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  1. More comfortable keeping left arm to body throughout swing,
  2. You can exercise all you want, but if you go nuts at the buffet table, none of that is gonna matter. Gotta moderate the calories in. Have to guess all that traveling and variable scheduling doesn't help in maintaining a consistent diet. I've posted the results of my smartphone's pedometer app for 18 holes somewhere in this site, think it was around 17K steps for a full round, that includes walking to/from car, paying for green fees, and a bad golfer's army golf pattern.
  3. @cipher Here I go to look for a no fault flop shot challenge insurance policy, it should be somewhere near the hole in one policies, no?
  4. There's an anti-golf subreddit - Golfers are literally Hitler: https://www.reddit.com/r/nongolfers/ SEIG HEIL!
  5. I would try both sizes at a store if there's one near you. I don't have huge hands, can only stretch out to an octave + 2 on a piano, and find the plus too big and don't really need the better camera and battery life extras.
  6. Scared of heights? http://news.nationalpost.com/news/canada/firefighters-try-to-reach-woman-in-high-heels-stuck-on-towering-crane-in-downtown-toronto
  7. @RangeGolfer Some of us on this site have been around the block so to speak and if we're direct it's because we, well I'll speak for myself, because I, but I have a feeling others are the same, I want to help others and save them grief that I've been through. @iacas's Lowest Score Wins basically sums up a lot of experience that took me years to get plus more and you can get all that in one book which won't take you long to read. Read it and I think you'll have a much better framework from which to refactor your long term plan.
  8. One thing that helped some of us here is Aimpoint. The clinics helped us read greens better and you might get some putting tips along the way. Also an instructor that uses SAM Putt lab is helpful as well - it's sort of the Trackman of putting. I think Aimpoint has some new speed control material now, but have yet to take a clinic on that yet.
  9. Welcome to the site, @RangeGolfer, I think you're going to find a wealth of information here to figure things out, some of the people here are on the analytical side like you and there are a lot of epic posts that go into the nitty gritty about everything, from practice to full swing to putting to strategy. Since you travel a lot, did you consider online lessons? If a pro you like is far away, you can meet him once in person and then use video the rest of the way. Also, I noticed the camera angle of your video, not sure if that's the angle you typically use, but getting the right camera angle is extremely helpful in analyzing the swing and and an easy thing to learn, this might help: https://thesandtrap.com/b/playing_tips/filming_your_swing Also, a lot of us here are heavily opinionated w/regards to getting outside help because we spent a long time struggling by ourselves and eventually found that good instruction really helps, and many of us here have worked with the instructors who are on the site, like @iacas and @mvmac and have gotten good results, so we're kind of biased when it comes to learning that way, I know I come across as heavily in favor of lessons, it's because I don't want to see others struggle like I did.
  10. RIP Jonathan Demme
  11. Listened to the latest Shack House for the segment on golf broadcasting.