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  1. Catch-22 is not bad. It’s a little too polished. The funny is there but there’s something off about it. Not done yet though, 2 more episodes to go. I never read the book, saw the movie so long ago I forgot most of it. I’ve been reading the funny parts of the book and man, it is so funny. Fleabag series 2 was so good I watched it twice. The writing is so sharp. Killing Eve series 2 is not as good as the 1st season as it’s not written by PWB. But still fun. Rilakkuma and Kaoru is my second foray into a show with short episodes other than webisodes attached to a major tv show. I forget. Are High Maintenance episodes short? Anyways, the stop motion is so gorgeous and the show went to places I never expected. There is an episode that might freak out your kid so beware, don’t let the cute bears fool you.
  2. It just has the exact look of the swing that Andy and that other guy, Bennett (?), had. I’m one of those whom overdid the weight forward. My head still leans towards the target to this day.
  3. More grip pressure at A1, for stability. Intention is shallow, cover, straight arms, extend, get arms behind head. Also working on getting to same position at A4 consistently. Arms get bendy, takeaway too low at A1,
  4. This was in my Instagram recently, this pretty much is inline with the model, no?
  5. There is the chance to birdwatch if you look hard enough.
  6. I'm not in Portland, maybe those in the area can add more details to this. Portland’s city-owned golf courses are essentially broke, auditors find Swift changes need to be made to keep the courses solvent, auditors said.
  7. I can tolerate the distractions at a busy range, but if it's especially noisy, like a group class steps away, or drunk people about (Chelsea Piers for example, is next to a restaurant and you have your corporate bros there) or my number one peeve, smokers, be it cigarettes, cigars or electronic, I try and avoid that by going at times when it's least busy. Having a camera behind you discourages people from standing behind you. I do find it annoying when someone stops right behind you just to look at your swing. I just go about my business but people in general, are nosey and lack etiquette. I usually give them my F*** off face if they linger.
  8. I have been listening to the Unspooled podcast which is methodically going through the AFI top 100 list. Recently rewatched back to back, The Post, birdie, and then All the President's Men, eagle, (for the umpteenth time, I love this movie) because it covered the latter movie. While I respect the opinions of the podcast, it has had its criticisms of movies that I love, like Saving Private Ryan for one, but I learned a lot from the hosts, and that held for ATPM, like I did not know as much about Muskie as I should have. I tossed aside The Post as awards fare, but on rewatching it, I enjoyed it more, especially being able to put ATPM on right afterwards, a great double bill. The latest Unspooled is on Vertigo, eagle. May rewatch that as Vertigo is another of my all time faves. Vertigo, episode #55 of Unspooled on Earwolf Paul & Amy fall into Alfred Hitchcock's 1958 psychological thriller Vertigo!
  9. I didn't watch much of the PGA or much golf on tv this year, so this is new to me. Guessing they're just holding out until they get a deal they like. Brooks Koepka doesn't have an equipment deal. Here's what it's worth Brooks Koepka is losing big bucks by not signing an equipment deal. Here's an estimate of how much it's worth for the PGA champion.
  10. nevets88

    Food Thread

    I've been to all the restaurants in the video. No, I'm not related to that guy with the small noodle place. I can confirm, there has been a spate of places opening that feature real, good authentic Chinese, there's more variety in Toronto or Vancouver and it's not up there with HK, Taiwan or China, but getting there.
  11. A lot of great GoT episodes, after finishing the watch, wow, that was good. I'm gonna watch that again (right after finishing). I haven't done that for awhile.
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