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  1. nevets88

    Food Thread

    Fightin' words for In and Out, In n' Out, whatever the correct spelling is. https://altaonline.com/innout-review/
  2. nevets88

    The Films and Movies Thread

    The Hitman's Bodyguard is on US HBO. I expected a fun, mostly predictable romp and that's exactly what this is. Reynolds and Jackson have good chemistry. Birdie. Oh yeah, while people either hated or loved Suspiria, I'm one of the few who fall inbetween. Some said it was too slowly paced, I didn't feel that at all. It is a bit dense and I went in without having seen the original, so was lost at times, but I love Tilda Swinton and the score from Radiohead's Thom Yorke. Watched this at a dine-in theater and looked sideways to see if people continued to eat during the gory scenes. And there is one particularly upsetting one. Still get shivers from that. Par.
  3. nevets88

    The Not Tour Player Swing Videos Thread

    Whoa, Sir Charles, no hitch. Assuming this was recent. On the internet, no one knows the true timestamp.
  4. nevets88

    Will Golf Be the Next Sport to Require Helmets?

    When did they stop wearing hard hats at The Masters? Or do they still?
  5. nevets88

    The Films and Movies Thread

    That song gets me every time.
  6. nevets88

    Do You "Slow Drop" the Flagstick?

    I modified the question, it's more general.
  7. nevets88

    Do You "Slow Drop" the Flagstick?

    Yeah, I do this too, although i just grab the flag, lower as low as possible, and then I'm just dropping it like a foot from the ground. Some people let it drop from upright position. That, I noticed. I posted this to reddit too. Let's see what saucy replies it gets.
  8. nevets88

    Do You "Slow Drop" the Flagstick?

    So NoLayingUp says they've never or is it rarely, seen this. I think I recall seeing people doing it, but it's something I do, so I don't think anything of it and don't really note it. But hey, if The Big Cat is doing it, shouldn't you? The Tweet thread is interesting reading. My reaction to this is, wait, what, you've never seen someone do this? How long have you been playing?
  9. I'm kind of tempted to do this for all the clubs.
  10. nevets88

    The interesting setups with a mat and net thread

    This is reasonably priced, I've see more expensive versions.
  11. nevets88

    The interesting setups with a mat and net thread

    Anyone know what those yellow rods and the attachments are?
  12. A little late to post, but still going on. Bought two. Gotta blend in with the hipsters. https://www.uniqlo.com/us/en/men/casual-shirts#flannel
  13. I get that the gamefication is huge. But I think that it's high end, has booze and has things on the side like a sports bar, pool tables, etc... has more appeal than the general consensus thinks. I realize I'm in the minority here. I agree I could be out of touch on this in thinking the gamefication is overrated. I should get a group thing going to go one night and see for myself.

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