Off topic, but if you get a dash cam, I'd recommend getting one with both front and rear views.
  3. Metal spikes would have come in handy. Slow motion - looks like it's the hands, not the feet.
  4. This week in get off my lawn. It seems generally Legion is getting a lot of love since all the pieces fell together in the latest episode - enjoying the show, but not finding it that good. The showrunner is getting a lot of love because of his laurels maybe? Iron Fist, didn't even bother, saw some clips, some were truly optimal suckage. All the Netflix Marvel shows, so meh, the whole universe is overrated. Amazon's science fiction pilot Oasis was pretty good, dunno if it's going the horror or psycho route, the German cyber thriller You Are Wanted, only watched 30 minutes, looks like a retread, but interesting enough to keep going.
  5. Anyone watching Iron Fist? This mistake is just plain bad.
  6. The right, safest thing to do is to signal, get to the right lane and let dbag go by, but I can't say I didn't feel a certain amount of satisfaction seeing the guy swerve off. What I really hate is when there's a car in front of you that's slow, you're at a proper distance behind him, you're on the rightmost lane, and tailgater pulls up behind. WTF I have nowhere to go man.
  7. This looks like not a ground floor.
  8. Agree, should walk back my statement, anyone who goes out and tries to be a professional in any sport is taking a huge huge risk and doing a minimal amount of rationalizing, he gained real world perspective along the way.
  9. Sounds pretty level headed to me:
  10. Tailgater gets brake checked, swerves out of control.
  11. There are so many clip to tripod holders, I went to B&H and let it decide for me, if has B&H's imprimatur, that's good enough for me. Screw it onto a selfie stick, stick selfie stick into bag when you don't have a tripod. Square Jellyfish (tabletop tripod sold separately).
  12. Still trying for more snap hip left and up around impact, maybe a little better, need more. Right hand sneaking strong here compared to old swings but not as super strong as before. Shot in 4K, still grainy, but a little clearer. Need more "up" post impact? Arms still going too across post impact, more punch right arm at target?
  13. Workflow isn't exactly new, but wish I found this save YouTube video to photo album sooner. https://workflow.is/workflows/eb92406b74ec406ab53c2365fe5c6a2a Goodbye storage space.
  14. Happy cake day @iacas, happy belated birthday @mvmac!