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  1. Disparaging remarks from some players on Sean Foley Talk about hotels and points and yawn, boring. No charging stations. Momofuku here too, same as US Open (tennis). Generally, students of the game hover around the short game area. One spectator struck up a conversation w/a player about pitching. Haven't been to a tournament in awhile, radar everywhere. You can park behind Starbucks, walk across the coliseum to the buses (10 minutes, just like the US Open - tennis), avoid parking fee. 1/2 hour shuttle w/o traffic too long. Now more of a student of the swing, notice more of what's going on in short game swings. Seems most of players are "using the bounce" now. Not as much ball way back chop down. Was hoping to see McIlroy, Day, nope, but got to see almost everyone else. Was on the fence, didn't think it was worth going, glad I went.
  2. Musicians who golf

    Musicians or anyone who has been at it for a length of time better understand they're not one tip away from being scratch. Oh, if you do this one secret tip for which I'll charge you of course, you can be a professional studio musician.
  3. Why is America so fat?

    I usually try and buy the "mini" bagels when available. They are actually the size of normal bagels back in the day. And in restaurants, the "sampler" portions if offered are fine with me. Should be an option everywhere. I would pay adult prices for the children's portions.
  4. Why is America so fat?

    Call me paranoid, imho, in pocket of food lobby.
  5. Why is America so fat?

    And we have elements in government and industry trying to restrict caloric information from being displayed. Look at a photo from the 40s and 50s before the food industry super refined its silver tongued deceiving ways. Michael Pollan has been preaching this since 2008? EAT REAL FOOD.
  6. Why is America so fat?

    Is it? The health care costs of obesity, diabetes, etc...
  7. Why is America so fat?

    Ironically, generally, readily available cheap processed food makes you fat, harder to find fresh healthy food is more expensive. Food shoved in your face in corporate America. Culture of eating. Sedentary culture. Portions out of control. Soda. Fat. Sugar. Salt. Food marketing a high science. So much more. A friend says to me all the time and this is politically incorrect, you don't see fat people in a labor/pow camp.
  8. I just saw DJ, Woodland, Koepka and Luke List rip the ball to shreds, why do I even bother? 

  9. The Bicycle Thread

    I'm used to riding in all parts of the city and 2nd avenue is probably one of the scariest stretches.
  10. 2017 Northern Trust Open Discussion Thread

    I put everything in a playlist here, will keep adding, still have more.
  11. At the practice round right now and will post photos and vids as long as the battery lasts. I'll take requests for any particular players.
  12. What are you doing for the total solar eclipse?

    Aaaand people looked at the sun. https://thenextweb.com/google/2017/08/22/google-solar-eclipse-eyes-hurt/