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  1. 10, maybe a little more, years ago, I wished there were more good information on the golf swing readily available. Fast forward to today, it's been Netflixed. It's a deluge out there. Can't complain though. FWP.

  2. I played a 3 hour 9 hole round.




    Frak people, you just... You suck. Not speaking to golf, but, man, you just suck.

  3. My movie ticket seat was P7 and I thought, impact!

  4. There was a parking sign separated between the letters r and k. I read the sign as PAR KING. 

  5. If so many don't hesitate to video swings during a tournament why don't more video themselves?

  6. It's 65 degrees, don't need a jacket outside. December is 2 days away. 

  7. I can't be any more golf nut meta. Practicing on the range while tweeting other people playing golf 800 miles away. 

  8. Freudian slip. Saw a bag someone was carrying on the street. It was labeled: AMER ICAN EAGLE. 

    I initially read it as AMEN I CAN EAGLE.  Oi, I'm too far gone. 

  9. Golfweek video auto play, ughhhh. Stop David Duseking your readers. 

  10. Saw some staggering displays of s***y f***ing driving this Labor Day. 

  11. So I go to the range early in the morning this long weekend, there are 5 people and over 50 spots. A guy comes over and sets up right next to my stall, 10 empty stalls to the left and right of me. Yeah, I moved. Don't care how that makes you feel dude.

  12. I just saw DJ, Woodland, Koepka and Luke List rip the ball to shreds, why do I even bother? 

  13. Went out for a twilight 9, John McEnroe was 2 groups ahead of us. He was decked in Wimbledon white plus red head band, plays lefty like in tennis. 

    1. nevets88


      Was very tempted to yell out YOU CAN'T BE SERIOUS, no, not really. :-P

  14. Happy 420 Day, a little late at 4:30.

  15. Lucy Li and Michelle Wie standing side by side at Ana. Wie is a foot taller. 

    Screen Shot 2017-03-31 at 9.08.07 AM.png

  16. PGA Tour Live on Twitter, but no action right now. https://twitter.com/i/live/807361386695135233

  17. Life Pro Tip: If you're tempted to play yet another trick shot video, mute your tab/speaker.

  18. Aaaaannnndddd, we're off. Go get 'em, Tiger.

  19. Tiger Woods is playing four days. Must... tame... expectations...

  20. PGA Live Twitter stream is on:


  21. Tip: If you go to Topgolf, don't bring your Starbucks/DD, not allowed.

    1. CarlSpackler


      My wife is a DD. Does this mean I can't take her?

    2. billchao


      You went to Topgolf and didn't call me?

    3. nevets88


      Oy vey, sorry - I didn't know!!!! It was for a lesson and I thought it was just a range on steroids! :-P


  22. First bike crash, now ladies US AM competitor hyperventilating. 

  23. Tired of seeing latest activity dominated by politics.

    1. nevets88


      And we're nowhere near the GE

    2. RandallT
  24. Only in a place like the Hamptons will you see a grown, very grown man, riding in a motor scooter with a dog sitting in the front basket. 

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