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  1. A humorous look at staying home.
  2. I try and carry headphones with me all the time to counter this. And an epic whitenoise playlist.
  3. I went with black and grey. Boring, lol.
  4. I'm eventually going to get either an Xbox or Playstation (no luck on that front so far, out of stock whenever I check for the PS5), so should get Dark Souls for that I guess. Looking at Link's Awakening and the Studio Ghibli game. I guess I should get Golf 2K21, lol. Currently playing Hades and Fire Emblem Three Houses now. Nintendo Sales & Deals - Nintendo Game Store Take a look at Nintendo game sales and deals offered on the Nintendo Game Store.
  5. It's also real handy to record those shanks you hit while on the course, at least in my own experience, I've learned a lot from seeing my course shank swings on video and have been able to correct in the same round.
  6. Yes, that is him. According to post, he lives there. https://www.instagram.com/p/CHxr7fapstp/
  7. Father and son side by side at the range.
  8. I wonder since he's 11, how are they going to handle distance?
  9. Is Charlie going to be the youngest participant in that event? I've only watched a few and the youngest kid I saw was probably in university.
  10. Woods playing with his son, Charlie, in PNC Challenge December. If you've seen the vids on social media (Charlie), you know it's a pretty good swing. Tiger Woods, son Charlie in field for PNC Championship Tiger Woods will have one more chance to win a title this year. The 15-time major champion and winner of a record-tying 82 PGA Tour events, will...
  11. I recently watched this, think you might enjoy it too.
  12. Have you gotten to New Order yet? A bit different without Ian Curtis, but the crux of the band is there. One of my favorite albums - Power Corruption & Lies. One of the unfortunate things of Spotify is the recordings I heard back in the 80s are not there, but thank you YouTube.
  13. I read more than a few posts in social media it might be over for Woods, without any hard evidence other than his performance at The Masters, this says the otherwise.
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