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  1. I’ve seen it a couple of times on my social feeds. Like this:
  2. 😁 It actually looks like the same thing at half the price, just no desktop OS interface. That’s from a quick look though.
  3. I thought this the cheaper, more mass market model they were working on?
  4. I noticed the Lite version is available now. Dunno if it's recent or has been out there for awhile.
  5. I've been noticing posts like this in my social feed, where you see the cross section of the ball and the middle layer is off center. Maybe I dunno, 1/500 are like this? Or not? How does this effect performance full swing and putting?
  6. So funny. Trees are fighting back!
  7. I hate everyone on Succession but it's such a guilty pleasure show. Also watching The Terror: Infamy.
  8. Lol, he hasn't been back in awhile, has he?
  9. Yeah, good idea. I'm gonna do that. Maybe I'll try Pete's in LI. Is there someone you like in NJ?
  10. This has probably been mentioned before, but the evidence of Holmes and DeChambeau is clearly out there on videotape you can show them here's exactly what you're doing along with a stopwatch and they still deny. It's like your dashcam captured a guy running a red light, clearly, and you show that guy the video footage, he still denies he ran the red.
  11. Played Bethpage Red, twilight, got in 11 holes, forgot Game Golf, replayed holes 2 and 3 due to slow play, so not sure what GG would have done with that, too dark the last 2 holes. Didn't keep score, but played OK, still heel bound, but noticed I do tend to snatch the club more when contact is towards heel. Almost got to the par 5 5th in 2 w/3H, 10 yards short of green, driver better, also weakened grip in both hands for < 100 yard SWs significantly, hitting the distance and finesse wedges better, distance control wise. Putter is bad now, distance control dodgy. Tried using Blast Golf to dial in the putter accel profile, but don't like the interface. What I really want is a poor man's Sam Puttlab.
  12. nevets88

    Food Thread

    If you get an Impossible Burger in Manhattan, at a restaurant, like Bareburger, it’s like a 15-20 for the dish. 7 is what I paid at BK and much more reasonable.
  13. nevets88

    Food Thread

    LOL. I didn't inhale, I swear!
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