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  1. DeChambeau's finish looks awkward, the ones he swings hard (I mean, really hard) on. Maybe it's less stressful on the back than if he were to go to a "prettier" finish.
  2. I slowed both swings down and it looked like he hit towards the toe both times. Maybe he's been practicing the long ball, lol.
  3. I posted this back in September last year, Finau barely made 200 ball speed. I guess he got better, lol. Or Trackman and that device HMT? measures differently.
  4. Things got busy and also really sucked at golf coming back so took a break. Regular pro moved to NY and is 30 minutes away nice not to have to block off half a day to go way out to Jersey, just be done in under 2 hours. Took one lesson about a month ago and worked on stuff myself. Key #4. Staying in inclination. Not letting arms getting out in front of me. A6 - A7 keep clubhead from going too out towards ball. A tale of two swings. Barely got toe on ball and huge shank, lol. Still figuring out path control, but better awareness.
  5. Where is the camera in the distorted view? Guessing either too much left or right, not related to how high it is. Too far left?
  6. I haven't watched the whole video yet, but he presses a button and the head moves. Calling Bryson DeChambeau! h
  7. I actually ran out of water playing 9 holes and was super thirsty going into the 7th. Going to have to bring to 2 water bottles as it gets hotter. I would imagine 18 would require 4 bottles, maybe even 5. That's a lot of water. It is what it is.
  8. Ball comes pretty darn close to spectators too, doesn't look like he hit it too hard though.
  9. I wonder how long these have been around. Pretty sure I've seen them used awhile back ago.
  10. Here's the videotape! It looks like it pushes it up from the bottom?
  11. 2013. I'm not going back to that mechanic.
  12. I read something awhile back about an Android version, but maybe I heard wrong. No Android as far as I can see.
  13. My mechanic is replacing battery and says he also needs to reset the computer, otherwise the ABS, power steering won't work. I said this doesn't make sense, I can reset the computer he said he needs to attach something to it to reset. I just got ripped off, didn't I? It's a Honda Accord.
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